Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Coolhand Customs: Desert Apocalypse!

Coolhand Customs: Desert Apocalypse!: The apocalypse is coming, May 1st... Working on my midnight in the desert scene, with the Apocalypse tank, developed for ClearHorizon M...

Tanker's Tuesday: Tax Day Special

Battle tanks are crucial components of a nation’s army. Often organized into units of armored vehicles, tanks often provide the direct fire unleashed to the enemies. They usually stand in front of the infantry units, taking the brunt of the enemies’ shells as well.

Tanks have come a long way since its introduction in World War I that turned the tide of battle and put an end to those bloody and drawn-out trench battles. They have become even stronger, faster and more powerful. Here is a list of the top 10 most expensive tanks in the world today.

The Most Expensive Tanks in the World

Monday, April 6, 2015

By Dagger Or Talon : (Tomorrow's War Supplement)


Having just picked up the core rule book for Tomorrow's War and really liked the system so far, I had to have the supplement.

First impression, I'm working from the PDF (hard cover on it's way),  the layout is better and a bit more user friendly.  Allot of this could be I can blow up the PDF for my old eyes! Think I may just invest in the core rules PDF as well! That said the book is quite large for a supplement .

Starts out with background history for the TW time line, goes into "Xenobiology", or how to put together your alien species, very useful! You also get an introduction to the Darghaur.

It goes on with a quite comprehensive introduction of Enhanced Special Operations Forces, or how to plus up humanity to make it truly nasty, with all kinds of
enhancements, like cybernetics etc.

It then gives you a list of various attributes for both alien and ESOF types.

It has a very well laid out sample listing of nations and forces of Tomorrow's War.

Nine different scenarios are given all set in the TW universe, and
the war with the  Darghaur.

The only flaw I see with this supplement is the same as with the core rule set, and that is the lack of and easy to use reference sheet such as the one most know and love from Stargrunt.....That said it should be easy enough to produce on my own.

From the website:

The book focuses on alien races and "Enhanced Special Operations Forces" (SpecOps units that make heavy use of everything from cybernetics to nanite enhancements), and contains detailed guidelines and specialized Attributes to assist you in developing your own alien and ESOF forces for Tomorrow's War.

I have to say I'm satisfied overall with this supplement and do recommend it .