Saturday, May 31, 2008

GNN Report 27

GNN Report 26

Neo Basileia ton Rhomaioi

The New Roman Empire

The New Roman Empire is a personal addition to the Ground Zero Games universe commonly referred to as the Tuffleyverse or GZGverse. It is not compatible with the commonly accepted 'canon' portrayed in the official products. It was originated on a whim some years ago. The first public mention was in a message dated Mon, 27 Apr 1998 21:00:15 -0500 (CDT) on the GZG-list and from there it has degenerated into full-fledged monomania. By the end of that year I had started a website that began as a gimmick so I could easily organize my own forces. However, that website was poorly organized and primitive in design and concept, just barely a step up from the loose-leaf binders that were the original home of the valiant Romans. So welcome to my work in progress, the transferring of the entire website to a new provider and total revision of the entire incomprehensible mess. I’m even trying to translate at least some of the acronyms. I originally designed the website for my own purposes and it was not nearly clear enough to communicate to other people.

Romanov Hegemony

An (under development) web resource for Ground Zero Games'
Full Thrust, Dirtside II and Stargrunt II science fiction wargames
rules. This was originally at my old freeserve site

Thursday, May 29, 2008

GNN Report 25

GNN Report 24

The United Nations

Formed out of the chaos of the early years of conflict that shaped the Tuffleyverse the new UN is an independent state maintaining control of the Sol System and has limited power of the Core Systems.

New Israel

Israel was destroyed in 2027 by Islamic-sponsored nuclear and biological terrorism. A Jewish-funded research organization, the Gilderstein Foundation, was created after this event to explore the possibilities of FTL space travel. They produced the first working FTL stardrives, and very early in the human colonization of space, New Israel was founded on a garden planet in the Epsilon Indi system. While New Israel is not one of the major players in the GZGverse, their presence is nevertheless felt through their high-technology, marketing of very good mercenary troops, and their constant "war" on the anti-Zionist forces in the Islamic Federation.

Nation: New Israel (Eretz Israel Chadashah)

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Free CalTex Army

CalTex is defined by its position between the two half's of the
NAC. The cornerstone of its defense policy is a strong defense
of CalTex territory with powerful mobile forces, capable of
stopping any NAC invasion. An organized volunteer reserve
exists alongside a heavily armed civil population making any
occupation of Texas a difficult proposition.

GNN Report 23

FSE Foreign Legion

The Légion Étrangère, the French Foreign Legion, is one of the iconic fighting forces. It is composed of both foreigners and Frenchmen, led by the cream of France’s officer corps. It has a mystique and mythology surrounding it unmatched by any other modern military formation which sometimes obscures a fine fighting record. The Légion has been in French service for over four hundred and fifty years and remains a vital part of France’s defences and power projection. The modern Légion has no fewer than 34 combat battalions recruited from across the Earth and the off-world colonies, and in recent years it has proved its mettle against the NAC, NSL and the alien Kra'Vak.

New Anglian Confederation Army

A guy named Praetor XII told me he was using this background
info to produce standardized units for his large force of 15mm
NAC figures and vehicles.

This is a very nice write up!

Sunday, May 25, 2008


Ermann's World was settled 2133 in as a commercial venture by Ironfist Industries, a medium sized (compared to the giant corporations of the human society of the late twenty-second century) corporation producing military equipment of all kinds. It is basically a family run corporation, controlled by a board with fifteen members, ten of which are of the Ermann family. Realizing from early surveys that one of the planet's three continents held vast rescources and was suitable to settlement it was suggested at a board meeting to move the company's entire production to this new world, and that the corporation carve out their own place in history. Such thinking appealed to Erwinn Ermann, the corporations slightly eccentric chairman and largest shareholder, and he gave the go ahead.

Dwarf Troopers

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Sci Fi Scale Comparisons

From left to right (FOW German riflemen, FOW American Para, GZG New Israeli, Alternative Armies Automoton, Command Decision British Para, GZG japanese, MW clix battle armor, MW clix Battle armor, MW clix Ravager battle armor(the big one), MW clix battle armor, MW clix grey death battle armor, GZG Kravak trooper, GZG UNSC trooper, GZG FCT trooper, GZG Kravak Power Armor)
From Rob's really, really, really good looking minis

New Blitz Sculpts : Dream Pod 9

The new Blitz sculpts coming out of Dream Pod 9 have been
very nice... but the new Cataphract for the PRDF faction really
pushes the size limits, note: they would go rather well with the
old larger sculpts.

Defense Of Sol

Game Type:FT:FB, Game Master:Mark Kochte,Players:2-12,

For over ten years Humanity has been fighting a losing war against the alien Kra'Vak. Now the Kra'Vak have not only pushed their way into the Core Worlds, but have invaded the very home of Humanity itself: Sol!

The Kra'Vak pushed relentlessly into the Sol system, but were unable to fully take it over due to the stronger presence of Human forces. And while the Humans prevented the Kra'Vak from actually taking over most of the worlds/planets/moons in the Sol system, they were unable to evict the Kra'Vak from Sol entirely for a few years. The Kra'Vak tried many times to take various planets, and paid the price dearly. Occasionally they were successful, usually they were not. Would this battle be one of their successes?

