Friday, October 28, 2011

Polish Hussars charge German tanks during WWII

I particularly like the saber action on the windshield of the Opel
Blitz! It was somewhat less effective on the tank however!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

54 MM Idea

Here is an old idea for a Pre-Napoleonic imagine-nation'I've desided to
bring it up to the 1890s keeping much the same uniform colors. I'm
going to use thanks to Tim Gow's suggestion Armies in Plastic 54mm
WWI German Infantry in Spiked Helmets, British Gatling Gun, French
Foreign Legion,Civil War Union Artillery Set, WWI German Uhlans, and
what ever else catches my eye! I will be doing a head change giving
all but Foreign Legion (that already have them) havelocks.

Friday, October 14, 2011


The Mecha Are Here!

From battlesuited space marines making an orbital drop to cinematic Japanese anime action featuring giant walking tanks piloted by beautiful alien princesses, GURPS Mecha covers the entire genre of mecha action! In the pages of Mecha you'll find:
  • An easy-to-follow step-by-step guide to building mecha.
  • Advanced rules with a plethora of options like transforming and combining machines that can turn into cycles or fighter planes, overload boosters, psionic mecha, energy battlesuits, giant swords and shields, even steampunk mecha!
  • Character creation rules for mecha-genre characters and cinematic aliens.
  • Advice on using mecha in everything from alien invasions to superhero campaigns, and suggestions for running anime-themed adventures.
  • Special combat rules that emphasize the cinematic nature of mecha combat, as well as realistic rules for sensors, weapons and orbital drops.
  • Sample mecha and battlesuits.
  • And a detailed campaign world, Cybermech Damocles!

GURPS Traveller

Hang in there, Beowulf. Help is on the way . . .

Marc Miller's Traveller is one of the most fully realized game backgrounds ever created . . . a vast empire of over 11,000 systems, with a turbulent history dating back thousands of years. Locales can range from a crowded spaceport to a lonely frontier outpost, from the teeming cities of the Core to the unexplored worlds on the edge of the Great Rift. Characters can be merchant princes, diplomats, soldiers, politicians, nobles, criminals . . . or all of them at once. Political intrigues, trading schemes, mind-wrenching alien enigmas, mercenary raids, wars . . . almost anything is possible.
The newly revised GURPS Traveller, Second Edition melds this exciting universe with the rules system of GURPS, and includes rules for creating new characters and for converting old ones from other Traveller rules systems. It includes a modular starship construction system (fully compatible with GURPS Vehicles) and a space combat system for ship-to-ship encounters.
GURPS Traveller also brings you the official alternate universe for Traveller, in which Emperor Strephon, and the Third Imperium, have survived to face new challenges.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Buck Rogers In The 25th Century

Buck Rogers XXVc (The 25th Century) [BOX SET]
TSR was the grand-daddy of Role Playing Game companies. Best known for Dungeons & Dragons, TSR actually developed many other games (some fine, others less than great), but none ever approached the popularity of D&D.

Interestingly, TSR had much trouble coming up with a science fiction RPG, and wanted badly to emulate the success of the Traveller RPG at rival company GDW. In 1990, they secured the license to the Buck Rogers franchise, and developed a game around it. The game never received a huge audience, but it wasn't for a lack of trying. In addition to game supplements, they published Buck Rogers novels, comics, and even a board game.

I found this in a box of stuff I was sorting through...think I bought it in 1990 never played it
so it is complete......

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Bombastian Army

The modern Bombastian army is made up of
three corps of 50 percent Regular and Reserve
troops, as well as the smaller Royal Guard Corps
which also serves as the training establishment of
the Bombastian army.
The Royal Guard Corps consists of 3 battalions of infantry
and a number of attached company sized elements.
Number one battalion is the 3rd and 4th year class of the
Bombastian Officer Academy.
Number two Battalion is the elite Jager Light Infantry.(Airborne)
Number Three Battalion is Grenadier Battalion (Mechanized)
Royal Tank Training Company*
Royal Artillery Training Battery*
Royal Signals Training Company*
Royal Medical Training Company*
Royal Cavalry Training Squadron*
Guard Cuirassier Squadron
Guard Hussar Squadron (Mechanized)
Guard Field artillery Battery
* one regular unit one training unit of company size.
Ist Corps ........ Based in the Doritsonov Plains
First Askari Infantry Battalion****
While on a holiday safari(1889) in what was German West Africa
the then crown prince (Stanislav IV) greatly admired the German
colonial troops he saw there and instructed the Bombastian embassy
to set up a recruiting station open to all of African origin. The unit
was established in the fall of 1893 based in the Doritsonov region
where it is still to this day. Many new recruits still come to the
embassy now in Nairobi, others are the descendants of some of the
original recruits that settled permanently in he country
Third Infantry Battalion (Reserves)
First Infantry Battalion (Mechanized)
Seventh Infantry Battalion (Mechanized)
First Armored Battalion (Lt Tanks)
Fourth Armored Battalion (Med Tanks)
Second Composite Artillery Battalion...Half Truck (Reg) /
Half Horse Drawn (Reserves)
Third Cavalry Battalion half Motorized (Reg)/ Half Horse (Reserves)
Second Cavalry Battalion (Reserves) Horse
2nd Corps ....... Based in the Terak Mountains
The Mountain people of Bombastia are famous for there long battles
against both the Turks and Austrians and from time to time their own
central government.

