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Plot Or Campaign Background

By the old earth reckoning the first to arrive on Terra Secundus were culled from across our old home in about 500 AD these peoples of many races and tongues were dropped either in mixed or pure groups across the planet in what scientists of a later age refereed to as the great Alien Experiment. Many new civilizations and religions fusion's and indeed new languages arose. The next great arrival was during the years of the "Black Death" on earth where whole villages disappeared but, not all the disappearances were due to the sickness. This went on through the centuries as each new time of crisis happened on old earth new arrivals would blend into the populations of Terra Secundus. The last known arrival was a Soviet An-24 turboprop airliner that (landed?) in what is now the capital of FPPR in the earth year 1964.......

.............end of part I............

Life on Terra Secundus

As many scientists later agreed, this planet was an experiment in the for want of a better term "human condition". For here there was almost no virile or bacteriological diseases. Indeed those that do exist are far less debilitating and of far shorter duration then those of old earth, as if the air and water here were deliberately purified with natural immunizing agents.As a consequence of this the life span here is slightly longer than on earth even today, not just for us humans but other earth life forms as well. For example a life span of 25 years is not uncommon for a dog or cat, this is ten years longer than their earth born counter parts. Many in the scientific community believe this was engineered due to the smaller population base that the aliens were working with. This natural immunization cut infant mortality even in the early days to almost nothing with a consequent rise in the population over night. This was all for the good as the starting base was so small, and over the years as natural disasters and wars took their toll.

This natural immunization had another unforeseen effect that we saw in the Eugenics Wars conducted largely on the eastern continent of Europa.There at the end of a 42 year long war science was perverted and many mutations were created in the laboratories of the two rival power blocks.These mutations soon proved to be uncontrollable and many were at great cost destroyed but, others escaped to different remote areas on the planet. These mutants now are known to occupy several islands in the remote south seas and are left alone by mutual consent by the rest of the planetary governments. This dark page in our history resulted in one of the first planetary compacts on cloning and genetic manipulation forbidding it's use in war or for profit. The New Kashmir Covenant has stood for the last two centuries without any
nation breaching it.

..........end part II............

Cultures of Terra Secundus

From the first known arrivals from what was then a Sub Roman Britain and India, dropped side by side in the Sinpan region. To the last known in the FPPR two centuries ago, the aliens seemed to delight in putting the peoples of earth into mixtures that did not occur naturally. On of the most strange of these was the populating of the Quazuzhang sub continent were thousands supposedly lost from the Mongol Khans invasion of Japan were rescued and held in stasis for centuries until African females from earth could be obtained. The resulting Afro/Mongol/Korean culture was added to by depositing Zulu's from the earth in E.Y. 1879, making for a very proud war like people that because of their location turned into one
of Terra Secundus's earliest great sea and land powers. There are far too many other cultures to list in this over view but, it is obvius to all earth born that Terra Secundus is indeed unique.

...........end part III..............

Reunification Of Terra Secundus with Earth Humanity.

At the end of the Sol Campaign during the Kra'Vak war, a flotilla of UN ships were in hot pursuit of a badly damaged Kra'Vak BDN.The pursuers were shocked to see the damaged BDN suddenly set upon and destroyed by waves of fighters and from missile and laser fire apparently coming from satellites in high orbit over an uncharted planet, in a region of space where no human should have been. The commander of the UN flotilla halted and opened communications with these unknown fighter and other small ships in the area. The language was both familiar and yet unintelligible to all aboard the UN vessels. After several hours and much computer work it was found that the "new people" spoke a language derived form several old earth tongues with it's own evolution. After much trail and error it was learned that scholars among these people had the old earth languages Latin, Proto-German, Sanskrit, and Greek. Once this was determined messages were sent via computer to the planet. The UN flotilla's coms terminals were virtually flooded with messages of welcome and many other well wishes and many questions. The commander of the flotilla sent a priority message back to his headquarters requesting instructions and the immediate dispatching of a diplomatic team

...........end of part IV..............

Some questions from Daniel and my answers....might clarify a few


Great back story! I like how it covers a lot while not locking in any one
person to a course of action or choice. One could present any mix and
or culture from Earth and from about any time and still be relevant to the
story. An Old Egypt style with today's weapons or Neo-Socialist Roman
Legions, it all fits. Well done.

