Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Yet More Background

I started out as the victim pretty much
as I was collecting WWI and WWII troops.
Don (BEE) and Bill (FPPR) placed my
country between them, and fought most
of their games over what was my territory.
Well it was great fun but, I couldn't just
stay as the battlefield without some sort of
reply. Therefore I built up a nice little force
of Sci-fi troops, Mechs, Tanks, and a few
aircraft. I use my WWII stuff as reserve
forces, so it worked out. ;-)


His Excellency said...

LOL, I know what made you collect Sci-fi at last:

The BEE deeply regrets any misperceived "provocation " on our part due to our antiaircraft batteries resent training accident. The troops were new
to this type of equipment and mistook
the red cross marking on the Dromonian medical relief aircraft with the markings common on our training drones.

We further deeply regret the loss of several members of the Dromonian ruling family aboard said aircraft. Their loss and ours from their attentiveness to humanitarian concerns will be felt by all in our region. This loss is made
even more tragic in light of the resent chemical spill and environmental disaster which has beset your nation.

The BEE will of course pay reparations for the loss of the aircraft and we offer our sincerest apologies and regrets for our part in this most regrettable incident.

La Coloniale said...

LOL, I remember that one! It was
almost as good as the game where
we all forgot to fight each other
so we could chase the news crews!