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Madasahatta Campaign

Eric Knowles was one of the pioneers of British wargaming, and his recent death marks the passing of one more member of that small group that made British wargaming what it is today. This book is dedicated to his memory, and particularly the Madasahatta Campaign, the long-running First World War Colonial wargame campaign that he ran

Madasahatta Campaign

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Kitbashing Model Spaceships with Snap Ships

One of our favorite discoveries from this year's Maker Faire was Snap Ships, a construction kit for designing and building your own miniature space ships. We chat with Jeff from Snap Ships about how the parts connect, the types of ships you can make, and what it'll take to turn 3D-printed

.Snap Ships.

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Hellcat Movie

THE BATTLE OF THE LAST PANZER | The Last Panzer Battalion | Full Length ...

Bad movie but fun......

Tanker's Tuesday : VT-4

The VT-4’s roots are in the Al-Khalid tank developed in the 1990s. The Al-Khalid tank was largely built with mostly Chinese and Pakistani technology, but a sore spot for the Chinese designers was their lack of ability to provide a power plant for the tank. The engines for the tank had to be sourced from Germany or Ukraine. Ukraine ended up providing the production run for the Al-Khalid tank. As a result, the VT-4 program’s primary objective when it began in 2009 was to build an indigenous power plant for future domestic and export tanks. Due to the success of this engine development program, many VT-4 marketing materials tout the reliability and performance of its engine.


Norinco - VT4 Main Battle Tanks Public Show Demonstration [1080p]

