Friday, August 28, 2009

Yan Class

More great stuff from Zack Wolfe

FCT Space Navy

Yet more great stuff from Zack Wolfe, with a slight
change in name......

Luftwaffe Aircraft Camouflage and Markings

Luftwaffe Aircraft Gallery

Guadalcanal Class

More great stuff from Zack Wolfe

Wildcat Squadrons

More great stuff from Zack Wolfe

Thursday, August 27, 2009

FAT-18 A/B Wildcat III

More great stuff from Zack Wolfe

GNN Report 50

More great stuff from Zack Wolfe

A Call To Arms

Five years after the end of the Shadow War, the Drahk have
finally activated the last of the Death Clouds constructed by
their former masters. With the Shadows and Vorlons both
passed beyond the rim, their home-world destroyed, the
Drahk do what they have been taught to do for millennia,
they start war. Their target, the home-world of the man who
defeated their masters, and ended their purpose in the galaxy,
The Earth Alliance does not generally mobilize a battle fleet in
the middle of the night, based solely on the desperate call of
a crackpot. But John Sheridan is no ordinary crackpot.
Starkiller, Destroyer of Z'ha'dum, Traitor, President of the
Interstellar Alliance, he has already changed the course of the
human history four times. So when he tells Earth Force to deploy
every available ship in defense of Earth, the Joint Chiefs listen,
because if he is right, humanity could be preparing for the
second Battle of the Line.

Castle Wolfenstein

The year is 2179. For the past 14 years, the Third Solar
War has raged across the inner colony worlds, and has
dragged the outlaying systems into the fray. Most recently
the New Anglian Confederation colony of Bradley on
Fliesher II fell to a massive combined NSL/IJSN strike.
The Federal Stats Europa, the NAC's staunchest ally in
this war, has been beaten back on several worlds. The
ESU is holding its own, but it not faring much better
against the NSL. The OU was fighting for its very survival
against the IJSN. Many of the Core Worlds were now in the
hands of the NSL. The UNSC? Nothing more than a puppet
of the NSL.
Three Solar Wars. Decades upon decades of interstellar conflict.
Death Camps on dozens of worlds and moons. Will it ever end?
Will the Nazi Stratocratic League and its allies finally achieve that
which they have attempted twice before? Special Forces Captain
John 'Black Jack' Makowsky pondered these dark thoughts as he
waited. Captain? The general will see you now. Right this way..."
Captain Makowsky rose and followed the sergeant to the general's
office. "Jack! Good to see you. Please sit down. What you're about
to learn you're going to find difficult to understand..."

Several hours later, Jack found himself staring blankly at a cup
of rapidly cooling coffee. His second, Lieutenant Benjamin Izenberg,
had joined him a few minutes ago but could not coax Jack into
responding. Finally he stirred. But he didn't look up.
"Ben, we're being sent on a mission. All volunteer."
"One way?"
Jack nodded.
"Come on, Cap. We've been on 'one-way' missions before.
We've come out okay." There was a pause before Benjamin
added, "Well, mostly." Jack just stared into his coffee.
"Ben, we're not coming back from this one. No one is coming
back." "What the hell? Where the frag are they sending us?"
"Earth. Germany. 1944."

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Star Wars, Clone Wars Era - Separatist forces on Restnalac IV, led by Yelffut Noj of the Techno Union, are field-testing new combat droid models. It's the perfect opportunity for the Jedi and Republic forces to get a look at the new droids in combat and grab some high-ranking Separatist leaders... or maybe "it's a trap!"

Crystals From Dinom

In order to make a political statement, the Revolutionary
Council on the planet Dinom has shut down production of
a critical element in interstellar jump engines. Quadric
Industries, the broker, has hired a mercenary platoon in
answer. Miners vs. Mercenaries in 15mm scale.
A TRAVELLERcon-sponsored event.

The Scourge : By Rebel Minis!