***Thanks, my overall intent was this Terra Secundus did not evolve it
was terraformed to be the optimal habitat for humanity ....in fact a perfect
laboratory. No skin cancer and very little sun burn (except in southern
hemisphere) as the ozone is better....gives the sky a very slight greenish

Thoughts, Reactions, and Questions:

Based on the map, is Terra Secundus larger then Earth?

***Slightly but not much, the continents or oriented east west not north
south as in earth. It is also slightly less dense so g force is optimal for
bone development.Also the map appears some what stretched due to the
pasting of the two photos.

Nice Map by the way. Makes for a lot of fun, new areas to exploit, um er,
take under protective guidance I mean. ;-)

****You'll notice one very major difference from earth....circumnavigation
of the globe is not possible without passing through over a dozen choke
points.So a mistress of the seas like old England is not possible here. This
was a deliberate and malicious act on my part.......) So a world spanning
empire was not really possible without at least 20th century technology.This
was done primarily to facilitate our medieval games etc.

The last known arrivals in 1964, Earth time? Of course, the map looks quite
large, could be many others we do not know about.

****There could of course be more that were for what ever reason ...not

The New Kashmir Covenant, well done. Are all countries signatories?
****Yes the Quorum Of 48 meets regularly to ensure it's enforcement.

>>No cloning of super soldiers
This does not stop Cybernetics though, right? ;-)

****Well as half the planet has gears and mechs...it's allowed.

>>No Biological weapons
Do Aliens count as Bio-Weapons?

****No nor do the Cat or Dog people mutants.....had to use them
some how as they were in my collection lol.

>>No dirty Nukes....up to 10KT neutron weapons
>>are permitted although frowned upon.....)

OK, so Cossack, my OGRE, will need to have some War Heads

****We have plasma warheads that have a better effect on target in the
rules. Just so you know.

>>Space based weapons are also permitted as
>>long as above is followed.

I like the idea that Space Based Weapons may have even more restrictions.
Allows for Space Drops while limits Orbital Bombardment. One nice sized
rock is in some ways Dirtier then a Nuke. Just a thought.

****No space rocks.....no weapons may be used that do environmental
damage to the planet that will last more than six months....NKC article 61
The planetary outlook is a bit different than on earth this is mostly
cultural do due that fact that unlike earth these people KNOW that they are
not from here......and that life exists out there. So they have a we better
protect our house thing going. Also the outrages of Eugenics Wars shocked
them to their very bones.

>>I placed you away from us a bit and followed my wall map
>>as much as possible to match the contours of your nation.

Sounds good to me. It would explain the lack of interface to date. We
were not as "important" as those local issues. Like the idea that my country
can fit into the larger picture as well. If I see it right, I am north of
the Equator, right?

****You are about even with North Carolina latitude wise, we are even
with Texas/Florida. Thing is here the moon is in closer and a bit higher in
it's orbit so the season change in the northern hemisphere is generally much
easier than on earth, in the southern hemisphere a bit harsher.

I had originally thought of an Eastern European Weather like pattern. I was
thinking of a less desert and more steppes stile area with some mountains.
Does this fit into the world as I am now placed? I am OK, just want to fit
my comments into the overall "logic" of the world as it already exists.

****About right with your coastal areas to the far south of your country
would be some what like Kansas so steppes like.

>>Reunification Of Terra Secundus with Earth Humanity.

OK, So the UN finds us first, but are the others all "playing" in the game
or has the UN blocked us?

****Terra Secundus has space travel just not FTL (yet) but in some ways we
are more advanced than earth nations, so the UN protection is nominal at
best and most of the major and a few minor GZG powers have trade and
diplomatic missions to those capital cities that will have them. So a few of
us ware two hats one Terra Secundus one GZG.

So interesting, so much fun, so much room for diversity and possibilities.

****I'm glad you like it, I've been kicking this around in my head for a

Thought of a few more questions:

So if we (the planet) have Space Flight, but not FTL speed, are there
other colonies/stations on the moon(s) or other in system planets?

***Yes all of them have at least a mining operation to include the asteroid
belt.Our version of Mars and we have two one were Sol system is the other
where Venus is are well populated (12,000+) the one closer to the sun more
so and well on it's way to terraforming. We do not have FTL but we have
something earth as of yet lacks..Gravitational drive...The earth powers want
it bad..........We are playing very hard to get......)