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Well, it has taken me a couple of days longer than planned, but ALL the new releases from SALUTE and HAMMERHEAD are now up on the store and available to order!
Check out the featured items at the foot of this page, or just go to the relevant pages in the 15mm SG listings as usual.
All of the following are now fully available:
SG15-N45        NSL Colonial Jaeger Command and Comms - 8 figures, 2 each of 4 poses - Officer in Greatcoat with binocs, Officer in Greatcoat advancing with heavy pistol, kneeling comms operator with data pad, kneeling observer with binocs.
SG15-N46         NSL Colonial Jaeger Autocannon teams with NEW DESIGN weapon hardware (2 weapon teams)
SG15-N47         NSL Colonial Jaeger RAM Mortar teams with NEW DESIGN weapon hardware (2 weapon teams)
SG15-N48         NSL Colonial Jaeger Auto Grenade Launcher teams with NEW DESIGN weapon hardware (2 weapon teams)
SG15-N49         NSL Colonial Jaeger Plasma Cannon teams with NEW DESIGN weapon hardware (2 weapon teams)
NSL PANZERGRENADIERS: four new packs, three of which REPLACE the original N18, N19 and N20 Heavy Weapons packs; for those of you with existing armies, we will keep the old-style packs listed and in production for a while at least, so that you can complete units with the old weapons if you wish - but do take a look at the new options (from 3D print masters designed by MMG), they are really SO much better!
SG15-N18X         NSL Pzgr Autocannon teams with NEW DESIGN weapon hardware (2 weapon teams) - replaces original pack code N18.
SG15-N19X         NSL Pzgr RAM Mortar teams with NEW DESIGN weapon hardware (2 weapon teams) - replaces original pack code N19.
SG15-N20X         NSL Pzgr Auto Grenade Launcher teams with NEW DESIGN weapon hardware (2 weapon teams) - replaces original pack code N20.
SG15-N21X         NSL Pzgr Plasma Cannon teams with NEW DESIGN weapon hardware (2 weapon teams)
For the OUTRIM COALITION MARINES, a new pack of anti-armour support weapons, plus THREE variants of all-new GRAV BIKES!
SG15-RC09        OutRim Coalition Anti-Armour Support Weapons pack - in hardsuits; 2 poses with anti-vehicle hypervelocity missile systems, 2 poses with heavy railgun sniper rifles  (8 figures)
SG15-RC31        OutRim Coalition Scout Grav Bikes - 2 single-seat bikes with riders
SG15-RC32        OutRim Coalition Two-seat Grav Bikes - 2 extended bikes each with rider and pillion passenger rifleman
SG15-RC33        OutRim Coalition Attack Grav Bikes - 2 single-seat bikes with riders, each bike supplied with options for twin gauss autocannons or twin plasma cannons  
The KRA'VAK get some lovely two-seat bikes, with options of bareheaded or helmeted riders and passengers:
SG15-K27        Kra'Vak TWO-SEAT GRAV BIKES - two extended bikes with riders and passengers (bareheaded)
SG15-K28        Kra'Vak TWO-SEAT GRAV BIKES - two extended bikes with riders and passengers (in HELMETS)
Last but by no means least, a BIG release of many packs of CARGO, STOWAGE and similar stuff - not the most exciting things, but invaluable for many purposes - truck loads, vehicle stowage, basing detail, barricades, scenery in and around spaceports and warehouses.... the list of possibilities is endless!
All from 3D print designs by MMG, while they are all intended for 15mm, many packs are suitable for multi-scale use - anything from 28mm down to 6mm shipping containers!
Available so far, with even MORE to follow.....
V15-ACC40        Assorted pack: 2 each of 4 different drums, kegs etc, 4 each of 2 different gas canisters - items also available in packs ACC43, ACC45, ACC46 and ACC49 (16 pieces)
V15-ACC41        Cargo Cubes - assorted pack of NINE cubic cargo containers in several different types, each approx. 10mm square (1m scale size)
V15-ACC42        Large Hexagonal cargo and storage cases (12 pieces, 3 each of 4 types) - ideal for human or alien races (Kra'Vak, Crusties, Xar etc)
V15-ACC43        Large moulded polymer chemical drums (12 pieces)
V15-ACC44        Small stowage items - jerrycans, ammo drums and boxes, small canisters etc (30 pieces, 6 each of 5 different designs)
V15-ACC45        Gas Canisters/Cylinders (16 pieces, 8 each of 2 types)
V15-ACC46        Steel drums (12 pieces)
V15-ACC47        Cargo Cans (12 pieces, 4 each of 3 types)
V15-ACC48        Stowage boxes, chests and cans (12 pieces, 3 each of 4 types)
V15-ACC49        Kegs/Barrels (12 pieces, 6 each of 2 types)
V15-ACC50        Ribbed Equipment Cases (18 pieces, as 2 each of 9 different sizes)
V15-ACC51        Small/Medium multi-sided cases - assorted Hexagonal and Octagonal drums, cases and containers (20 pieces, 4 each of 5 designs) - ideal for human or alien races (Kra'Vak, Crusties, Xar etc)
V15-ACC52        Ammo and Supply cases (12 pieces, 4 each of 3 types)
Well, that's it for this batch!
There will be even MORE new stuff coming over the next couple of months, so please keep checking back here for the latest news updates.
Thanks for reading,
Jon (GZG), May 8th 2018.

David's Cold Weather Sahadeen by Rebel Minis

Way back in May 2009, I bought a pack of Sahadeen from Rebel Minis after seeing a review of them on the Dropship Horizon blog. I eventually bought a weapons pack and a pack of Sahadeen War Maidens to go with the basic squad and then I got stuck for painting ideas.
A thread on TMP discussed the lack of suitable cold climate troops - the only figures people could suggest were either a small range from Khurasan Miniatures (which I can't find on their website) or the Scandinavian Federation figures from Ground Zero Games.

It was at this point that I began to wonder how the Sahadeen might look if painted up for a cold climate.

I decided that the breather masks would be GW Scab Red - a splash of colour in an otherwise subdued pallet of greys and middle blue armour. Bases were also painted Tamiya XF-24 Dark Grey. I then glued on scattered pieces of my green sponge/bush flock and dabbed these with Tamiya X-2 White as if they were little snow dusted bushes.

As the paint went on, the figures began to come alive and I felt, in my own mind, that my colour choice was sound. While the Sahadeen were conceived of as a desert people, their hoods and breather units and goggles could equally be used by a people living in a wet and/or cold or otherwise bleak climate.

