Saturday, April 5, 2008

Friday Night Firefight

Combined Arms SGII in 15mm. Guns, Bombs, Tanks, Planes
and general mayhem with reinforced platoon level gaming.
Friday Night Firefight

01: Stuart shows off his 15mm figures to Jon Davis and Mike Riddle.
02: David Raynes and Aaron Teske look over their units for the battle.
03: Chris DeBoe begins his initial setup.
04: Mike Hudak looks over his units.
05: The battle is joined.
06: The infantry are unloaded, but an Abrams takes a hit.
07: The defenders are in place as a news crew looks on.
08: A drop pod crashes to the ground.
09: Mopping up in the woods.
10: Some of Stuart's exceptional 15mm figures and vehicles.
11: Mike's marines go berserk and begin to attack the civilians in the town!
12: Don't break the GM's toys! He doesn't like it.
13: Bryan Miller consults with GM Stuart Murray.
14: Pleased expressions of a well fought battle.

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