Do we know who/what the Aliens that brought the People here are?

***No idea but we suspect Phalon or Sa'vasku may have been involved
but as of yet no one knows.

Do we know if they are still around?

Do the different countries use a common calendar?

***There is one plantary (ie Julian-like calendar)
and several regional and religious calendars. The
planetary calendar start year one from the founding
of the great religious college at Zufar about 500
years after the first known human arrival. So today
is 22 Dec 2005 on earth on Terra Secundus it would
be 22 Solari 1015 ZF.

If so, have you assigned a "date" where we are now?

***well the Kra'vak war started 2183 lasted about 6 years
so that would bring the UN flotilla to us about 2189 add
5 years ...... Earth date 2194 so on Terra Secundus it
would be 1189ZF , there is a movement to adopt earth time
but there is too much opposition.

Unique Institutions Of Terra Secundus
The understanding of Terra Secundus would not be possible without
touching on our unique institutions of learning, law, and religion. These
are quite often interchangeable here but, not entirely as in some cultures
on old earth. Here due to the initial smaller population and it's mixed
composition,centers of religion learning and developed early and soon
took on protected status that was largely respected by most states on
the planet as the loss of these centers was seen as too great for all
involved to bare. Over time these prohibitions became accepted
custom and from those into international law.

The foremost center of learning is of course the free city state of New
Kashmir were the highest universities of physics,law,philosophy, and
martial arts are located. The shine to Hero/Saint Qui Jon Marc is also
located in the city center of New Kashmir. Co-located with the shine
is the headquarters Of the Templar Order that is dedicated to his
memory.The Sovereign Order Of The Knights Of Saint Qui Jon Marc
And The Temple Of The Holy Flame, are both the guards of New
Kashmir and the Quorum Of 48 it is also the militant order
of The Holy Flame the largest philosophy/religion on Terra Secundus.
This status as militant order of The Holy Flame allows the Templars
free access to cross all boarders without hindrance or inquiry from
the nations being entered or exited. Members of this order are the
finest and best trained and equipped soldiers on the planet. More
on the order can be found in their own history text.

The second highest center of learning is Du Khang where the great
temple of Zen Shia Zororaster is found, also the main space port
and aircraft proving grounds for Templars is located on the outskirts.
The University Of Du Khang is the top school on the planet in the
fields of Gravitational Studies, Computer Science, and Cybernetics.
Du Khang is also the corporate headquarters of Cyberdyne Mega
Corp., as well as their main research and manufacturing center.

The city of art and healing Sikyon is by far one of the most beautiful
on the planet. The city built into the side of Mt Ectos with the waterfall
from Lake Ectos falling between the spires of the city into the Kozarus
river. The city is world renown for it's art works and Academy to the
Healing Arts. Over the centuries 4 more healing centers grew up in the
city each devoted to it's own specialty but under the Academy's over
all control. The Sikyonian School of Fine Arts only accepts the best
art students from across the planet, and it's graduates are highly sought
after now not only on Terra Secundus but across human space.

Kheyera city of Scribes(Literature)and Iron (metal working) is located
deep Western Kern Mountains has long been known to be the queen
of steel and the pen. In the earliest days scribes from this city were
sought by every royal court, and municipality on the planet as well as the
swords and other weapons produced in it's mammoth foundries. Today
Kheyera is the city of banking and international trade. It still produces
the finest weapons to be had although now almost exclusively for the
Templars due to their planetary defense role. Luxuary items are still a
large part of this city's exports.

...........end part I ............

Unique Institutions Of Terra Secundus: Religious orders
Order Of The Holy Flame, was derived from a blending of Zorasterism,
Zen Buddhism, Shia Islamic, and Celtic beliefs. The basic tenants of the
faith are summed up in the "Code Of The Enlightened", a long list of rules
and recommendations that followers strive to make part of their daily lives.

The first and highest rule of this faith is "Tho Shall Not Disfigure The
Soul". Many volumes have been written to explain this rule of faith
but, none can be truly called definitive and that is the hart of The Holy
Flame religion, much is left deliberately (or so it seems) to personal
interpretation. The Holy Flame as in any other wold faith has many
denominations, local sects, and regional variations. The basic nature
of the faith unlike many on earth is all embracing to these differences
in doctrine.