Looking at the figures, I'm reminded of the cover art for the Andre Norton novel, Night of Masks. Set on a blasted world orbiting a red giant, anyone needing to go out on the surface has to wear both breathers and light-enhancing goggles.

So, I'm pretty pleased with the way my Sahadeen have come out, and I like the fact that with a little bit of lateral thought, one can make any science fiction figures fit into any story you wish to tell.

And here's the entire unit - two squads of riflemen, a heavy weapons squad, and an HQ squad.

See more of David's splendid work here : David's Painting and Modeling Log

Tanker's Tuesday: U.S. Army Its Next Super Tank

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Mecha Monday: The Early Years. (Battle Mech)

In the BattleTech universe, the first BattleMech ever developed was the Mackie MSK-6S, described as a 100-ton box with legs. It was developed in 2439 by the Terran Hegemony, first deployed in 2443, and produced throughout the rest of the Inner Sphere after its construction plans were stolen in 2455. Significant development and refinement of the technology followed through subsequent centuries. 'Mech advancement in the Inner Sphere crested during the reign of the Star League, but slowly degraded during the protracted conflicts of the Succession Wars. Much of the infrastructure and expertise necessary to produce the most advanced models was lost, with the result that, by the early 31st century, most Great Houses were fielding models that were centuries old.
Star League-era BattleMech technology was preserved during this period of decline by a military faction later known as the Clans. Absent from the Inner Sphere for centuries, they returned in 3049 fielding 'Mechs of considerable sophistication and power. The first confirmed sighting of a Clan 'Mech by an Inner Sphere observer was that of a Timber Wolf (called the Mad Cat by Inner Sphere observers) by the legendary Phelan Kell of the Kell Hounds mercenary unit.
The Clan invasion triggered a resurgence of BattleMech-related research and development, both in the Inner Sphere and among the Clans, leading to many new models being introduced during the 3050s and '60s.
After the collapse of the 2nd Star League in late 3067, most Battlemech manufactures were damaged or outright destroyed by the Word of Blake Jihad (Holy War). Smaller factories retooled and began manufacturing ancient designs dating back to the Age of War when Mackie was first introduced. The creation of hybrids from these ancient designs and new technologies again led to a slow progress in 'Mech development, despite the return to all-out war and the use of nuclear weaponry.[2]
However, the collapse of the hyperpulse generator network in the early 32nd century disrupted 'Mech advancement.
Terminology and nomenclature
The term "'Mech" broadly applies to all mecha within the BattleTech universe. BattleMechs, those that are intended for combat or related operations, are the predominant variety, with the result that the term is frequently applied to all BattleTech mecha. Non-combat models do exist, however, and are generally referred to as WorkMechs or UtilityMechs. These models tend to be specialized to perform a particular task such as harvesting, lumbering, scavenging, repair, etc.
OmniMechs are a sub-class of BattleMech that mount weapons and equipment in modular "pods". The pods are easily swapped or changed, enabling engineers to customize an OmniMech's components for any given mission.
With few exceptions, every major model of BattleMech bears both a name and an identifying code. Codes generally use letters from the 'Mech's name, followed by an alphanumeric reference to the submodel or variant. For example, the base model of the 70-ton Warhammer is WHM-6R, with variants WHM-6X, WHM-7A, etc. A single letter is normally used to indicate common variants of an OmniMech.
Clan 'Mechs are sometimes known by two different names, one assigned by its Clan creators and one by Inner Sphere observers. An example is the 75-ton Clan Timber Wolf, known in the Inner Sphere as the Mad Cat. This practice generally ceased after the mid 3060s
BattleMechs range in height from 7 to 17 meters (23 to 56 feet) and mass from 20 to 100 tonnes (22 to 110 short tons) in five-ton intervals, with some capable of ground speeds in excess of 150 km/h (93 mph). Mechs have a torso that can rotate to either side independently from the legs, but few can do a complete 360 twist. Their power is drawn from fusion reactors and are best suited for ground combat, although they are also capable of limited performance underwater and in outer space.