From the deepest parts of Space comes The Scourge! These
15mm robotic fiends are great for any Sci-Fi scenario! Each
pack contains 21 Minis (5 unique sculpts) and they are
incredibly detailed! Sculpted by Adam Gayford. Painted

Predator's Lair

Pics from the FoW game played by Tom, Darren, Chris and
Greg. Mighty Nippons giving the impudent Aussies what for

Friday, August 21, 2009

The Bad News Came After The Coffee

At the edge of known space, the rebellion found breathing space.
Here they found places to train, gather resources and plan. Some
garrisons were almost pleasant. On Lima 4 the garrison was
posted to protect a Helium 3 mining operation. Then something
was found in the hills and archaeologists were called in. Soon a
second platoon was sent in to bolster the garrison. Still, the
climate was good, and there was a saloon with some "local color"
and hot chow. The garrison even received regular shipments of
*real* coffee. One day after the morning coffee break,
it all fell apart...

Return To Garda-Vilis

The second in a series of scenarios inspired by the Traveller
adventure "Broadsword".
In a bold move, the local insurgent group, the Tanoose Freedom
League (TFL) has taken to the offensive in an attempt to seize
control of the local starport. Join in on the fun as Mercenaries,
Vilisan Troops, TFL and elements of the Gram Mechanized
Battalion fight over a shanty town in the shadow of the local starport.

Land Of The Lost: Aliens


This is a new alien critter, introduced in the new Heritage series from Avon Eos. We get only an uninformative glimpse of this fellow in Book 2, Luna Marine, where he is described as "Species 84," a representative of one of many alien civilizations recorded in a visual library or communications facility built by advanced alien colonizers beneath the Martian surface half a million years ago.
Though we don't see much of him directly, we do learn that his species, the An, were spacefarers several thousand years ago, that they left wreckage and ruins on our Moon, and that they colonized parts of our Earth between six and twelve thousand years ago, building numerous cities and enslaving -- and civilizing -- the local human populations. Eventually, they were all but exterminated by another culture known only as "the Hunters of the Dawn." The struggle destroyed the An's colony centers on Earth and on the Moon, flooded vast stretches of Mesopotamia and the Nile Delta, and left scattered bands of former slaves to begin the laborious process of building a new civilization on their own.
In creating the An, I borrowed heavily from Sumerian myth, and from the fact that both the Sumerian and Egyptian cultures appeared relatively suddenly, with a degree of sophistication, from obscure backgrounds: both credited civilization to the gods who formerly walked among humans as their creators and masters; and both have mythologies that read more like science fiction than religion.
In Luna Marine, I did considerable research into both Sumerian myth and language, using, wherever possible, actual Sumerian words and phrases. In the Sumerian mythos, both heaven and the supreme creator-deity were called "An" or, in later versions, "Anu." Their name for Earth was Ki, a word that made its way to Greece as "gi" or "geos" and on to modern English through such words as "geometry" and "geology." The Moon was called Kingu, which means something like "Defender of the Earth."
A number of gods who came to Earth from An were known as the "Annunaki," roughly translated as "Those of Heaven Who Came to Earth." The Annunaki were credited with everything from the creation of Man to the invention of agriculture, domesticated animals, religion, money, language, and writing.
In the Heritage series, the An are described as pseudoreptilian, homeothermic, and vivaparous. Despite the fact that I dislike having to rely on humanoid aliens, the An are indeed humanoid . . . mostly because the representations of the Annunaki in Sumerian art, of Oannes in the remarkable Sumerian story of an amphibious civilizer from Sirius related by Berossus, and of the "Neteru" or "Watchers" in Egyptian mythology, are all of human or human-like figures. The An have six digits on each hand, which is why we, today, still have base twelve and base sixty numerical systems in our time keeping, calendars, and zodiac -- all passed down to us from the Sumerians by way of ancient Babylon. They have an architectural predilection for flat-topped pyramids, which explains the interest in those structures both in Egypt (I've assumed that the tops of the Great Pyramids were added on later, in Pharaonic times) and in the ziggurats of Sumeria, as well as, possibly, the pyramids in Mesoamerica.
Their ancient starfaring culture was completely destroyed by the Hunters of the Dawn, but isolated colonies did survive, albeit as stone-age primitives. The nearest we know of so far is on the Earthlike satellite of a gas giant in the Lalande 21185 star system, only nine light years from Earth. If all goes as planned, the first book of the second Heritage trilogy will at least partly follow Earth's first expedition to that system, complete with a complement of U.S. Marines embarked on board the starship.
Twins separated at birth?On the left, a photo of a mask of unknown origin downloaded off the Internet. On the right, an illo of an An, created before I saw the mask photo.
The guy who posted the photo thought it reminded him of an ancient Sumerian fish-god. Shades of the amphibious Oannes (An-ess?) of Berossus!