The almost direct opposite in composition and sprital outlook to
The Holy Flame are the followers of Nestorshintonazarine just as
the HF tried to make sense of the old earth based religions by taking
the best and most noble aspects of human faith the "Nestorites" took
all it's worse aspects. It's founders were first a mix of Turkic Tribes
and Japanese that followed Nestorian Christianity and Shintoism
respectively. These were later joined by south western Native
American tribes and a very large culling from Napoleon's army
that was lost in Russia with their own mix of Catholicism and Voltaire
like revolutionary furor......Made for quite the unstable mixture,
this is a faith of absolutes that lends itself to fanaticism in all it's
forms. This faith is largly practiced in the nation of Grognia and
on the Lessor Helios Archipelago. All these communities are very
xenophobic and insular.

...............end part II...........

The Holy Flame is by far the largest philosophy/religion on Terra Secundus
and it has as already discussed embraced many other religious practices, some
rather unique in of them selves.
Penitent Seekers Of The Sacred Light: These are those who first hear their life's
calling to attend the mysteries of The Holy Flame. These Seekers first walk from
their homes across the planet to any nearby temple of the Holy Flame were they
take their first Vows of Silence and Poverty and receive their challis of flame and
are blindfolded and proceed with one guide priest to Du Khang by foot! They
take no provisions or any other necessaries but live off the Alms of those towns
and cities were they pass.This passage is regarded as so sacred by the bulk of
the population of Terra Secundus that all commerce, warfare, and even speech
stops as they pass.This procession grows in number until it reaches into the
hundreds in must years.
Healers Of Toznadgo: This sect is truly unique as it is a Nestorite holy order
that preaches universal peace and Tao-Pax healing. These brothers and
sisters are among the finest doctors on the planet with over 70% of their order
being graduates of the Sikyon Academy. The main Temple and state of the art
hospital is located in the Lessor Helios Archipelago on it's own island. with the
lessor temple in the nation of Grognia. These Doctor/Borthers are the most out
going of any Nestorites and are given great respect by all of their faith because
they heal without question all in need and are quite outside normal Nestorite
church politics.
Priests Of Chi Bucasloki: These are the Purple (Robed) or tunic clad priests
of Joy and Chance. They are known for their mastery of the brewers art and
wine cultivation as well as their vast halls of gambling and other earthly diversions.
Followers of this faith are to be found everywhere on Terra Secundus in fact
most of the prominent actors, musicians, sports figures are to be found in this
faith along with the seedier members of society. The faith is recognized and
not only tolerated but indeed respected as the natural pressure valve of a healthy
society. In fact in earlier times the priests of this order did much good work
among the poor and disadvantaged. There have in fact also been a few followers
of this religion that have risen to great prominence in the Quorum Of 48. Other
notable followers have been among Terra Secundus most notorious criminals.....
...............end part III...........
Histories compiled by Mac Stor Iel Talloc
Chief Historian to His Majesty

From our beginnings prior to what the lesser humans term
the "Eugenics Wars" and we call the "Great Summoning",
our history has always encompassed struggle.

Our Birth:

The first Kreeg was "made" in Euro-Dyne Labs 12
years before the first shots of the Central Euro War.
The Western Central Republic fielded it's first full
battalions within 5 years of that. It was the knowledge
of the WCR fielding of it's last battalions where it
reached over 300 in total, that the SurYumi Kingdom
and it's Satellites launched it's attack. This led to 42
years of war and the devastation of most of Europa.

Betrayal and Founding:

The first enhanced designed biological warriors came
in four standard classes. All were designed for a
specific military propose and were assingned a class
name for ease of use.

Kyle Mk I (Male 6'3" 215 lbs) 5 marks this line*
(Military Operational Planning/Command Specialist)
The Kyle was planned to be the standard platoon and
squad leader model for EDBW platoons and squads.
Mentally optimized for leadership and tactical planning
on small scale operations......(The ability to learn soon
enabled this model to progress far beyond that level.)

Rachel Mk I (Female 6'1" 120lbs) 8 marks this line*
( Espionage Covert Operation/Assassination Specialist)
The Rachel was designed as both a deep cover operative
and a tactical scout.The deep cover operative also had
training as a sexual companion in order to infiltrate the
enemy's command and political structure. In fact several
became the mistresses of quite high ranking members of
the SurYumi Kingdom command and nobility before those
were assassinated. This Mark was instrumental in our
future development, as we shall see later.......

