Thursday, January 31, 2019

Saturday, January 26, 2019

GZGs Verse

Back in the late 90s (Gods has it been that we would run a campaign using all three GZGs systems, we'd start out fighting for system control with Full Thrust, then do a pre-landing (Special Ops) mission with Stargrunt in 25s, then run the main planetary invasion/defense with Dirtside in 6mm, the advent of 15mm troops lets me cut out a step or two.....Thank you Jon (and others) for adding to the addiction ! This is what was used to run the campaign: This is the current Full Thrust/Stargrunt II astropolitical map, showing all the currently assigned empires, canonical and non-canonical. It is in *.gif format. This map will be subject to frequent updates, so be sure to check the "last modified" date at the top. It is based on Map 2. Note that it says "non-canonical" at the top.

Monday, January 14, 2019

Mecha Monday : PATLABOR 2

Following the events of the first Patlabor movie, after a terrorist attack on a bridge in Tokyo, the whole country of Japan is in an uproar. The Japanese government suspects an attempt by the Americans to destabilize them, but in reality has no idea who is behind the attack. The only clues they have is of a secret organization called the National Defense Family, and the destruction of a United Nations Labor Unit. With time running out, the government calls upon Captain Goto and the Police Labor Force Division 2 to fill in the missing pieces...

Haven't seen this one yet.......but will soon!

SWAT Vehicles

 From Darkest Star Games Spc Sec 15mm anime inspired miniatures range: 
15SSV06- Spec-Sec Armored Command Truck "The Wagon"
On the cheaper end Matchbox Working Rigs SWAT vehicle retails for about $ 5.00

A couple of useful non military items for your games.......

Sunday, January 6, 2019

Mecha Monday:Future War Stories: FWS Broken Promises: ROBOT JOX (1990)

Future War Stories: FWS Broken Promises: ROBOT JOX (1990): During the second wave of anime, one of the foundational concepts and hallmarks of military science fiction came flooding into the United...

****This guy does some of the very best sci-fi write ups!****