Monday, August 31, 2020

15mm British Gunboats

 This is an unnamable kit of a small British gun boat used on Mars. It works great with Highland Studio's 15mm figures.
This is an unassembled model of a 15mm aerial British gun boat model kit. Suitable for any 15mm Victorian science fiction miniature game. It's about 8.5 X 3 inches. The front gun is design for 1mmx .5 mm rear earth magnet.

Dan's shop 

Mecha Monday: War of the Worlds Goliath Official Traile

Just watched it again last night....still pretty good!

Rants & Ramblings of an Unfocused Gamer: WIP, another ship...I fear this will not be the e...

Rants & Ramblings of an Unfocused Gamer: WIP, another ship...I fear this will not be the e...: A very good size galleon, just the the tempting target for  some pirates. However with 28 cannons, and 8 swivel guns it is a target that can...

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Monday, August 24, 2020

Bloodbeard's Garage: TNT: Against the Behemoth

Bloodbeard's Garage: TNT: Against the Behemoth: I've been lucky enough to read and play test the behemoth expansion for This Is Not A Test - a nice job to have. The expansion lets you ...

Mecha Monday: Dropbear

He has finally restocked on molding rubber so he could resume producing new models. New to the store is the "DROPBEAR' tactical insurgency unit for the Eisenfront line of models. Utilizing the tired and tested 3mm pegs this is also compatible with many
other models like hexagear and desktop army figures. Prices are in singaore dollars)

Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Tanker's Tuesday: Tanks VS Infantry

Steel Beasts Pro PE 4.0 once again guys and in this mission I am doing a M1A1 Platoon Attack on Reinforced Russian Motorized Rifle Company.

Thursday, August 13, 2020

Alien Arrival

Alien Arrival tells the story of KYE CORTLAND (Dan Mor), a prisoner of war recruited by the notorious GENERAL HATCH (Mark Redpath) into one last heist mission. With the impending public execution of Kye’s father - and Hatch’s promise to help Kye prevent it after the mission is over - Kye is smuggled aboard a science vessel, the Arrowhead. But when the ship goes haywire, Kye finds himself stranded on a wild and desolate desert moon.

Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Tankers Tuesday: August Eighth

The film tells the story of a young single mother who must make her way to South Ossetia in order to reunite with her son whom she had sent away before the war. The story of the war is shown through two different point of view. One is the mother's and the other is the son's

August Eighth

Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Tanker's Tuesday: Titans Of War: Evolution Of The Battle Tank

French and English soldiers used tanks, for the first time in history, to fight their way through the bleak landscapes of World War I. These early battle tanks made little difference and a long-awaited miracle of warfare failed to materialize. How did the battle tank evolve from poorly-armored soapboxes to modern titans of war? What is the future of tanks at a time when few armed conflicts have a front line and terrorism is the greatest threat?

Titans Of War: Evolution Of The Battle Tank

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