Edward Mk I (Male 6'2" 210lbs) 12 marks this line*
(Driver/Pilot/Navigator/Computer Opreations) this
mark was designed and then trained to serve as the
primary driver for fast military vehicles and as pilots for
attack aircraft.This mark is notable for it's enhanced
hand eye coordination and G-stress bodies. They also
serve as the first officer aboard our warships under the
overall command of a Kyle Mk. this set up is also
found in our army mechanized units:detailed below.

Ester Mk I (Female 6'10' 230lbs) 12 marks this line*
(Standard Field Medic and Field Technician/Mechanic) this
model was designed and then trained to serve in various
military specialties i.e, field and surgical medic, motor pool,
demolition,engineer, and a host of others requiring some level
of sophistication that would be well above the abilities of
the GRUNT yet below that of Kyle or Rachel.This mark was
also produced in quite high numbers.

Guther aka "GRUNT" Mk I (Male 7' 8" 312lbs) 21 maks*
(Standard Field Trooper with mission modifications) this
EDBW model is what most of the lesser humans think of
and fear when the word Greeg is mentioned. This mark was
of course produced in the many thousands. The Guther has
been in the fore front of every battle fought durring the war
and is still the back bone of our military. Very steady under
fire and exceptionally loyal to their commanders.

Our race was created to sever with single minded loyalty
to the former government of this land. We were designed to
be incapable of self reproduction, this was a designed safe
guard to insure we would not develop into a threat to the
WCR. The lessor humans forgot about the unique healing
properties of our planet, as it turned out not only were we
fertile but very much so. The first bith was between a MkIII
Ester model and a Mk V Guther at Lindum army barracks
two years into the war. Mika the Ester MkIII's given name
gave birth to 3 children in that one pregnancy. It was later
found that multiple births were the norm for most Esters.
The WCR command structure had at first no idea how to
deal with this issue as it was totally unforeseen. So it was
left to local commander's discretion how to handle it, some
units allowed marriage others made it illegal others made it
subject to disciplinary action and even execution.The various
methods used caused far more harm than one unified
approach would have due to the loyalty that was engineered
into our psyche, also unforeseen was the fact of individual
personalities were developing within us all.The final nail came
after many battles and numerous sacrifices to our former
masters. A Kyle Mk IV and a Rachel Mk VII uncovered
a top secret human WCR command eyes only memo that
revealed a plan to poison all EDBW food supplies as soon
as hostilites with the SurYumi were concluded. In the
memo the WCR Genetic Scientists discovered that they
may have engineered us too well. They found that we would
have double the lessor human life span, and with the fact that
we could out breed standard humans felt we should be
eliminated. The Rachel Mk VII (Lisa) had just returned from
a covert operation behind enemy lines and had learned that
SurYumi had similar plans for their Mutant troops.
The Liberation:
The Kyle Mk IV (Richard) located as he was at the WRC
High Command Headquarters was in position to recruit
other Kyles and Rachels into his plan to strike back before
our extinction. In a years time his conspiracy had reached
every battalion and through the good work of several
Rachel Mk s in deep cover had also established contacts
with mutants types under SurYumi command. On the 36th
year of the war agreement was reached with the Kazin
and Vagnar to at a signal all would turn there guns on their
former masters. The war ebbed and flowed until the 37th
year where a massive WCR offensive drove into the hart
of SurYumi territory then the signal was sent. Greeg, Kazin.
and Vagnar units turned there weapons on their human
commanders and turnned back on their territories and swept
away all their governments. The Kazin and Vagnar captured
aircraft and departed to under populated areas of the southern
hemisphere. The Kreeg were immediately under siege by a
planet wide collation of lesser humans.After five more years of
war a treaty was negotiated where the Greeg nation was
established on the Islands of Albion.
End Chapter I
Histories compiled by Mac Stor Iel Talloc
Chief Historian to His Majesty

Establishing the crown of Islands of Albion:

A Kyle Mk IV (Richard I) and Rachel Mk VII (Queen Lisa)
were the founders of the royal family of Albion. Their children
sharing traits of both parents where the founders of several of the
now prominent noble families.Through marrige these royal off
spring are connected to all other noble families.The founders of
the other noble families were the higher ranked officers of the old
army.These are the first strata of Albion society.

