Monday, March 29, 2021

Prelude to Axanar

This 21-minute short film, Prelude to Axanar, premiered Saturday, July 26th, 2014, at San Diego Comic-Con, and features Richard Hatch, Tony Todd, Kate Vernon, JG Hertzler, and Gary Graham -- Gary reprises his role of Soval from "Enterprise." The makeup and hair was designed by Academy Award winner Kevin Haney and Star Trek veteran Brad Look of Makeup Effects Lab in Hollywood. Top that off with the amazing visual effects of Tobias Richter of The Light Works, and sound by Academy Award winner Frank Serafine, and Mark Edward Lewis, and the result is Prelude to Axanar: something unlike anything you have ever seen before. We have our loyal donors to thank for this and we couldn't be more grateful!

Mecha Monday: Armored Trooper Votoms Anime-Planet

After nearly 100 years of war between the nations Gilgamesh and Balarant, battle-weary soldier Chirico Cuvie finds his world utterly shattered when what seems to be a straightforward mission to infiltrate an enemy base turns out to be an attack on friendly forces. Furthermore, in the confusion that ensues, he stumbles upon a strange container with a beautiful woman sleeping inside. Unfortunately for him, he hasn’t just discovered any woman, but the key to a dark and complex political plot, and the perpetrators are determined not to let him live with their secret. Haunted by the memories of this mysterious woman and the betrayal of his superiors, Chirico must now fight to discover the twisted truths lurking behind the veil of war and gain new meaning to his bitter life.

Armored Trooper Votoms Anime-Planet 

Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Tanker's Tuesday: Tankers - Full WWII Movie

Inspired by real events, Tankers tells the story of one KV-1 tank crew's heroic WWII victory. Having a losing fight, the crew of Semyon Konovalov destroyed 16 enemy tanks, 2 armored vehicles and 8 vehicles with enemy personnel near Nizhnemityakin farm in Tarasovskoye district of Rostov region. This is the story of not the poster heroes, but broken, cheerful, and very diverse guys who just wanted to live. At the decisive moment they managed to do the only right thing and performed the deed worthy of the legend.

Monday, March 22, 2021

Mecha Monday: Battle Titans 40k

 The Battle Titans are the most commonly deployed classes of Titan and provide the backbone of any Titan Legion's strength. The rare Emperor Titans are the true kings of the battlefield in the Warhammer 40,000 universe, and the two classes of these Titans are used to provide a Titan Legion's primary offensive and defensive power.

Battle Titans

Monday, March 15, 2021

Building Your Interstellar Navy | Ship Types, Naming Conventions, & Fle...


A complex History of Executive Outcomes a South African mercenary organi...

Mecha Monday: Mech Battle Simulator

Mech Battle Simulator is a cool robot war strategy game to play online and for free on Send out your killer robots to fight against whole armies of enemies. Use your money wisely and try to create the perfect combination to eliminate them all.

There are different kinds on mechs for you to choose, so that you can send many smaller ones, a couple of those big powerful ones or some of each in order to destroy your enemy’s combination of mechs. Do you think you have what it takes to pass all levels of Mech Battle Simulator? Find out now and have fun!

Controls: Mouse