Friday, May 9, 2008

McDD Aerospace F/A-T-2-24 Banshee II

The F/A-T-24C improved upon it's predecessor in every
category, including firepower, durability, range, and thrust,
and finally gave the U.S. Space Navy the long range multi
-role fighter that it class super carriers, as well as 25 planet
and orbital station based squadrons located through-out
the American Arm.

Japan 2300

The Japanese armed forces (Japanese Defense Forces) are broken into the Japanese Imperial Defense Force (IDF) in charge of the home islands; the Colonial Defense Force (CDF) for external colonies; and the Space Defense Force (SDF). After the debacle of the Miyazaki Incident, the Army was incorporated into the Marines, making it possible to politically deny that Japan had any land "army" for further combat on the territory of other nations. The Navy and Marines, on the other hand, were billed as being specifically designed for the defense of Japan. Within the Marine organization there are a number of units which would normally be in Army. In addition, while Pilipinas does not have a Navy, it does have a large, well-trained and well-equipped Army which serves, for all intents and purposes, as the Japanese Army.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

McDD AT-7 Vindicator

When the Intrepid class fleet carrier was still in the design
stages,it was realized that in order to fully maximize the
potential of the ship, a large strike craft was needed for
long range power projection.

GNN Report 20

NSL Fleet

Full Thrust Fleet Book: Volume 1 lists stats for all of the NSL miniatures. Along the way, some specific variants are detailed, other ship classes are mentioned by name, and there are references to other unnamed classes of ships. This is an attempt to flesh out these other classes or ships and fully define the variants mentioned. These ships should follow the design philosophies used by other NSL ships allowing them to fit nicely into anyone's NSL fleet.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Templar Cavalry

The Knights Templar are best known for their special ops teams and, of course, the heavy powered armor Assault Brothers. These elites are drawn from the ranks of the brethren at arms who serve in the Templar cavalry, the quick reaction force of the Order. Each Templar initiate must undergo rigorous training and a minimum of two years service in the cavalry. Only then can they move on to becoming full brother knights in the Order.

The Templar Cavalry Squadron (QRF) is designed to function independently. Most units are mounted in armored cav vehicles (GEV, wheeled or tracked depending on terrain) but all are cross trained in air assault and the AV6 assault VTOL is preferred. The personal weapon is normally the L7A3 AAR (FP3/d10) although the FA75 (FP2/d12) is also popular. Body armor (d8) is similar to NSL issue.

* Table of Organization (6 officers, 182 men) Command lance (2 officers 12 men)
* Weapons banner
o HQ lance (1 officer 5 men)
o RAM lance (4 tubes 28 men)
o Anti-armor lance (4 GMS/L 8 men)
o Fire support lance (2 Gauss SAW or DFFG-1, 4 men)
o Area defense lance (2 GMS/AA 4 men, 2 RFAC/2 8 men)
* Scout/sniper lance (12 men)
o 4x Sniper team: sniper, spotter/FAO, tracker
* 3x Mounted Infantry (rifle) banner (1 officer 35 men)
o HQ lance
+ Banner commander, sergeant, EW, Medic, AGL, AGL
o Heavy weapons lance
+ GMS/L team (3 men)
+ DFFG/1 team (3 men)
o 4x Lance
+ Lance leader, ASL, SAW, AGL, 2 riflemen

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Allied Southern Territories

AST LogoThe Allied Southern Territories is officially a confederation of the four southern leagues of Terra Nova. In reality, it is merely a puppet government whose leaders are appointed by the leaders of the Southern Republic. The AST was formed after the Republic overran its neighbors over a century and half ago. The real southern superpower is the Republic.

The AST encompasses the entire antarctic region of the planet. This lush, mountainous region is covered in tropical jungles and swamps. The tropical polar region is separated from the dry Badlands by a ring of arid savannah.

Southern CityThe populace of the AST is highly diverse. Most of the city-states are very liberal societies where individualism is prized. While honor and reputation are important to southerners, they worry little about propriety or scandal. Morality laws are almost unheard of and almost any vice is legal. The various governments are happy to let their citizens carry on in whatever manner they wish so long as they pay their taxes and let the state run smoothly. Unsanctioned political activity is almost universally illegal in the AST. Most acts of political protest carry sentences of corporal or capital punishment.

Confederated Northern City States

CNCS LogoThe Confederated Northern City-States is an association of the three leagues located in Terra Nova's northern hemisphere. The member-leagues cooperate on many levels, including trade, defense, and technological development. Unlike the nations of the southern hemisphere, the leagues of the North are natural allies. They are linked by common geography, religion, and values.

Second Follower Thor HutchisonThe CNCS is a land of harsh natural beauty. Tall, jagged mountain peaks and green valleys and plains make up the arctic landscape. The people of this confederation are a conservative lot, fond of sharp wit and hard work. Northerners are also a pious people, with the majority of them being followers of the Revisionist Church. This reactionary faith was derived from the teachings Mamoud Khodaverdi, a prophet who lived and died during the chaotic period just after Earth abandoned Terra Nova.