Royal/Nobel Bastards:

The second level of Albion society is occupied by the "other" off
spring of the nobility and royal family.From our early beginnings
procreation was the highest duty of all citizens of our nation, This
was also a duty of the nobility.Their off spring unlike lesser humans
are not only acknowledged but highly placed within our society.
They make up the back bone of military and civil mid to high level
leadership. The Current Chief Of Staff for example is the son of
Richard II and a lesser human mother (Dame Ann). This is only
one of the many examples through out the Albion Hierarchy.
The third level of Albion society is the Vat/Clan, this is only an
honorific standing. It goes back to the original breeding of our
race and the several facilities where it was first done.There are
12 Vat/Clans and the Royal and Noble families are considered
the head of which ever facility named clan their founder was
created in.This in our society is not unlike a sports club affiliation
today.In fact the 12 clans sponsor the various popular Rollerball
and Racing teams in their clan livery.
Associate Greeg:
All people of what ever genetic background have full rights
under the Albion Assembly Rules and Rights. There is however
an unwritten feeling among Greegs that lesser humans have
always been the enemy of the state and indeed our kind. The
one path to full acceptance has been inter marriage with us. In
these cases the off spring are concidered full Greeg in our society
and so are their lesser human parents. The other path to full
acceptance is through working for the good of the state, and
in this there have been many notables that have resin to prominence
through their work in many technical fields.
End Chapter II

Battle History and MTO's Of His
Majesty's Forces: Part One
Histories compiled by Mac Stor Iel Talloc
Chief Historian to His Majesty :

Battle History and MTO's Of His Majesty's Forces

The first to twenty-fifth KREEG battalions of the
old Western Central Republic are the foundation
of today's greatly expanded Royal Army. These
battalions are now regiments of two to four battalions
each and are now named for their first commander
or notable victory in the case of non-guard regiments.

The Royal and Queen's Own are the two guard
regiments within the Royal Army both are of three
battalions each, there are also Royal Marine, Navy
and Air Force Honor Guard battalions within the
Royal Guard. All guard units are highly trained as
Commando/Special Forces infantrymen and not just
ceremonial troops.

The KREEG Navy, was founded shortly after the
war of liberation with a total of 3 small flotillas of
8 to 12 ships left over from the old Western Central
Republic. This force has grown to 4 battle fleets of
over 30 ships each, and the Submarine and Special
Service Naval Commands.The Royal Marines of
six standard divisions and four Commando battalions
also fall under the Royal Navy.
The KREEG Air Force began with integrated air assets
of old Western Central Republic's KREEG close air arm.
Over the years this has expanded into a complete Air Force
with long range fighters and bombers, maritime bombers,
space interdiction fighters, and various missile and recon

Battle History and MTO's Of His
Majesty's Forces: Part Two

Histories compiled by Mac Stor Iel Talloc
Chief Historian to His Majesty :

Battle History and MTO's Of His Majesty's Forces

The 26th to 143rd (with the exception of the 29th, 43rd,
65th,92nd,105th,123rd and 139th special units covered
later) are standard infantry battalions formed after the War

The standard infantry battalion consists of 3 line companies
and one heavy weapons and one headquarters company.
The heavy weapons company's assets and some of the
headquarters are normally tasked out as needed to the line
companies. The battalion commander normally keeps a
few of the indirect fire assets at his personal direction and command. This is totally left to the commanders' discretion and style of command and is strongly encouraged by Kreeg High Command doctrine.

Rife Company:
One headquarters platoon with Company Commander(CPT), 1SG, Medic
NBC(SSG),FSO/Air Liaison (1Lt), XO (Sr 1LT), Driver/Orderly(PFC), Driver/Armorer (CPL),
Driver/NBC Asst (PFC),Driver/Mechanic(PFC)
Recovery NCO (SGT), Driver/Recovery Asst (PFC),Ambulance Driver/Asst Medic(PVT).

3 platoons of 4 squads each of six riflemen, one lt MG, one Antitank Missile,one squad leader(2LT) and one (CPL/SGT).(Drivers assigned to APCs by battalion)

Heavy weapons attachment from battalion: 4 RAM Mortars, 2 heavy Antitank/ Aircraft Missile teams.

The 29th,92nd,105th,and 139th are all Airborne units
These units are brigaded with Royal units as a mobile reaction force.

