Thursday, April 23, 2009

Model Warships Made From Matchboxes

Phil Warren from Blandford Forum in Dorset, UK, has been
constructing models of warships since 1948. His collection
consist of an entire fleet of warships which includes models
of warships in service with the world's Navies since 1945.
While ships of the Royal Navy make up the largest portion
of the Fleet, ships of the United States, Russia, France, Italy,
Spain, Germany and many Commonwealth Nations are

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


This is a great here goes!---
"Neil Cooper" wrote:hi all,I have pleasure in announcing
the first beamstrike competition, open to ALLmembers
of this group.Prize is: UK members- 10x space orks
(unpainted inc 2 bikes)10x GZG Human colonists/Law
enforcement.All 15mm of course, delivered to your door.
For members outside UK, prize is USD 10/ UK £6 to a
nominated paypal account.Time limit: Closing date 1st
June 2009Details: To help promote Beamstrike and
showcase some of the excellent work youguys do, I am
putting together the first Beamstrike "Visual Record"-
this willbe a supplement full of pictures, along with
Beamstrike-type descriptions of thepictures.WHAT
YOU HAVE TO DO:Submit up to 2 pictures to me in
JPG format if possible, showing a Beamstrikearmy/
figures/ vehicles in battle. Pictures HAS to show 15mm
models, anymanufacturer is allowed. Picture touch-ups/
editing is allowed. A short ,exciting description should be
included, and worded in Beamstrike -typelanguage.
EXAMPLE: Picture shows imperial patrol out on a moon
lit night. Text reads: "Imperial battle group 167, firesquad
alpha, patrolling on the planet Imor, boltrifles at the ready"
you must give your name with the submission, and agree
to allow me to print yourpicture, along with description in
the intended supplement whether you win ornot.
SUBMISSIONS TO:Either: Drop picture/ description
into the photos/ files sections ( competitionfolders now
exist), or email me your picture/ description to:
neilandannettec@...Good luck, any questions please ask!

Viking Con 27

First game at Viking Con 27 was a simple meeting engagement
for warming up.Players:- Claus and Mark. Mission:- Meeting
engagement.Objective:- NSL: Destroy the Japanese forces.-
Japanese: Destroy the NSL forces.Forces: - NSL Platoon with
heavy armor support.- Japanese Mega Corporation "Nakamura"
Strike Force with heavy armor supportBattle result:- NSL
victory. Japanese forces withdrew from the battle after taking
a serious beating. No MBT was harmed in this battle.Miniatures:

Friday, April 10, 2009

EvE Online Ships [Chart]

Conceptships Blogspot

BC-304 "ILIAD"

The Daedalus-class battlecruiser is a fictional starship in the
science fiction television series Stargate SG-1 and Stargate
Atlantis. Also referred to as a Deep Space Carrier and a 304,
the Daedalus class is the second generation of Earth
battlecruisers and is designed to combat enemy ships, such
as the Goa'uld Ha'tak-class mothership. It succeeds the
Prometheus as the main vessel operated by the United
States Air Force and its allies on the two series

"Bug Stomper!" • UD4L Dropship 01

Model by Ian R.
Ever since it first came screaming past the camera back in
1986, it had quickly become a personal favorite. This model
was an ambition of mine for a long time, so after completing
my first scratchbuilt model (Bird of Prey), I decided to
attempt it. I had started it back in 1995 and it spanned over
two years. It might not be completely accurate but it is still