Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Tanker's Tuesday : The Battle for Germany

In 1944 the US 3rd Armored Division spearheads the Allied push from the western border of Germany towards Berlin. The American tankers battle fanatical Germans defending their homeland to the last, armed with the most powerful Panzers ever to take the battlefield.

Saturday, August 26, 2017

A Few More Ground Zero Games Xar

Lot of 15mm sci-fi minis from Ground Zero Games' 
Stargrunt Xar range, also good for use in Tomorrow's War, 
5150 Star Army, GRUNTZ, and other minis games. 

Platoon-strength force with 30 warriors on foot and 4 light 
grav platforms.  Includes:
14 warriors with beam rifles
6 heavy weapon warriors, three each of two different types
2 different gun teams, each with three models
5 leader/specialist figures, one with beam rifle, two with 
beam pistols, one with scanner/commo gear, and one on 
custom converted grav platform with beam pistol
3 assault grav platforms, each with pilot and two different
 super-heavy weapons

Have about a full company now.....

Friday, August 25, 2017

Hurricane Harvey

Well they named this one after my grandpa.......and he was one nasty tough old bird....not a good sign! Every one of my friends to the south of me here in Texas...hope you got the heck out of
the way of this beast! For those who follow this blog not to worry as I'm 5 hours drive in land,
and should only get a bit of rain!  All my hopes and prayers for first res ponders and National
Guards  and all effected.......Major Guiscard......be safe Your too close to Houston!

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Castle Wolfenstein

This one looked to be allot of fun!

Game Master Mark 'Indy' Kochte
The year is 2179. For the past 14 years, the Third Solar War has raged across the inner colony worlds, and has dragged the outlaying systems into the fray. Most recently the New Anglian Confederation colony of Bradley on Fliesher II fell to a massive combined NSL/IJSN strike. The Federal Stats Europa, the NAC's staunchest ally in this war, has been beaten back on several worlds. The ESU is holding its own, but it not faring much better against the NSL. The OU was fighting for its very survival against the IJSN. Many of the Core Worlds were now in the hands of the NSL. The UNSC? Nothing more than a puppet of the NSL.
Three Solar Wars. Decades upon decades of interstellar conflict. Death Camps on dozens of worlds and moons. Will it ever end? Will the Nazi Stratocratic League and its allies finally achieve that which they have attempted twice before? Special Forces Captain John 'Black Jack' Makowsky pondered these dark thoughts as he waited.
"Captain? The general will see you now. Right this way..."
Captain Makowsky rose and followed the sergeant to the general's office.
"Jack! Good to see you. Please sit down. What you're about to learn you're going to find difficult to understand..."
Several hours later, Jack found himself staring blankly at a cup of rapidly cooling coffee. His second, Lieutenant Benjamin Izenberg, had joined him a few minutes ago but could not coax Jack into responding. Finally he stirred. But he didn't look up.
"Ben, we're being sent on a mission. All volunteer."
"One way?"
Jack nodded.
"Come on, Cap. We've been on 'one-way' missions before. We've come out okay." There was a pause before Benjamin added, "Well, mostly."
Jack just stared into his coffee.
"Ben, we're not coming back from this one. No one is coming back."
"What the hell? Where the frag are they sending us?"
"Earth. Germany. 1944."

Monday, August 21, 2017

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

The Sosozov Konflikt: When the Sky actually Fell

The Sosozov Konflikt: When the Sky actually Fell: I was thirteen years old in 1989 when the "Sky Fell" and the world changed.  I remember the date, October 8th, 1989.  It was like ...