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Wargame News and Terrain: The Ion Age: Welcoming the Alien Prang ...

Wargame News and Terrain: The Ion Age: Welcoming the Alien Prang ...: The Ion Age: and The Ion Age make an announcement that The Prang sculpted by Eli Arndt will be making the move from their pla...

Tanker's Tuesday: AMX 40

The AMX-40 was developed as a private venture specially for the export market. It was first revealed in 1983. The AMX-40 uses a number of components of the AMX-32 prototype MBT, however it is considered as a new design. Four prototypes had been built by 1986, unfortunately no production orders were placed on this MBT.
   The AMX-40 main battle tank has all-welded hull and turret with composite armor on the frontal arc. Frontal armor can withstand hits of 100-mm projectiles. Vehicle is fitted with NBC protection and automatic fire suppression systems.

French AMX 40 Main Battle Tank

Monday, October 26, 2015

Cold War Byzantium - Equipment late 70s & 80s

This is Part 5 of what has turned out to be a bit of a magnum opus (part 4 is over here) When the idea of a Cold War Byzantine army occurred to me to fight Iain's Imagi-nation Poles, I thought it would be simply a case of choosing some kit and inventing a TO&E structure. It turned out I "needed" to think about the military strategy that it was designed for to get the overall army structure that a Medieval system might make some sense in, and then the post WW2 & early Cold War equipment that would still be in the army, just so the structures & equipment of the period we plan to fight...

New Byzantium - the Cold War army

Armies Army: ArmiesArmy....creating terrain!......surely not......

Armies Army: ArmiesArmy....creating terrain!......surely not......: Yes I've been wanting to do something like this for years and then I met a really cool man whom had far more skill then me and got ...

1/350 Scratchbuilt Bolo Invincibilis Mk.XXIII B "NIKE"

Here is his second submission to ARC and first scratchbuilt project-a BOLO tank NIKE from a David Weber book "Bolo!".

Bolo (Cybertank), Mark XXIV Cognitus

Scale: 1/300
Source: Bolo series created by Keith Laumer.

The Bolo, Mark XXIV (Cognitus), introduced in 2962, was the first genuinely autonomous Bolo. Where previous Marks had allowed tactical autonomous direction, the Mark XXIV's improved personality center and id integration circuitry permitted truly independent, strategic self-direction.

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All is nicely back up to date after all the sorting out post-SELWG, order turnround is back to normal fast service, and I've just uploaded the SELWG new releases (and more!) to the store, so you can now mail-order them!
The new-sculpt JAPANESE POWER ARMOUR (SG15-J31), FSE POWER ARMOUR (SG15-F31) and HELMETED KRA'VAK (SG15-K11) are now fully available, just scroll to the foot of the news page and click on them (or check the relevant 15mm infantry pages of course).
Each of the new F31 and J31 Power Armour sets contain bodies, jetpacks and arms/weapons for SIX figures, with two extra right arms carrying automatic support weapons - so you can build all six figures with the standard hand-weapons, or make four with hand weapons and two with the big SAWs!

Don't forget that for a LIMITED TIME ONLY, the SG15-K11 pack of Kra'Vak (like the earlier K10 pack) contains TWO EXTRA FREE FIGURES of SAW gunners - these will only be included for another couple of weeks!
Also AVAILABLE NOW are three more V15-ACC range turrets and accessory packs - some twin-barrel autocannon turrets (V15-ACC32, 4 to a pack), tribarrel mini-turrets (V15-ACC31, 6 to a pack) and Multi-Sensor package mounts (V15-ACC30, 4 to a pack) - these are also in the new items section at the foot of the front (news) page, or under "15mm Buildings and Scenics - Accessories".
Thanks for reading!
Jon, GZG.

Tanker's Tuesday: Merkava Mk. 4

During the Merkava Mk. 3's years of production, a number of modifications have been introduced, the major ones being a modern fire control system with an automatic target tracker ("Baz") and significant improvements in ballistic protection. 
The production of the Merkava Mk. 3 lasted until 2002, whereupon the Merkava Mk. 4 was first fielded to the Armor Corp.

Future Weapons Israel special part 2 - Merkava, APAM.avi

Future Weapons Israel special part 1 Merkava tank

Merkava Mk4 interior

Merkava Mk 4 Tank

Monday, October 19, 2015

World Tanks Depot-Israeli Merkava Mk II 1/87

World Tanks Depot- Israeli Merkava Mk II - 1/87  Scale Die Cast Model. Picked
13 of these up on EBAY, very nice solid metal models.

