Saturday, November 18, 2017

Brigade Models Xmas Sale

Welcome once more to our Xmas sale. It's the same format as in previous years again. Basically, that's 15% off all of our models. Although there are a few exceptions*, this isn't a '15% off selected items' or 'Up to 15% off' sale, it's a real '15% off everything' sale. The sale will run for a month from today, ending on Sunday December 17th.

So once again that's 15% off all of our models* - Aeronef, starships, Celtos, Small Scale Scenery, Land Ironclads, 15mm and 6mm tanks and figures, 10mm buildings, Squadron Commander, WWI Belgians, Magpies ... and the newly added Hammer's Slammers 15mm models are in there too.
And that's it - no minimum or maximum orders, just a blanket discount which runs until Midnight GMT on December 17th (remember the time difference if you're overseas). And we'll give you plenty of warning before it ends. So what are you waiting for ? Go out there and shop !


The website will still show the full price of each item, but the price that goes into the PayPal shopping cart will be the discounted one.
In addition, because of the way that browsers keep hold of old versions of websites if you've previously visited them, you might want to refresh your browser (usually F5 or shift-F5 on Windows machines) to ensure that the new version of the shopping code is loaded with the discount in. If we get an order from which the discount has not been deducted then we will make a manual PayPal refund for the equivalent amount.
* - There are a few exceptions and conditions, as you might expect ... shipping will still be charged at the full rate, since we were unable to persuade the post office to match our offers. The discount covers our metal and resin models - it doesn't apply to rulebooks, dice, bases, Shapeways or anything else that we don't manufacture ourselves, simply because the margins on those items are much tighter. However, starter packs with rules, dice or bases in are covered. Even with these limitations, we're sure you'll agree it's a mighty fine offer !

Brigade Models 

Friday, November 17, 2017

Making Starguard Amerons In 15mm

Many years ago I started out with a set of rules that still exists (WOW) called : Starguard! This is
the granddaddy of all science fiction miniatures games. It was first published in 1974, before the roleplaying game explosion and at a time when SF and fantasy games were incredibly rare. The publisher, McEwan Miniatures, also produced a series of 25mm lead figures based on the various human and alien forces described in the game.

The Starguard! rules and the accompanying miniatures line are not only still in production, but are continuously upgraded and expanded.

My favorite faction were the : Amerons are humans, most of which came originally from South Africa on old Earth, who settled the planet of New Hope. They are not part of the Federation -- having pulled off a quiet but highly successful rebellion -- but have close economic ties to the Rep-Com.Ameron Regulars are "cheap troops' having only cone rifles, cloth uniforms and are not jump trained. Ameron military units often hire out as mercenaries and guards. Their grim fundamentalist faith has sustained the troopers through many a harsh duty.

As I have switched over to 15mm and STARGRUNT I was happy to see Jon's new Brethren of The New Light, which fit the bill perfectly!
GZG 15mm

15mm Wargaming for Fun and Sanity: OAAH Beta Mars, borrowed plot!

15mm Wargaming for Fun and Sanity: OAAH Beta Mars, borrowed plot!: I'm not too bad at coming up with games, but I didn't get to where I am today without nicking someone else's idea.  So I spot a...

Thursday, November 16, 2017

From The Ravenstar Sale

I picked up the following from the :
Ravenstar Studios Early Year End Sale!  
Great savings and free stuff to boot!

 Three of these :
 Four of these:
One of these:
 Two of these:
Three of these:
I'll be using these with my with my Space Elves

Wednesday, November 15, 2017


More News for WARFARE.....
Just a couple of days to go now before we load up the van and head off down to READING for WARFARE at the Rivermead Leisure Centre this coming weekend (18th/19th).... stocks are coming along nicely, we should have all the usual things there PLUS of course some NEW RELEASES for the show: the following codes are all done and ready to go.... there MIGHT also be a couple of other surprise new items IF I get the time to complete them before leaving, so if you're coming along then please look out for all the new stuff on the displays!
SG15-IF24        Islamic Federation Command and Comms pack - in Shemagh (8 figures)                    £3.00 per pack inc VAT (£2.50 ex-VAT)
SG15-E22        ESU Naval Infantry Command and Comms pack in CAMO CAPES (8 figures)                £3.00 per pack inc VAT (£2.50 ex-VAT)

The long-awaited COMMAND PACK for the OUTRIM COALITION, PLUS some all-new POWER ARMOUR for them too:
SG15-RC08        OutRim Coalition Command and Comms pack - in hardsuits (8 figures)                        £3.00 per pack inc VAT (£2.50 ex-VAT)
SG15-RC21        OutRim Coalition Power Armour troops - 6 figures with separate backpacks and arms/weapons; pack contains sufficient parts to make all six figures with standard backpacks and antipersonnel hand weapons, plus extra backpacks (2) with over-shoulder missile racks and extra arms with Plasma SAW (2) and HIMP Railgun (2)                       £4.50 per pack inc VAT (£3.75 ex-VAT)

