Thursday, July 29, 2010

A Miniaturised Account Of Hitler's Occult Wars

Miniatures Showcase compiled by the White Knight

The world of the weird WWII has 2 aspects that constitute both sides of one coin.
One half of it speculates about an alternative WW2 where the Axis and Allied scientists make scientific breakthroughs that change the course of history. This side of the coin focuses on inventions like armored walkers, rocketpacks, and power armor. On the darker end it includes medical experiments to create a race of enhanced supersoldiers, often at great cost of lives.
On the other side of the coin, there is only darkness, for this is the occult side. In this world the nations of the second world war are not engaged in a conventional race of arms, but one of harvesting occult powers through the search for ancient artefacts - such as the lost Ark of the Covenant, the Spear of Longinus and the Holy Grail - and the awakening of old evils. This is a WW2 where the dead don't always stay dead, where men are made into beasts and where each faction strives to control powers they can barely comprehend.
Together, these two aspects combine into the horrifying, yet enthralling setting for a Weird World War II. You may enter it if you dare, but remember... death is not the worst fate that can happen to you.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Along The Sneuf Canal

This game was played at Bill Hamilton's home in North Jackson on July 3, 2010. We used Arty Conliffe's rules "Crossfire." The 15mm troops are owned by Jay stribling as is most of the terrain shown here.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Blazing Skies Yahoo Group

A group for anyone into air combat miniature wargames, mainly Blazing Skies, the Atkins Wargames, free WW2 set, but allcomers welcome!

Blazing Skies is the new pilot scale WW2 air combat game, free to download and full of fast paced action that gives a real feel of air-combat.

Have you got what It takes to master the skies? Probably not, but have a crack anyway!

Blazing Skies


Flying Officer Stumpy Prangsworthy’s handlebar moustache streamed behind him in the 280mph wind as he craned his head round trying to locate where Von Strudels Focke Wulf 190 A8 had gone to. Deep within the cloud, the spineless Boche had shown his true colours and escaped Stumpys righteous justice. The growling Merlin engine sang a new song as he side-slipped his trusty Supermarine Spitfire down towards the now helpless Dornier 17.

The Dornier was almost at the target and in scant moments would land at the brewery and snatch No14 Squadrons Claret from under their noses. Well Stumpy would see about that. He loosed the safety off of his eight .303’s and aimed at the Dorniers port engine.

Suddenly from behind screaming out of a wingunder manoeuvre the FW 190 appeared in Stumpys vanity mirror, its cannons sparkling motes of fire. A shell smashed into the Spits wing and tore the aileron. “Blast you, Von Strudel “yelled Stumpy as he realised that he had been sold a duffer and was gone for a burton. Only one trick could save him. Feathering his Kites prop, he hit the airbrakes and was rewarded with the bright green FW 190 flashing under him. Dropping the nose Stumpy let rip a corking burst which caught the Jerry a treat. Flames poured from the FW 190’s engine and Von Strudel Hit the Silk.

Von Strudel shook his fist as Stumpy flashed past. “Verdammt Englander! Finish me now! The shame is too great!”

“Not a chance old pip,” grinned Stumpy; “A Englishman flies by the rules of the game, and potting a Chap on his chute is defiantly not playing the game.”

So what is playing the game? You are about to find out!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

World At War: Back Of Beyond

World at War: Back of Beyond is the Battlefield Evolution: World at War supplement covering the Interwar-period armies of Central Asia!
The book includes new traits (Grenades, Weak AA) to give you the "interwar feel," and covers all the traits you need to play with the units of this book.
The following army lists are in this book:
The Army of British India
The Basmachi
The Bolsheviks
The Chinese Bandits
The Chinese Warlord Army
The Czech Legion
The Japanese
The Mad Baron's Army
The Mongolian Tribes
The Tibetans
The White Russians
Stats for the many vehicles - such as Rolls-Royce Armoured Car, Lancaster 4x2 Armoured Car, Austin Armoured Car, Austin-Putilov Armoured Car, Austin-Kégresse Halftrack, Medium Mark C Tank, Vickers Medium Mk I Tank, Renault FT-17, Vickers Medium Mk II, Mk III and A1E1 Independent Tank - are also included.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Britain's Ministry of Defence Unveils Unmanned Taranis Combat Aircraft

Well, it looks like Boeing's unmanned Phantom Ray stealth aircraft just got a bit of company courtesy of Britain's Ministry of Defence. It's now unveiled the BAE-built Taranis, which is not just an unmanned aircraft, but an unmanned combat aircraft that promises to be capable of penetrating enemy territory -- as opposed to something like a Predator drone that's only suitable for use if the airspace is under control. As you might expect, complete details on the aircraft are still being kept under wraps, but the MoD says there's "more than a million man hours" behind it, and that its first flight trials will begin early next year. And, no, "unmanned" doesn't mean autonomous -- the MoD is quick to point out that, "should such systems enter into service, they will at all times be under the control of highly trained military crews on the ground."

