Tuesday, June 26, 2012

900 Posts!

I feel like a proud dad! I'd like to thank everyone for following the
madness here and helping to make our little piece of the net a success!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Crimson Fist OGRE

Here is the start of my 15mm scale Crimson Fist OGRE conversion.

1st Gunners Wargaming give away competition

The Gunners Wargaming give away will be held yearly on his birthday, 15 June
From Dan:
I was trying to decide what would be a good prize for a give away, when I thought the best prize is something tailor made for the individual, and something you can't get anywhere else, so my prize will be, I will collaborate with the winner to use my limited skills to create a group of characters/command stand/vehicle's/small unit, for your army, to your specification, using figures/models from my collection, and my conversion/painting skills.
So you choose the scale, period and force and if I have it in my collection I will make something for your collection.
So how big will the group of figures be? upper and low limit will be determined by how much work will be needed for each figure, and how many I have available in my collection.

15mm and 1/72 figs - 8-16ish
28mm figs - 6-12ish
15mm vehicles - 1-3
1/72nd vehicles - 1-2
28mm vehicles - don't ask, I don't have any.
Mixed - or you may want a mix of a vehicle with some crew - 1 vehicle + 4-6 crew.

Friday, June 15, 2012

All Hail Bombastia! (part one)

Bombastian National Colors

After a prolonged illness the greatly beloved king Stanislav IV
passed away while his son Stanislav V was at university in
England. During the last kings illness the Minster of war 
Boris Badnick was appointed Prime Minister and also assumed
the roles of Minister of the Interior and Chancellor of the
Exchequer. This effectively gave him all the power within the
government. During the several years of the late king's
convalescence Badnick consolidated his hold on power and
created the NISP the dreaded National Internal Security Police
that report directly to him.

                                                                  Stanislav IV

The New King Stanislav V came home with the news of his father's
death for his coronation,it was decided that he finish his studies and
then assume his full responsibilities after graduation as he had less
than a year to complete. It was also felt that as the new king who was
not yet married nor even betrothed, that every step be taken so that the
royal line be sustained and a proper match be found for the new king.

                                                                   Stanislav V

The real power in Bombastia is His Excellency Boris Badnick, he
controls all non ceremonial aspects of the state. In the last ten years
he has cemented his power with family appointments to various
civil government and military positions, his eldest son Vasili now
Commands the Royal Guard for example.
                                                  His Excellency Boris Badnick

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Krisis at Kharkov

The Red Army of Workers and Peasants fielded a large force
for the Kharkov operation. 13 Rifle divisions were joined by 3
cavalry divisions and two of the new (in 1941) tank corps,
supported by over 20 artillery regiments and brigades. Senior
officers of the Southwestern Front discuss Comrade
Wallmanski's plan. Figures by Britannia. 

Splendid work from Tim Gow at:

The Unofficial NQM Diamond Jubilee Parade Finale

Here is the wrap up on the Unofficial NQM Diamond Jubilee Parade!


Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Because Everyone Loves A Parade!

In honor of the Queens Diamond Jubilee, Chris trotted out his
own household troops for a grand review and parade....I for one
enjoy the opportunity to see the eye candy and am assured there
is more on the way!


Saturday, June 2, 2012

Traveller 5

“This is Traveller’s 35th year, and Marc has worked for several years on what he calls the Ultimate Edition: Traveller5. It includes so many things that players have asked for, or that have been imperfectly handled previously. In fact, Marc recently said there are now systems and chapters that he didn’t know how to design way back then. But he does now, and they are included. T5 has technology beyond TL 15, clones, robots, computers, artificial intelligence, QREBS (!), alien senses, Flux. It has a whole series of easy-to-use Makers: GunMaker, VehicleMaker, ArmorMaker, RobotMaker, SophontMaker, ThingMaker. It includes mapping of star systems and worlds; there's ever the MOARN caveat: Map Only As Really Necessary, or referees would spend all their time just making maps of worlds and systems. There's a rationalized section on Psionics, and more, much more.”