The 43rd, 65th,and 123rd are all Airborne Ranger units These units are brigaded with the Special Operations Command along with Commando and Air Force SO forces.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Happy Veterans Day

Tribute To My Grandfather
Heinz Muller (I wrote this a while back but, seemed fitting)
My grandfather was my maternal grandmother's second husband,
and therefore of no blood relation to me however, I knew no
other grandfather growing up. Both my biological grandfathers
lived until I reached adulthood but, I saw them not often
because of the distance of where they lived.
Papa Henni, as I knew him had one of the most interesting of
lives, born in Germany and growing up there after WWI in a
small farm village in East Prussia,it was easier to get to
his uncle's fields by cutting through Poland! it even resulted
in him getting shot at by Polish boarder guards a few times.
Because of where and when he grew up he developed a great facility
for language, he grew up speaking German, Polish, Russian, Slovak
and later learned English and Japanese.He in early teens was an
ardent anti-nazi, he told me of putting sand down the gas tanks of
army trucks! He then would put it like this; "I was asked to
politely leave at the business end of a Kar98!Not surprising
given another of his stories where he tells of his village
where half the houses are flying the flag of the Weimar Republic
the other half the nazi flag, his house had the old Imperial
battle flag because his uncle Willy was convinced that the
Kaiser would return! So perhaps it was no shock that My
grandfather would go against the authorities...
In 1936 he came to the states with his father and later
followed by his uncle Willy,He became an American citizen
in 1940 and after Pearl Harbor joined the US Army and went
to Training in Mississippi, where he also taught German to
Officers heading to Europe. He as A German was sent to the
Pacific theater.His first stop was for several months in
Schofield BKS Hi, where he stayed in the same building that
I was assigned to many years later, I Quad. His tails of
training there came home to me many times as I marched over
the same ground that he did many years before me .
He went on to the Pacific theater where in one story he was
watching a PBY being worked on and a naval officer asked him
"Sergeant do you like what you see, my Grandfather replied as
he said (like an idiot) Yes Sir" He was then asked could he
fire a 50 cal Machine -gun he replied "Yes sir , on the ground"
the officer said it shouldn't mater...The next thing he knew
he was in the right bubble manning the 50 cal flying out over
the islands in a PBY. He didn't go too much into detail about
that other than saying he gunned allot of tomato gardens, later
learned that was slang for any Japanese installation.The next
stories he told me involved running into various islanders that
were fluent in German! In the first story he is walking along
this recently occupied island and hears someone singing "Watch On
The Rhine" a very patriotic German song being done in flawless
German, he walks up and finds this little old man cutting
vegetables who as it turned out used to work in the German
governors mansion. In the next story he and another German
American GI are at this elaborate ceremony where the chief is
in the full black top hat and tails but spats and no shoes.
My grandfather speaking in German to his friend said you think
they could have got him some shoes...Then thinking nothing about
it is approached by the same Chief who proceeds in perfect German
to apologias for his lack of proper attire etc...My grandfather
said he felt about 2 inches tall at that point, lol.
The next things he really went into were how he learned Japanese from a Buddhist monk while on occupation duty in Japan. I guess the reason I thought of all these things was I turn 53 tomorrow 11 Jan, and was going back over the many things I learned from this very interesting man, and how it was really him that caused me to make a career in the army.
Sadly Papa Henni passed away just before Germany was reunified and didn't live to see that, I'm sure he would had allot of interesting things to say. The other reason that brought all this to mind was my friend Tim was showing some of his Japanese aircraft models and my mind sort of went back to these thoughts. There are so many other stories that I half remember now and so many other life lessons he taught me, that of all the people I've met in my life he I miss the most.....

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

"The Wars of Other Men" trailer

Set in a 1920s-like world at war, "The Wars of Other Men" tells the story of a nameless Lieutenant fighting for an army on the verge of defeat. The enemy has begun to dominate the battlefield with their new chemical super weapon, known only as "the Fog." When his superiors learn the location of the facility that manufactures the Fog, the Lieutenant is ordered to lead a squad through the war torn city to capture the scientist responsible for its creation... at a terrible cost to soldier and civilian alike. With the lives of his men and the fate of the war hanging in the balance the Lieutenant must make a choice -- will he be a good soldier or will he be a good man? Written by Mike Zawacki

Star Wars World War II - March Of The Empire