Drawn from the various tribes and villages of the Terak Mountains the
soldiers of the the 2nd corps are mostly reserves with only a very few
regular troops confined largely to technical services. The one notable
exception being the eighth Infantry battalion (Mountain) who's troops
are mostly drawn from this region but recruitment is open to all
5th Infantry Battalion (Reserves)
7th Infantry Battalion (Reserves)
8th Infantry Battalion (Mountain Regular)
11th Infantry Battalion (Reserves)
14th Infantry Battalion (Reserves)
22nd Infantry Battalion (Reserves)
3rd Artillery Battalion (Mountain Regular)
5th Artillery Battalion ( Regular)
4th Cavalry Battalion (Reserves) Horse
3rd Corps ....... Based on the Adriatic and foothills of Terak Mountains
reaching just into Doritsonov Plains. By far the largest corps in the army
also the most modern and containing the BRAAC ( Bombastian Army
Air Corps) 3rd Corps also has the Coastal Artillery attached to it.
6th Infantry Battalion (Reserves)
9th Infantry Battalion (Reserves)
10th Infantry Battalion (Reserves)
12th Infantry Battalion (Reserves)
15th Infantry Battalion (Regular)
16th Infantry Battalion (Mechanized Regular)
17th Infantry Battalion (Mechanized Regular)
18th Infantry Battalion (Mechanized Regular)
2nd Armored Battalion (Lt Tanks)
3rd Armored Battalion (Lt Tanks)
5th Armored Battalion (Med Tanks)
1st Composite Artillery Battalion...Half Truck (Reg) /
Half Horse Drawn (Reserves)
3rd Composite Artillery Battalion...Half Truck (Reg) /
Half Horse Drawn (Reserves)
4th Artillery Battalion (Mechanized Regular)
1st Coastal Artillery Battalion (Regular) one 14 Inch Railway Gun
2nd Coastal Artillery Battalion (Regular) one 14 Inch Railway Gun
5th Cavalry Battalion (Reserves) Horse
7th Cavalry Battalion (Reserves) Horse
1st Cavalry Battalion half Motorized (Reg)/ Half Horse (Reserves)
BRAAC ( Bombastian Army Air Corps):
Training Squadron
Avro 621 Tutor ...6 each
Fighter Squadrons:
Hawker Fury ....24 each 1st and 3rd Squadrons of 12 aircraft.
Boeing F4B ....12 each 2nd Squadron
Boeing P-26 Peashooter ....12 each 4th Squadron
Curtiss P-36 Hawk ....12 each 5th Squadron
Bomber Command:
Handley Page Heyford Mk III 36 each in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd
Heavy Bombardment Squadrons of 12 aircraft each.
Fairey Swordfish 36 each in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Coastal
Bombardment Squadrons.
PZL.23A light bombers 36 each in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd
Tactical Bombardment Squadrons
Transport Squadron:
De Haviland Dragon DH89...4 each
Boulton & Paul 71A .....6 each
Fokker F.VII B/3m.....24 each
Avro Anson ....8 each

Thursday, October 6, 2011

concept tanks: Tank concept art by Anthony Scroggins

concept tanks: Tank concept art by Anthony Scroggins: Shimmering-Sword on deviantart. More work on conceptships and conceptrobots. Keywords: concept mega tank concept art illustration desi...


Doing a bit of reorganization of the Brazos Army following some of the Force XXI MTO ideas.
Also following  closely the old Series 78 ideas where each Tank/APC are a company......and
all others are a section/Plt.