Sunday, December 31, 2017

Happy New Year!


The 2018 NEW YEAR VOUCHERS are now all LIVE, please read the notes below on how to redeem them. Please don't forget this this time they are valid for JANUARY ONLY - normally they are valid for Jan and Feb, but I've had to reduce that this time because of several commitments in early March for which I will need time to prepare.

If you have been sent a New Year voucher in your pre-Christmas order, it will have a unique handwritten code on it in the form of TWO UPPERCASE LETTERS followed by a FOUR DIGIT NUMBER; you need to enter the code in exactly that format, with NO spaces - please be careful to distinguise between the letter "O" and a zero "0", and likewise between an uppercase "I" and the digit "1". When you have put all the items you want to order into your basket, go to the "View Basket" step; here you will see a box marked "PROMOTIONAL CODE OR GIFT CARD" - you need to enter your voucher code in that box, and then click the purple button marked "UPDATE BASKET".
If you have done this correctly, you should then see the relevant % discount (10% or 20% depending on your voucher value) shown in RED and deducted from the order subtotal. IF THIS DOES NOT APPEAR, PLEASE DO NOT COMPLETE OR PAY FOR THE ORDER, but email me ( and I should be able to sort out the problem for you.
If the discount % shows correctly, then simply proceed to complete and pay for the order as normal. Please note that the % discount does NOT apply to the shipping costs (sadly, the products don't get lighter to post when they are discounted!), but it does of course reduce the VAT amount (where applicable) by the relevant %.
Please note that your voucher code may only be used ONCE - and the store will consider it "used" as soon as you proceed to the checkout stage, even if you then leave it as a pending order. Should you encounter any problems during the payment stage, or realise that you've made an error with your order and need to try again, then please email me immediately and I will be able to re-set your code so that you can have another go!
If anyone has not yet received their pre-Christmas order with the voucher enclosed (some didn't ship out till the week just gone, and others may be taking a while to get through overseas postal systems), but wants to place their new order immediately, then I will be able to give you your voucher code via email on request. The same applies if you've received but mislaid your voucher, so don't panic!
For those of you waiting to see some more NEW RELEASES before using your voucher, please give me a few more days to get the latest batch into production - I will be launching a big expansion of the ESU REGULAR ARMY figures that I previewed with pack SG15-E41 just before Christmas, and you will shortly be able to order the full range of these figures including support weapons, Command and all the Heavy Weapons packs! I hope to have these all ready very soon, certainly in plenty of time for you to order them well before the end of January.
Please check the store news page again for some further NEW RELEASE information in a few days, and in the meantime I hope you all have a great New Year Celebration with friends and family.

Thank you for all your support during the year, and wishing everyone a safe, happy and prosperous 2018!
Jon (GZG), Sunday 31st December 2017.

Friday, December 29, 2017

GZG's ESU Infantry Squad With Cyclops Battlesuit

Lot of 14 minis for use in scifi skirmish games like Stargrunt, Tomorrow's War. GRUNTZ, etc.  Intended to be a used as light mech section supported by a squad of light infantry.  Includes:
10 ESU army infantry figs including command figures and SAW users, mounted on US pennies - new releases from GZG just before the holidays

4 Cyclops battlesuit light mecha, two with autocannon and two with heavier AT weaponry, mounted on 1" steel washers.

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

GZG's NSL Power Armored Infantry

More great work by Dick McGee:
Hot off the workbench, reinforced mechanized power armor
platoon built from GZG's excellent NSL infantry and Brigade's
equally terrific Hammer's Slammer's range. Those kastenwagen
hover vehicles are one of the very few IFVs that look like they
could actually carry power armor convincingly.

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Tanker's Tuesday: The Battle of Kursk

Soviet Storm: WW2 in the East - The Battle of Kursk

The Battle Of Kursk

The Battle of Kursk took place when German and Soviet forces confronted each other on the Eastern Front during World War II in the vicinity of the city of Kursk, in the Soviet Union in July and August 1943. It remains both the largest series of armored clashes, including the Battle of Prokhorovka, and the costliest single day of aerial warfare in history.

It was the final strategic offensive the Germans were able to mount in the east. The resulting decisive Soviet victory gave the Red Army the strategic initiative for the rest of the war.

Friday, December 22, 2017

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Brazos Evil Empire: Making Starguard Amerons In 15mm (Update)

Brazos Evil Empire: Making Starguard Amerons In 15mm: Many years ago I started out with a set of rules that still exists (WOW) called : Starguard! This is the granddaddy of all science ficti...

What I ordered, should be here by Thursday!

3 SG15-BR12 - SG15-BR12 (£2.50) 

3 SG15-BR11 - SG15-BR11 (£2.50)

3 SG15-BR10 - SG15-BR10 (£2.50)

3 SG15-BR09 - SG15-BR09 (£2.50)

3 SG15-BR08 - SG15-BR08 (£2.50)

3 SG15-BR07 - SG15-BR07 (£2.50)

3 SG15-BR06 - SG15-BR06 (£2.50)

2 SG15-BR05 - SG15-BR05 (£2.50)

3 SG15-BR04 - SG15-BR04 (£2.50)

3 SG15-BR03 - SG15-BR03 (£2.50)

5 SG15-BR02 - SG15-BR02 (£2.50)

5 SG15-BR01 - SG15-BR01 (£2.50)

2 SG15-K26 - SG15-K26 (£3.75)

3 SG15-K24 - SG15-K24 (£5.00)

And I went with some original STARGUARD equipment as they were

very small and should fit with 15mm with a little modification

Light Gun Car : 9 
Ameron Spigot Mortar Set Gun & Tender : 3

Infantry Fighting Vehicles (Top Ten)

The Heavy Tank

The Medium Tank

Tanker's Tuesday : Tank Technical Design

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Zone Troopers (1985) - Complete Film

When their platoon is attacked only The Sarge, Joey, Mittens, Dolan remain. When they're lost behind enemy lines, Joey thinks he's seen alien in the clear blue moonlight. The next morning, Joey has been unable to convince his friends of what he saw. Mittens and Dolan (thinking the creature was actually a deer) go on a hunt to find food, but they find a seemingly abandoned Nazi camp containing images and studies of a mysterious space craft in the deep forest, sadly they're captured before warning the others. As this happens, The Sarge and Joey discover the UFO themselves along with an alien creature following their every move. Is this alien friend or foe?

German Paratroopers attack Russian HQ

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

15mm Dune Project

I just picked up a large lot of Alternate Armies HOF
post apocalyptic figures.

X1 HoF 18 - Post Apocalyptic Command
X5 HoF 19b - Post Apocalyptic Support SAW
X5 HoF 19c - Post Apocalyptic Support RPG
X5 HoF 19d - Post Apocalyptic Support Flamethrower
X3 HoF 20 - Post Apocalyptic Warriors 2
X3 HoF 21 - Post Apocalyptic Assault
X6 HoF 55 - Post Apocalyptic Warriors
X3 HoF 78 - Arid World Warriors

Adding these to my Rebel Minis Sahadeen Army....Now I need some 

X2 Sahadeen Gun Team      MAS2      
X2 Sahadeen Infantry      MAS1       
X2 Sahadeen Heavy Weapons  MAS3      
X2 Sahadeen Command pack  MAS5        

Monday, December 4, 2017

28mm Starship And Interior

By Jerry Leonard, posted in Battleboards Wargaming Terrain on FB
A truly awesome piece of work of a 28mm Starship with interior.