Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Battle Of The Tanks

On July 5, 1943, the greatest land battle in history began when Nazi and Red Army forces clashed near the town of Kursk, on the western border of the Soviet Union. Code named "Operation Citadel," the German offensive would cut through the bulge in the eastern front that had been created following Germany’s retreat at the battle of Stalingrad. But the Soviets, well-informed about Germany’s plans through their network of spies, had months to prepare. Two million men supported by 6,000 tanks, 35,000 guns, and 5,000 aircraft convened in Kursk for an epic confrontation that was one of the most important military engagements in history, the epitome of "total war." It was also one of the most bloody, and despite suffering seven times more casualties, the Soviets won a decisive victory that became a turning point in the war. With unprecedented access to the journals and testimonials of the officers, soldiers, political leaders, and citizens who lived through it, The Battle of the Tanks is the definitive account of an epic showdown that changed the course of history.


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Friday, April 20, 2012

Simplifying the Red god of War

 Chris Kemp
Reading through some of the bewildering changes in the Soviet orders of battle in Zaloga and Ness (1998) leads me to the conclusion that simplification is needed when reducing everything to a 1:30 NQM scale. After all, MiniHitler and SmallStalin only have 15mm forces with which to wage their wars.
Part of me wants to faithfully reflect the historical campaign, but another part recognises that there are limits to what can be achieved. I think I really lost the plot when looking at RVKG (Stavka artillery reserve) artillery orders of battle, but the resultant simplifications have been added to the NQM Soviet Artillery page:

15mm Ogre Command Team

The idea came from our games of over a decade ago to give the
Cybernetic Ogre an override command vehicle, these started out
on a tank chassis but over time grew!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

BEE Naval Inf Command Vehicle

Here is my Brazos Evil Empire Naval Inf Command Vehicle,

a bit over done perhaps but then that's the fun of Sci-fi!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Monday Starships

The Capellan Raiders from the old Terran Trade Authority
books can take many forms!These were kit bashed from all
sorts of odds and ends over ten years ago. The last photo is a
size comparison shot with a Super Galactic Dreadnought.

Super Galactic Dreadnought: Some closeups of my Sathar frigate, painted in the...

Super Galactic Dreadnought: Some closeups of my Sathar frigate, painted in the...: Some closeups of my Sathar frigate, painted in the tiger stripes of the Capellan Raiders from the old Terran Trade Authority books. The in...

Friday, April 13, 2012

Axis & Allies,Angels 20 unboxing review

The Only FPPR Perspective You Need!

FPPR Perspective

This is the FPPR (Free Pacos Peoples Republics) it snows nine
months out of the year and hails the other three. Any food that
grows here is tough and tasteless, the people that grow here are
even more so. We have hunting, fishing, and a charming view
of the sunsets, the only thing we really lack is warmth and
sunlight. For centuries our leaders have heard that these things
do indeed exist and have launched many glorious expeditions
to obtain warmth and sunlight for our peoples. They have nearly
succeeded on several occasions but due to circumstances far
beyond their control have yet to secure these benefits for our
nation. To further complicate this problem there is the ever
belligerent and warlike BEE that blocks our natural right to
the sun at every turn. This can not be allowed to continue, we
must have access to warm water ports, shipping and trade and
at long last our place in the sun.......