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Tanker's Tuesday: Vickers MBT

The Vickers MBT is a series of main battle tanks (MBTs) developed as a private venture by Vickers-Armstrongs for export. The design makes use of proven components such as the L7 gun of the Centurion, and the Leyland L60 multi-fuel engine, transmission and fire control system of the Chieftain. A large number of tanks were also built by India under licence as the Vijayanta.

Vickers MBT

Vickers Mk.7 Main Battle Tank |

Tanks-The Vickers MK-3i-British-Main Battle Tank

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Tanker's Tuesday: World Tanks Depot US M551 Sheridan Tanks 1/87

M551 Sheridan Light Tank (documentary)

Tanker's Tuesday: M551 Sheridan

The M551 Sheridan tank was designed in the early 1960's, as a need arose for U.S. forces needing a light tank. Constructed of aluminum armor, it is extremely fast, using a 300 hp Detroit Diesel engine and cross drive transmission. It mounts a steel turret and an aluminum hull. It was air transportable and fully amphibious with the screen around the sides raised. The main gun fired a 152mm standard projectile or a missile. It packed a lot of punch for a small tank. A similar gun was also used on the M728 Combat Engineer Vehicle. It is equipped with nuclear, biological, and chemical protection for the crew of four men. This enables it to fight in almost any climate or situation. The vehicle has seen combat use in Vietnam, Panama and Desert Storm, and it is used today for training in the California desert by the Armored Force Opposing Forces training center.

M551 Sheridan

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Jareth,((David Bowie)) The Goblin King

Jareth, the Goblin King (played by David Bowie) is a main character in the 1986 movie Labyrinth. Jareth is the film's main antagonist, and also appears in much of the tie-in material produced to compliment the film, including its novelization and its manga sequel.

At the time of this films release my daughter Sara was five and would watch the VHS tape of this film until she could recite it word for word, she still loves it and has a DVD, as do I . I know have a grand daughter who is also enchanted by this
work........David Bowie rest in peace, you are already missed.

Dust, Tears & Dice: Good news for War of the Worlds Fans...

Dust, Tears & Dice: Good news for War of the Worlds Fans...: Spotted this while surfing the web..... Finally what every WOTW Fan has been waiting for - Good news in deed. Rejoice, H.G. Wells fans!...

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Hussari I & II From Pico Armor

I've been looking at these guys for a while but was always
put off by the spine-like back backs, finally ordered a few
squads worth. To my great surprise the figures come with
the back packs as a separate piece (joy!) so can put
something a bit more conventional in it's place!

Once again I can't say enough good about Pico Armor,
place an order and in 4 or 5 days you have it!

Pico Armor

1/87th Scale Challenger II

Picked up ten Challenger IIs  recently.

Challenger 2 Tribute | British Army | 2015 | HD

Tanker's Tuesday : Challenger 2

Challenger 2 is an advanced main battle tank built by BAE Systems Land Systems (formerly Vickers Defence Systems, then Alvis Vickers Ltd). Challenger 2 is in service with the British Army and with the Royal Army of Oman. The UK placed orders for 127 Challenger 2 tanks in 1991 and an additional 259 in 1994. In 1993 Oman ordered 18 Challenger 2 tanks and an order for a further 20 tanks was placed in November 1997.

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Brith Day Loot!

Brett's Brawlers Infantry CompanyIncludes a Rifle Company HQ with two 37mm mle 1916 guns, French Flame-thrower Section, Two Rifle Platoons, Machine-gun Platoon with four Hotchkiss mle 1914 HMG teams, Light Tank Platoon with two Renault FT-17 (37mm) and two Renault FT-17 (MG) tanks,  and a French Char d’Assault Platoon with one Schneider CA. 1 tank.

FIB WWII French Mini 15mm Renault FT Pack