Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Tanker's Tuesday: BMP-3 Infantry Combat Vehicle

The BMP-3 infantry combat vehicle entered production in the late 1980s. About 120 BMP-3 vehicles are in service with the Russia Army and over 900 have been exported to a number of countries, including United Arab Emirates (600 vehicles), Cyprus (40), Indonesia (30), Kuwait (110) and South Korea (70).

BMP-3 Infantry Combat Vehicle

The BMP-3 Infantry Fighting Vehicle : Overview/Opinions

Russian BMP-3 Amphibious Infantry Fighting Vehicle

Friday, April 21, 2017

GZG Final pre-SALUTE Update

Final pre-SALUTE update.....
Better late than never, I guess.... only one day now before SALUTE, I'm heading down to ExCel this afternoon to set up.... for those of you making your way there tomorrow, we will be in pretty much the same place as the last couple of years - stand TE02. If you turn left as you come in from the queueing area, we're at the end of the second row of tradestands. There are quite a few new releases, including 15mm ones for the Brethren, PAU, CDF, FSE, Xar, Islamics, Kra'Vak and more - PLUS some new FULL THRUST codes for the Crusties - some really lovely new fighters and strikeboats, all 3D designed by MMG!
Oh, and we now have a new stock of the FT STARTER GAME BOXES, so these will be on sale again at a SPECIAL SHOW PRICE but will also be available again to mailorder next week.
I will have SOME stock of all the new items at the show, but a few of them will be in very small quantities only, so if you want to get them before they are sold out then please make us one of your first stops when you get into the hall!
Hope to see lots of you tomorrow, safe travels to the show......

Thanks for reading.
Jon (GZG), 21st April 2017.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Brazos Evil Empire: Company Mods Stargrunt II

Brazos Evil Empire: Company Mods Stargrunt II: mods for Stargrunt Stuart Murray proposed: I've pasted it below: SGII - Company Mods It became apparent to my gaming group that t...

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Tiger 1 meets Leopard 2 - Tankfest 2016

Kevin Costner's amazing speech to The British Armed Forces

British Military Power Demonstration | HD

Tanker's Tuesday: Warrior MCV-80

The tracked IFV known to the British Army as the Warrior was originally known as MCV-80. It was intended to replace the old FV432 armored personnel carrier. This vehicle was developed from the 1970s onwards. A series of pre-production prototypes built in the early 1980s. Production by GKN Defence commenced during 1986. The Warrior has been in British Army service since 1988, seeing combat in the Gulf in 1991 and during Iraq war. Production of this armored vehicle ceased in 1995. The original order was for over 1 000 units but Army reorganizations reduced that to 789 of all types sufficient to equip seven Mechanized Infantry battalions. The British Army plans to operate these armored fighting vehicles until 2035.

British Warrior IFV - Overview and Opinions

MCV-80 Warrior Infantry Fighting Vehicle | Military-Today.com

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Mail Call : Khrurasan Tracked Superheavy Tank

Just got three of these Beasts in from Khurasan Miniatures
Tracked Superheavy Tank

Huge tracked tank with four final drives, very large main
armament, two CIDS Gatling guns on the turret, and
possible hatches for optional crewmen.

Will be painting these up as the heavy armored support
for my Merc unit....

Sunday, April 2, 2017

My Idea Of Subtle

Planetary Invasion Command and Control Vehicle
Made from a Kenner 1989 Mega Force toy and
converted for 15mm scale Sci-fi war games.

Will be repainted in NRE camouflage shortly......