Thursday, October 29, 2009

Zombie War

In the first half of the show, Ian was joined by
researcher and author of The Zombie Survival
Guide, Max Brooks, for a War of the Worlds-style
radio report on World War Z, the war with the
zombies. Brooks, who documented the oral history
of these events*, said the zombie plague originated
at a lake in China, where a man and his son were
diving for relics. The father disappeared, the boy
came up with a bite mark on his foot, and from there
it spread, he noted. According to Brooks, the Chinese
government covered up the ensuing outbreak and
never alerted the international community to the
impending worldwide apocalypse.

Many countries fell to the walking plague, Brooks
continued, including Japan, North Korea, and part
of the United States east of the Rocky Mountains.
Israel was one of the few nations to initiate a
nationwide quarantine in time, extending a security
fence around the entire country (1967 borders). The
island nation of Cuba came through unscathed,
Brooks added. In all, the zombie war decimated the
human population and, even though the worst of it
is over, the undead still pose a significant threat to

Brooks said land areas known as "White Zones" remain
infested with zombies. The walking dead roam the ocean
floor as well, perhaps in the millions, he warned. Colder
areas of the planet must deal with outbreaks every spring,
when frozen zombies thaw out and begin searching for
humans to consume. Brooks also briefly spoke about some
of the heroes of the war, the role religion played during the
crisis, and how the U.N. has assisted in the rebuilding process.

*The events depicted in this story are fictitious. Any
similarity between persons living and (un) dead is purely

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Mad Max...Once Again

Nothing new under the sun, is there?

Army To Use 'Mad Max' 4x4 To Fight Taliban

A 'Mad Max'-style attack vehicle is to be used by the Army
to tackle the Taliban in Afghanistan. The new 4x4 vehicles,
described by one serving officer as 'like a Land Rover on steroids'
with a gun platform bristling with weapons. It will be also be fast
for a four tonne vehicle, with a potential top speed of 80mph. The
new machines are technically known as MWMIKs (Mobility
Weapon Mounted Installation Kit) but are known as Wimiks by
the troops who use them.Read more:

Fifth Element - ZF.1

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Tiger Meet!

The origins of the NATO TIGER ASSOCIATION go back to the mid-fifties, when a casual meeting of RAF Hunter pilots from 74 Squadron and F86 jockeys of the 79th Fighter Bomber Squadron led to the realisation that both used the tiger as their emblem. The use of aggressive animals in heraldry, of course, goes back even further to the beginning of time.

Fun With Camouflage

Have some fun with your camo ...what the heck it's Sci-fi!

Pink Panther...Wait, Panzer

Here is an example of how passion is able to bring out impressive results - 30 year-old Vin Marshall from Philadelphia, along with 9 other buddies of his have come together to construct this 2,000 pound replica tank straight from junkyard parts. The turret looks menacing despite the pink exterior (definitely unsuitable for combat situations of any kind), and actually works as it is a functioning pneumatic cannon that shoots out hot dogs. Our ozone layer is also better off with this Pink Panzer as it relies on pedal power to move around, where half a dozen peddlers will be able to generate approximately 1.5 horsepower. The total cost? $3,000. I wonder how much they're going to sell this for.

Panzers Of The Reich

Information on the German Panzer Tanks Of WWII, Panzer I, Panzer II, Panzer III, Panzer IV, Stug, Tiger Tank, Panther Tank, Sdkfz Halftracks, And Waffen SS,development history, combat service, technical data and photos.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Stargate By Morval Earth

The games we play are loosely based on the TV version of Stargate. We tend not to use the characters from the film or from the TV series unless it is necessary for the scenario. In fact the only model I have is a converted figure that looks a bit like Teal'c. Anyway, our teams are usually European in composition and sometimes multinational.
The figures we use mainly come from conversions. I was lucky enough to get some look-a-like figures, before they disappeared from the market, that resembled the Jaffar. The rest are conscripts from other ranges - Copplestone's Future Wars other characters come from Celtos or Crocodile Games or Reaper Miniatures and almost any Ancient Egyptian Range will contribute several useful figures for conversion. Even then you do not need to limit yourself. Almost any collection can be used. The first game we played had tribal Africans as the local population. Why? Because I had them!
Just wait until the Daleks find a Stargate!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

10 Years Of Starship Combat News!

It was on September 28th 1999 that I sent out the first emails to publicly announce that my website, Starship Combat News was up and awaiting visitors. I personally wanted to find a website that had information about all the space combat games and miniatures currently available. A one stop shop focused on my main interest in gaming, space combat. Not finding such a site and having a tough time keeping track of all the games out there without such a resource, I decided that I would make that site myself.
SCN started on the free Homestead servers but a couple years later it moved to a friend's server, and then into the pay server world. The number of visitors kept going up over the years and I got a chance to talk with people in the gaming business along with gamers from around the world.
So thank you all for this last 10 years, I really do appreciate you stopping by. Games have come and gone during that time, but the gamers remain. I get behind on updates tot he site sometimes and I apologize for that. I do catch up eventually and feel free to bug me about it if I get too far behind.
Questions or comments, please drop me a note at
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