Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

What's An Evil Empire Without A Brass Band?

I saw this on Ebay and just had to have one! In gaming
terms it has absolutely no value but, I've never let that
stop me before. I'll probably do a head swap on these
before I'm done.

Tanker's Tuesday: Kangaroo

A Kangaroo was a World War II Commonwealth or British armoured personnel carrier (APC), created by conversion of a tank chassis. Created as an expedient measure by the Canadian Army, the Kangaroos were so successful that they were soon being used by British forces as well. Their ability to manoeuvre in the field with the tanks was a major advantage over earlier designs, and led to the dedicated APC designs that were introduced by almost all armies immediately after the

Friday, December 26, 2014

Christmas Loot!!!

A few things I've been wanting for ages got them all this

The 40K Apocalypse book, although not a 40k player any
more I like to keep up and borrow the odd idea .

The Bab V Movies!

Last but not least all five seasons of Bab V.....Wanted this for

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

A Very Merry Christmas From The BEE

A Very Merry Christmas
From The Imperial 
Household, And The
C&C To All Loyal 
Subjects Of The


May All Your Wars

Be In Miniature And
All Your Battles End
In Camaraderie And
Hearty Hand Shake.

Happy Holildays from Dromonia

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Tanker's Tuesday: T90

The T-90 main battle tank is a further development of the T-72. It was accepted to service with Russian army in 1993 and it's low-rate production commenced in 1994. Currently Russian Army operates about 700 of these MBTs. Other sources claim, that there are about 1 000 T-90 main battle tanks of all variants in service. It is the most modern tank currently in service with the Russian Army, which has a requirement for about 1 500 of these tanks. Also it is the only mass-produced MBT in Russia. The T-90 is considered to be among the 10 best main battle tanks in the world. Currently it is the most commercially successful main battle tank on the global market. Export operators are Algeria (305), Azerbaijan (114), Turkmenistan (40) and Venezuela (50~100). The largest export operator is India which obtained 620 tanks in knock-down kits for local assembly and plans to produce 1 000 tanks locally.

Russian tank T-90 (1000HP) stuck in the mud

Monday, December 15, 2014

Odd Kit: Su-76I

Su-76i (inostránnaja - foreign) was Soviet self-propelled gun based on captured German Panzer III Ausf. H/J tanks. It was using Panzer III chassis and hull and 76 mm S-1 gun. It was produced since march 1943  until November 1943 with 201 tanks built. Su-76i was fighting in Kursk battle,  Prochorovka, Orel offensive... Two tanks survived and are now in Ukraine and in Moscow.