Boeing's Unmanned Phantom Ray

The big new trend among wargadget makers seems to be the elimination of the fleshy operator, and we're seeing it happening with helicopters, boats, and even space shuttles. The Phantom Ray is Boeing's take on how we can do the same to jet fighters, and it's had its official unveiling in St. Louis this week. Primarily intended to serve as a reconnaissance and intelligence drone, this 36 foot-long airborne robot will be able to cruise at speeds of up to 614mph, and will even do a bit of suppression fire when you need it to. It's designed to be undetectable by radar and offers a minimal heat signature for missiles to lock on to, as its engine is buried deep within the body. Sounds ominous indeed, but the Phantom Ray will serve as the testbed for even more advanced technologies and will take its first flight in December of this year. See its grand debut on video after the break.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Hammer’s Slammers: The Crucible

Gaming in the Slammers universe just got even better
The new game book for tabletop wargaming -
Hammer’s Slammers: the Crucible is out!

US Army CrossWorld Combat Command-Recon Squad

US Army CrossWorld Combat Command-Recon squad, '45
By "

Lieutenant-Binox, map case with cartography kit, compass, smoke grenade, whistle
M2 autoCarbine, captured German pistol
, knows 2 languages, Ley Line talent

Corporal-radio/walkietalkie, low level psionic, M3 Smg, gadgeteer, small toolkit

Corporal-Scout/Sniper, M1903 springfield w/scope, specially trained dog, .357
revolver Bolo knife

Sgt-Squadleader, M3 Smg, Augmented Voice

FireTeam Alpha-rifleman, M1 garand, 3 grenades
Bar gunner
Bar ammo carrier, winchester pump shotgun
Cbt Psi or Mage Specialist, close cbt trained, pistol
FireTeam Bravo-same as above

Corporal-Battle Chaplain and Medic, no weapons, minor healing power

A 15-man squad for recon.Or should it be reduced by doubling up what everyman
can do?

Assume standard issue gear with these. each wold have transponder stakes

Should stat squads out for each era- '39-'41, '42-'44 and '45 to '55

More to be found on Weird War II:

Princess of Mars (2009)

A US soldier finds himself inexplicably transported to Mars in the midst of a war between two alien races.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Awesome/Lame: Alien Visitors

From humanity's earliest days, we have looked up into the night sky and asked ourselves, "Are we alone in the universe? Will we ever encounter life from other planets? And will they be awesome or lame?" Here are twenty different species of interstellar sightseers who came to Earth and either impressed or annoyed us.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Small Battles: Historical Page

This page is concerned with historical wargaming. This is the "hard core" on which all fantasy wargaming is based. History has given us a huge wealth of material, from the biblical and classical ancients, through the knights of the Middle Ages, to the great European generals like Marlborough, Frederick the Great and Napoleon Boneparte, upto the modern era incorporating two world wars and countless other conflicts all over the globe.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th!

A group of intrepid humans attempts to save the Earth from vicious extraterrestrials in this extremely popular science-fiction adventure. Borrowing liberally from War of the Worlds, Aliens, and every sci-fi invasion film inbetween, director Roland Emmerich and producer and co-writer Dean Devlin present a visually slick, fast-paced adventure filled with expensive special effects and large-scale action sequences. The story begins with the approach of a series of massive spaceships, which many on Earth greet with open arms, looking forward to the first contact with alien life. Unfortunately, these extraterrestrials have not come in peace, and they unleash powerful weapons that destroy most of the world's major cities. Thrown into chaos, the survivors struggle to band together and put up a last-ditch resistance in order to save the human race. As this is a Hollywood film, this effort is led by a group of scrappy Americans, including a computer genius who had foreseen the alien's evil intent (Jeff Goldblum), a hot-shot jet pilot (Will Smith), and the President of the United States (Bill Pullman). While some critics objected to the film's lack of originality and lapses in logic, the combination of grand visual spectacle and crowd-pleasing storytelling proved irresistible to audiences, resulting in an international smash hit..