Sunday, October 26, 2008

Building Attractive Wargame Terrain

One of the reasons we game with miniatures instead of (or in addition to) computer and board games is the visual appeal of the gaming table and well painted figures. Fire and Fury Games' founder, Rich Hasenauer, is a graphic artist in "real life" and he uses his artist's eye to create attractive terrain for tabletop battles using relatively simple techniques. Here are some photos from a recent gaming session held at Dave Choat's house where we fought a two-table battle of a German assault on a Russian position. The pictures below show some of the techniques Rich uses to create an attractive tabletop and then we have some photos of the battle in progress.

A New Basing Technique

For this photo shoot, Richard developed a simple technique that adds texture to the bases with a minimum amount of work. In mass production, such as we used for the shoot, you can turn out lots of good looking bases in minimal time. As the result was quite good for the effort we expended, I decided to demonstrate this technique with a Pak 41/43 and crew that I had painted but not mounted.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Brixworth 2008

Down to two of us this year, due to Mr Mi and Gary both pulling out. As usual had three cracking games against Miles, Richard and Mark, will post more on this on the blog. But l won one and lost two. Oh well.... there is always next year! I think I said that last year!

Brixworth 2007

Only four of us this year, due to the change of date..... We also didn’t really have time to do anything special on scenery this year. But as usual all the games were good fun! Chris Kemp played my first game for me so I could take the photos. He had a convincing 45 point win over Ross Bowrage. I followed this with a 90 pt win over Matt Milton in a really fun game. Then I came up against Fred and lost by 60 points. Oh well.... there is always next year!

Brixworth 2006

An all time record this year with six of us from Great Yarmouth, and what a day it was with three fun games. My first against Roy lasted three turns and his helicopters failed to turn up. Then I was drawn against Shirley and did well on the political flow chart and forced all her units to come on in one corner with lots of rough ground. So two wins under my belt, the third game was against Chris, what hum-dinger but Chris came out with a marginal nine point win!

Brixworth 2005

Another good year - Highlights were Roy’s superb terrain and Ken’s Martian Army! But of course Chris Kemp came up with Dr Evil’s secret lair!

Brixworth 2004

Highlights this year, well Chris Kemps Akranoplan, the first use of helicopters and a super desert terrain!

Brixworth 2003

The first year! Highlights were the aircraft carrier on table 11 and the super little game park. Also the Harbour with a sunken ship called the MV Rising Panic. But the best was the large volcano! The armies were fun too!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Wargaming World War II

Most of our WWII infantry is based on 1 1/4" squares, as specified in the PBI 2 rules, though many of us put officers on round bases for ease of identification, 1 1/4" or 1 inch (a 2p piece) in diameter.

These base sizes can equally well be used with several other rulesets such as the aforementioned Battlegroup Panzer-Grenadier but also Battlefront WWII, Crossfire, Command Decision 2 and Spearhead.

And We Can't Forget Poor Bloody Ztum - Setum!

This web site is dedicated to the Ztum - Setum wargames campaign being run by members of the South East Scotland Wargames Club using the AK47 Republic rules from the Rules for the Common Man (RFCM) team at Peter Pig. The name Ztum-Setum comes from the names given to the campaign area by two groups of tribes. The highland tribes call it Ztumsia while the lowland tribes insist on Setumsia.

Zin Zan

Zin Zan is a imaginary country in Africa that was thought up by Paul Hooper and Paul Mileham as a setting for our on going wargames campaign using the excellent AK 47 rules by Peter Pig. Many of the games are played at Great Yarmouth Wargames Club and many club members join in.

AK47 Republic

Welcome to the pages dedicated to gaming with the "AK47 Republic" rules published by Peter Pig. This section will grow as we play more and more of these games set in modern Africa

AK47 Photo File

AK47 is Peter pig's excellent set of rules for recreating the wars in Africa from the 1950s to the present. The rules are quick dutcheastindies/play don't require too many figures, and allow some tongue in cheek political manoeuvrings before the game starts.


A wonderful little blog, (cleared by Govt. Authorities), to
highlight the fun, frolic, and fantastic freaky funkiness of
the African Nation of Bongolesia in the world of AK47

AK47 Chez Sebastian

Just a couple of pics of a recent game.


AK47 and the African forces Supplement has been
written by the RFCM, (rules for the common man),
team and produced in two A4 spiral bound booklets.
The original AK47 rulebook deals with battalion level
actions in African conflicts from 1950-1990, whilst
the supplement covers African forces from 1990 to
present day and also includes Israeli actions in
Lebanon during the 1980's.

Monday, October 13, 2008

FPPR Planning

Gear Krieg

Two-Fisted Pulp Superscience in a World at War!

"...But should we fail, then the whole world... including all that we have known and cared for, will sink into the abyss of a new Dark Age made more sinister, and perhaps more protracted, by the light of perverted science..."
- Sir Winston Churchill, 1940

Big Tank Eye Candy