The majority of BattleMechs are bipedal and can be classed as either humanoid or reverse-joint ("chicken walker"). Humanoid-type BattleMechs are the most common and include the iconic Atlas and Summoner (Thor). Reverse-joint 'Mechs are slightly less common on the field of battle, being quicker but less stable than the humanoid-type, but include such famous models as the Supernova, Marauder, Catapult, Timber Wolf (Mad Cat) and the Dire Wolf (Daishi). There are a few, however, with digitigrade legs that have a raised ankle and stand on their toes, like the legs of a dog, cat, etc. Examples include the Thanatos and Nova Cat.
Four-legged "quad" 'Mechs constitute a small segment of official designs, and while they lack the flexibility and speed of bipedal designs, they are considerably more stable and can mount heavier weaponry. Though often maligned, quads experienced a bit of a renaissance in the years after 3060 with several new models released. Notable quad designs include the 25-ton Tarantula, 55-ton Scorpion, and 70-ton Barghest.
Land-Air 'Mech (LAM)
LAMs are an extremely uncommon form of 'Mech capable of transforming between BattleMech and aircraft configurations, an ability that conveys great speed and flexibility at the cost of power and protection. The design of these LAMs, as well as several other 'Mechs, were leased from mecha designs used in The Super Dimension Fortress Macross and other anime series (see variable fighters); resulting real-world legal conflicts ended their official existence within the franchise. The Wasp, Stinger and Phoenix Hawk are the only published LAMs, found in the unrevised edition of Technical Readout: 3025, along with the other "lost" or "unseen" BattleMechs such as the Marauder, Crusader, Warhammer and the non-LAM versions of the Stinger, Wasp, and Phoenix Hawk.
BattleMech Construction
BattleMechs are initially made up of a series of internal structure "bones" which are connected together to form a skeleton of the 'Mech. An electroactive polymer called myomer, which contracts in the presence of an electric current, is then wrapped around these bones. This powerful myomer transmission system is what gives BattleMechs their speed and agility in even the roughest terrain.
The necessary electric current for the myomers is provided by a fusion reactor mounted in the torso. This artificial skeleton and musculature, combined with a powerful gyroscope provide stability for the BattleMech. The entire system is controlled by a pilot wearing a neurohelmet that effectively links the 'Mech's central computer to the pilot's sense of balance and nervous system. The neurohelmet also gives feedback by providing a kinesthetic sense of the mech's position for better judgement of balance. The movement of a 'Mech is controlled by a combination throttle, joysticks, and dual pedal system.
The sections of a 'Mechs body have non-optional equipment that come with the internal structure such as cockpit, life support, sensors, engine, gyro and actuator packages. Additionally any spaces left over after you account for structure (Endo-steel) and armor upgrades (Ferro-Fibrous) is available space for the installation of heat sinks, weapon systems and applicable ammunition.
In some 'Mech-based games there are a series of different size and capacity rated hardpoints for the attachment of critical systems such as life support and cooling equipment. In addition, weapons and armor plating are also attached to these points to give the 'Mech its offensive and defensive capability.
'Mechs can carry a variety of weapons, most of which generate heat upon firing. This can become a problem in intense or prolonged fighting, as an overheating 'Mech may shut down or, in extreme cases, explode. To mitigate this, the heat is transferred into massive heat sinks, which help facilitate cooling but do not eliminate the problem entirely. Water is an effective coolant, but it also impairs movement.

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Stargrunt II Finns Part 2

I just picked up this very nicely painted and based set of, metal, infantry sci-fi figures, in winter gear, that are ready for use.  They include:

151  Infantry : GZG Scan Fed Infantry, GZG weapons Crews, Laserburn infantry a mix of Imperial and Redemptionist done up in winter colors. 
  2    Guns with GZG weapons Crews
  1    Tank

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