Saturday, January 31, 2015

Oddzial Osmy : Modern Troopers

                                                        Green Men one

Green Men two


These are by Oddzial Osmy their modern trooper line from Pico Armor
Going to mix these in with the M.E.R.C. Rifle Squad from Flytrap Factory

On a personal note John at Pico Armor  is absolutely first class, immediately
follows up with an email after every purchase, sends it out your stuff quick!

Friday, January 30, 2015

Tomorrow's War : Second Edition

From Boardgame Geek:

This entirely new shiny edition of Tomorrow's War is now
a game on its own, and is no more considered an
expansion of the Force on Force basic rules. It is also the
first one to be actually printed,
A previous sort of "beta" edition was just sold as a .pdf
and as an expansion for the Force on Force basic game.
Extended play testing and feedback has permitted the
developing of a stand-alone game.
From the Introduction in the book:
Tomorrow’s War is a science fiction military miniature
war game with emphasis on "hard" science fiction rather
than "Space Opera" or "Science Fantasy." This rule book
contains background material for gaming in
Ambush Alley's campaign setting, but the rules
themselves are not background dependent. You can use
them to game gritty science fiction engagements against
whatever narrative backdrop you choose.
Tomorrow’s War can be played with figures of any scale.

Thursday, January 29, 2015


A sourcebook for playing mercenaries in the Traveller
universe. An overview of the nature of war and those
who fight wars is provided, with notes on the Imperial
laws of war. There is a guide to running mercenary
campaigns, with a breakdown of weapons systems by
tech-level, from low TL black powder up to high TL
battledress and fusion guns. Weapons and vehicles are
statted out, and character templates are provided for
various military types. Sample missions are provided,
and some example units and characters.


This is a sourcebook for regular army and marines in the
Traveller universe. A short history of warfare in the
Imperium is provided, and overviews of the organization
of the Unified Armies of the Imperium and the Imperial
Marines. Military equipment, character templates for
various army types, armoured grav vehicles, space
vehicles and some example characters are listed, and
a modular design system for grav vehicles is featured.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Tanker's Tuesday: A Little Something Different

A nice little Pub here, well when your next to the
largest armored post there was bound to be a place
named tanks....)

And the food is great...)

Cave Of The Condor

These are from a now defunct game system called Terminus V, a
post apocalyptical setting where there were no air assets used. It
had great potential but sadly the creators health prevented further

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Tanker's Tuesday: T55E1 Gun Motor Carriage

The T55 Gun Motor Carriage has it origins in the
experimental 8x8 desert vehicle designed by Cook
Brothers. They started by building a chassis that
joined two powered 4x4 bogies, each with its own
engine, into an 8x8 vehicle. This unusual vehicle
steered by pivoting the entire front bogie.

It became known as Cook’s Cozy Cabin because of
its box-like shape. Little interest was shown in this
all-terrain vehicle by the US Army, but Cook Brothers
began work on an experimental tank destroyer.