Breakthrough Assault: Team Yankee - Rules Preview

Breakthrough Assault: Team Yankee - Rules Preview: Hello fellow wargamers, We are very pleased to bring you a preview of the Team Yankee ruleset.  There's a lot of ground to cover her...

My Elastolin/Hausser Castle

After seeing Tim of  Megablitz and More. fame Elastolin/Hausser Castle(s)
and also his asking to see mine. I dug it out of storage......)

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Megablitz and more: Elastolin/Hausser castles

Megablitz and more: Elastolin/Hausser castles: The appearance of one of my castles in a recent game generated a fair bit of interest, so here are all three of  them arrayed for your deli...

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

New Byzantium: Byzantium in the Cold War era

New Byzantium: Byzantium in the Cold War era: Part 1 of a series of posts on structuring the Medieval Byzantine army into a 70's- 90's Cold War Imagi-Nation. A fellow club memb...

New Byzantium: Cold War Byzantium - the Post War years

New Byzantium: Cold War Byzantium - the Post War years: Part 2 of a series of posts where te aim is to build a force for the late 70's - early 90's to match my SLW colleagues' forces...

New Byzantium: Cold War Byzantium TO&E - Adapting a Medieval army...

New Byzantium: Cold War Byzantium TO&E - Adapting a Medieval army...: Part 3 of a series of posts on building a Byzantium based Cold War Imagi-Nation, Part 2 is here Some of the fun of pushing Byzantium into...

New Byzantium: Cold War Byzantium TO & E - Detail

New Byzantium: Cold War Byzantium TO & E - Detail: Part 4 of a series exploring a hupothetical Byzantine state in the Cold War ere - Part 3 is here The Byzantine Thematic system varied qu...

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Tanker's Tuesday: Char B1/B1 bis


A long lasting project

The Char de bataille was Col. Estienne’s concept. The French “father of tanks” wrote a memorandum (Mémoire sur les missions des chars blindés en campagne) in 1919, full of war experience, tactical reports and theoretical concepts of mechanized warfare, notably the proper use of different types in the offensive. The “char de bataille” (“battle tank”) was a heavy tank, near to the “char de rupture” or “breakthrough tank”, but the former was more a dual-purpose (infantry support and antitank) machine than the “char de rupture”. The latter concept gave birth to huge the FMC F1, with the sole purpose of terminating fortifications.

char B1 bis

Char B-1 bis , Saumur , France

Monday, October 12, 2015

Breakthrough Assault: Team Yankee - Airpower Stat Cards

Breakthrough Assault: Team Yankee - Airpower Stat Cards: Hello All After a little break for Great War and a couple of podcast with Phil Yates about Team Yankee we have another stat card post and ...

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Khurasan Miniatures: KURDISH PESHMERGA

These models represent the irregulars and, increasingly, semi-regular forces of highly-regarded Kurdish fighters. Peshmerga means "he who confronts death" and that name is increasingly apt in the intense fighting occuring in the aftermath of the invasion of Iraq, and, especially, the rise of ISIS in post-occupation Iraq and Syria. These models are meant to portray the better equipped standing forces on the Peshmerga.

Most Peshmerga use Russian weapons but stocks of western rifles have been provided to them as well, and we have made sets for each. 

I already had some Oddzial Osmy : Modern Troopers

and wanted something to mix in with them, these are perfect! I do plan to trade out the
Saggers with Peter Pig made 107mm RR.....)

Tanker's Tuesday: AMX 30

The AMX-30 is a main battle tank designed by GIAT and first delivered to the French Army in 1966. The first five tanks were issued to the 501st Régiment de Chars de Combat (Tank Regiment) in August of that year. The production version of the AMX-30 weighed 36 metric tons (40 short tons), and sacrificed protection for increased mobility. The French believed that it would have required too much armour to protect against the latest anti-tank threats, thereby reducing the tank's maneuverability. Protection, instead, was provided by the speed and the compact dimensions of the vehicle, including a height of 2.28 metres. It had a 105-millimetre (4.1 in) cannon, firing an advanced high explosive anti-tank warhead known as the Obus G. The Obus G used an outer shell, separated from the main charge by ball bearings, to allow the round to be spin stabilized by the gun without affecting the warhead inside. Mobility was provided by the 720 horsepower (540 kW) HS-110 diesel engine, although the troublesome transmission adversely affected the tank's performance.