GNN Report 49

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Fall Recruits

Hello Everyone,It seems just like yesterday that we last got together for Spring Recruits, butat least I think I can promise you that it will never snow in September. Well,it is that time of year again, and we would like to invite each of you to FallRecruits!Lee\'s Summit High SchoolLee\'s Summit, MissouriSeptember 25-27, 2009By The Organization of Strategic Gamers (OSG)www.Recruits-Con.ComDoors open at 4:00 pm on Friday afternoon and open again Saturday/Sunday morningat 8:00 am. If you feel that you need to get in earlier, please let us know wewill gladly put you to work helping us get set up! Admission for everyone isstill $5.00 per person. Hotel information is current on our web page andseveral of the nearby inns are offering some great rates. More information canbe found on our web page.The guys who put on the Flames of War qualifier have been working especiallyhard this year putting together a themed tournament for the 65th anniversary ofOperation Market Garden. We are really looking forward seeing the terrain forthis one, and guys who will be competing are in for a real treat. By the way,preliminary sign-ups for the tournament have passed 70+. Well done.In addition to Flames of War, we will be hosting several Warmachine events aswell. On a side note, Mike Sanderson and Steve Gross have generously passed onour normal DBA tournament until next Spring to show support for theconvention/DBA event scheduled at Fields of Glory in Des Moines, Iowa the sameweekend.As ever, no Recruits cannot be successful without the willingness of gamemasters to share their time and talents at Recruits. If you are planning torun a game and have not yet done so, please use our on-line game masterregistration form feel free to send us an email at you think you might be interested in running an event please register at yourearliest convenience, it would be great to have a solid line-up by Labor DayWeekend. So please come share your love of the hobby with others by running agame!We have a wonderful list of vendors again this Fall and several new editionsmaking their first trip to Recruits. We were very successful with the FleaMarket area last Spring. Again these tables are available on a first come,first serve basis starting at 8:00 am Saturday morning and running until 11:00am. Tables are free with a $5.00 admission. After that we will turn thesetables into the Silent Auction area where everyone will be welcome to placeitems for sale using the criteria we have used for years. Please say thank youto George Knapp for helping us out with this every year.We are also working to put together classes on a variety of topics. Currently,we are considering some beginner and advanced painting classes, as well as acouple on historical topics to be determined. If you think you might beinterested in presenting a class, please contact us.Our Gallery page has been newly updated with Spring 2009 pictures. If you havepictures you would like to share, we will take them if you have them. So pleasefeel free to send them our way. For more information about any of ouractivities, give us an email or phone call. Please contact Duane or Laura Fleckat or 816-228-9246.If you are a member of a forum, Yahoo group, etc. please let folks know aboutRecruits and feel free to pass along our email address and web page, If there is anything that we can help you with, please don\'t hesitate to ask, to call or email.Thank you all for your continued support through the years, and thank you formaking Recruits so much fun! : )Duane and Laura Fleck816-228-9246www.Recruits-Con.ComSeptember 25-27, 2009