Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Beamstrike By Neil Cooper

Beamstrike', a free, open source miniatures wargame developed for 15mm Science fiction figures. Inspired by 'Imperial Commander,Beamstrike rules are comprehensive, yet fast moving, there are ample examples of weapon systems,vehicles and equipment. You can use the background universe provided, yet the rules are generic enough to be used in your favourite science fiction setting. Alien lifeforms are covered in a seperate supplement and generic Bugs, Greys, Machines and others are presented.

The free rules are available for download here, along with other supplements and play aids.

The background material provided allows games to be set in the near future, through to the heyday of the Imperium, past the Great Alien wars and finally at the end of the galaxies existence. Each time period is covered in its own 'Era' supplement. The far future background material is from Don Clarkes novel 'Borrowed Time' (Available to buy on ebay, see the link in the files section.)The rules may also be used with modern figures.


Bill said...

How are these Don?

Joe said...

So allot of this comes from 'Imperial Commander? Looks cool!

His Excellency said...

He took allot from Imperial
Commander however, he also got
some ideas from SGII and others.