Friday, September 29, 2017

Small Scale Sci-Fi Gaming: Welcome to Small Scale Sci-fi Gaming!

Small Scale Sci-Fi Gaming: Welcome to Small Scale Sci-fi Gaming!: Hi! I've been a fan of 15mm sci-fi miniatures for quite a few years now with my first figure being one of the classic Laserburn miniat...

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Tanker's Tuesday : Part III The Tank Lists (NRE)

My generic (Gray Army) bad guys, Neo Basileia ton Rhomaioi or (NRE)
They are basically anything but American from WWII to modern:

T72  26 Each
T64 10 Each
T62/T55 55 Each
T34/85 60 Each
JSIII  10 Each
PT76 12 Each
Leo II  20 Each
Leo IIA2  20 Each
Leo 1A6 36 Each
Leo I 38 Each
Jadopanzer Kanone  44 Each
Panzer I and II 33 Each
Panzer III  33 Each
Panzer IV  44 Each
Panther 20 Each
Tiger I  20 Each
Tiger II 20 Each
Stug III/IV  40 Each
AMX 30  39 Each
Type  61  23 Each
Type 45 16 Each
Centurion 10 Each
Conqueror 10 Each
Churchill 10 Each  
Merkava  10 each

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Tanker's Tuesday : ARR There Be Pirates!

                                                  Iron Grip Pirate Scout
                                                   Iron Grip Pirate Tank
                                           Iron Grip Pirate Mobile Artillery

Iron Grip: Warlord is set in a dieselpunk world with a society that can be described as a blend of Napoleonic era politics and World War II technology. The Iron Grip world is home to many different landmasses, but Warlord focuses on Kathos, a frigid region to the northeast resembling Eastern Europe. Kathos is divided into two large military powers and a handful of neutral countries. To the north is the Sovereign Republic of Rahmos, possessing the world's most powerful airship fleet and a technologically advanced military. Their territory includes a number of client states in addition to their home island. The country of Fahrong (known as the Confederation of Nallum) is the other major power. With uneven and mountainous terrain, the Confederates employ mechanized walkers known as 'Arachs' along with the largest standing army. Central to the game is Atelia, a medium-sized country known for its abundant resources and many different ethnic and tribal groups. At the time of the game, Atelia is a country traditionally divided into city-states and nomads. Its lands are contested by the two Kathos military powers and the remaining scraps of the country are ruled by Warlords.

Iron Grip: Warlord Trailer

Sunday, September 17, 2017

International Talk Like A Pirate Day

September 19th (every year)
is International Talk Like A Pirate Day

Castle Wolfenstein Part III

A further idea on the setting, going with an alternate WWI, A younger Red Skull is working on reanimating the German dead as well as a few other projects in this secluded castle (and surrounding area) . He must be stopped at all costs! 

I Still have to get the undead German packs from Rebel and Slave to Gaming to do my steampunk zombie conversions!

Thursday, September 14, 2017

OFFICIAL - GZG: COLOURS (Newbury) show in two days…..

Well, everything is now pretty much ready for COLOURS on the 16th, tomorrow I'll get the van loaded and be off down to Newbury Racecourse.... hopefully we'll see a lot of faces old and new on Saturday. This year we should be back on the GROUND FLOOR again, it'll be nice not to have to take all the metal stock up in the lifts!

There are some NEW RELEASES for the show - just a few, but they're very nice - all for the ISLAMIC FEDERATION forces, we have new packs in traditional headdress styles, some in the Keffiyeh (worn "Lawrence of Arabia" style with the Agal rope circlet round the head) and some in the Shemagh style with the cloth worn as a turban, both with and without it wrapped across the face for sand and dust protection. The IsFed "Treadbike" (half-tracked motorbike) is also now available with rider and pillion rifleman with the Shemagh style headgear. These new variants can simply be mixed in with the regular helmeted IsFed troops for a bit of variety, or used separately for irregular and insurgent forces. For those of you who can't make it to the show, the new releases will be up on the store as soon as I've been able to catch up with outstanding orders - hopefully sometime in the coming week.

I've also managed to pack up some ready-made 15mm Starter Army boxes (at £36 each, containing around £42-£45 value of minis) for some of the newer forces as well as the usual old favourites - in addition to the usual NAC, NSL, FSE, UNSC, Japanese, Crusties etc, we will have Starter Packs for the Islamics, the Eurasian Union Naval Infantry, the Colonial Defence Forces, the Pan-Africans and the Brethren of the New Light!

We will be doing out usual "show-only" special offer of any TWO boxes of 15mm starter forces for just £60, which gets you almost £90 worth of minis at regular list prices, so you can either get yourself a complete two-army setup or else get together with a friend and both save!

Thanks for reading, hope to see some of you at the weekend.
Jon (GZG), Monday 4th Sept 2017.

Gitungi Weapons Platoon

I just picked up some more Micropanzer Gitungi, 18 figures, including 2 missile drones.
These will be their weapons platoon.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Tanker's Tuesday : Part II The Tank Lists

Having once again looked at Peter's vast collection and
setting up my own along similar lines i.e. US Green
(MERDOC Camouflage) good guys, and Gray bad guys.
I'd thought I'd get a rough count of my (US) tanks.

85  M1A2 in 6 units
44  M1A1 in 4 units
90  M60A1/3 in 7 units
10  M60A2 in one unit
42  M48A3 in 4 units
30  M47A2 in 3 units
30  M41 in 3 tank scout units
33  M151 in one (10 tank) unit and 3 tank scout units
10  M103 in one unit
95  M4 (many variants) in 9 units
11  Cadillac Gage  Stingray
12 M5 Light Tanks in 3 tank scout units

Note: Tank units are 10 tanks strong, left overs are 3
tanks assigned to infantry units.

Other nations to follow.......

Mr  Shulman is a modeling super power, the BEE is a banana republic in comparison!

Tanker's Tuesday : PETER SHULMAN'S WAR

Peter's War is the story of an outdoor war game that artist Peter Shulman has been playing for more than sixty years. It has some very unusual aspects to it that make it totally unique. It is in fact a huge installation type work of art. At the present time the war contains over 60,000 hand sculpted soldiers and more than 5,000 scale models, vehicles in 1/35 and 1/32 scale aircraft in 1/48 scale that cover over 30 acres.

The War In Pictures

Monday, September 4, 2017

Slave 2 Gaming : Prussian Starter Pack

The best way to start to collect a Prussian force is with a starter pack. It saves around $7 on the total order

The pack contains:

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Slave 2 Gaming : Sturmtruppen

Before the history changing events of 1917, the German Army had been effectively using Sturmtruppen or Storm Troopers ( also known as "Shock troops" or "Thrust Troops") since 1916. These Troops are an effective force at taking Trenches and Weapon emplacements.

Here's what you get:
  • 1 Sergeant
  • 14 Various posed Highlander Infantrymen
Slave 2 Gaming : Sturmtruppen