Two new variant packs for the KRA'VAK:
SG15-K25        Kra'Vak GRAV BIKES - two bikes with riders (in HELMETS) and "flight" bases                £6.00 per pack inc VAT (£5.00 ex-VAT)
SG15-K20        Kra'Vak Command and Comms pack - 8 figures (in HELMETS), 2 each of 4 poses                £3.00 per pack inc VAT (£2.50 ex-VAT)

PLUS the first sample pack of ESU Regular Army - 8 with rifles plus 2 SAW gunners FREE (10 fig pack as an intro offer) - same weapons and uniforms as the Marines of the Naval Infantry, but with a different helmet (which gives them a completely different look) and loaded down with big rucksacks and loads of carried equipment:
SG15-E41        ESU Regular Army Rifles pack A - intro offer with TWO FREE SAW GUNNERS (8 figures + 2 FREE)                £3.00 per pack inc VAT (£2.50 ex-VAT)

And finally for this batch, the first new addition for some while to our ever-popular NAC range:
SG15-A24    NAC "Cataphract" Heavy Power Armour:  6 figures with separate backpacks and arms/weapons; pack contains sufficient parts to make all six figures with standard backpacks and antipersonnel hand weapons, plus extra backpacks (2) with over-shoulder salvo missile racks and extra arms with Rotary Autocannon (2).
Designed to be a much heavier alternative to the A21-A23 packs of "standard" NAC Power Armour, the Cataphract heavy suits have inbuilt forearm-mount weapons on both arms in addition to their hand-carried weapons, and two extra right arms are included which do not have a hand-carried gun so that it is possible to assemble up to two suits in the pack with only their integral forearm weapons.
£4.50 per pack inc VAT (£3.75 ex-VAT)
Once I'm back from the show I will catch up as quickly as possible on the mailorders, then it will be almost time for Christmas.... so watch for more news in a week or so!
Hope to see lots of familiar faces at the show, and maybe some new ones too.....
Thanks for reading,
Jon (GZG), Wednesday 15th Nov 2017.

Monday, November 13, 2017

Tanker's Tuesday: 628th Tank Destroyer Battalion

In September 1942, the entire Battalion was moved by rail to the newly formed Tank Destroyer Center at Camp Hood, Texas, to undergo advanced unit training in Tank Destroyer tactics. After progressing through the infiltration course, street and village fighting to platoon and company tactics, a Battalion field problem was finally held and successfully passed. It was here in November 1942, after fifteen months of diligent training with dummy guns, that the Battalion gun crews had their first opportunity to fire live ammunition, using borrowed 75-MM guns on half tracks, the original TD Vehicle and weapon. It was here also that the Battalion received its last large group of inductees, over 300 in all, for basic training and assignment in the Battalion. Early in December 1942, the Battalion moved to Camp Bowie, Texas, for additional tactical training and for completion of the First Army Ground Force test. It was successfully passed after the most complicated dead reckoning motor march through Texas sage brush ever experienced by the Battalion. On January 3 1943, the Battalion furnished a complete officer and enlisted cadre of about 85 men who later formed the 648th Tank Destroyer Battalion.

628TH Tank Destroyer Battalion

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Ravenstar Studios Early Year End Sale!

Get up to 40% off plus free models. We are starting our end of the year sale
​a little early to make sure we get all our Christmas orders out in time for the Holidays.
The sale will be as follows:

   Starting 11/8/2017 until  11/18/2017 all orders get 40% off
   Starting 11/19/2017 until 11/25/2017 all orders get 30% off
   And Starting 11/26/2017 until 12/3/2017 all orders get 25% off

  PLUS with each order you place you will receive free minis.
The amount of free minis will depend on how much you purchase.
So order 1 mini,  you get another one, order a bunch , you get a bunch!
The free minis will compliment the type of order you place.
If you order spaceships , you get ships or stations, Landcore and Horrids, so vehicles or monsters, ect.
We have a great range of ships, stations, tanks, Horrids, also 1/60th
scale mechs in the T.A.M section.
Just remember to use Promo Code: EOY2017 to get your discount! Act fast and save big.

Please post every where you can, tell your friends, spread the word. We need the sale, we are looking at doubling  our catalog next year.... Thanks everyone!

Veterans/Remembrance Day

The Eleventh Hour,The  Eleventh Day, The Eleventh Month,
known here in the States as Veterans, Day and as Remembrance
Day to the rest of the English speaking world. Most young
Americans have no idea that this day was ment to comemorate
the end of the Great War, or as it's commonly known The First
World War. To all those who served in the past and to those
who serve today, we extend or heart felt gratitude.

 Tribute To My Grandfather (Written Several Years Ago)

Heinz Muller
My grandfather was my maternal grandmother's second husband, and therefore
of no blood relation to me however, I knew no other grandfather growing up. Both
my biological grandfathers lived until I reached adulthood but, I saw them not often
because of the distance of where they lived.
Papa Henni, as I knew him had one of the most interesting of lives, born in Germany
and growing up there after WWI in a small farm village in East Prussia, it was easier
to get to his uncle's fields by cutting through Poland! it even resulted in him getting
shot at by Polish boarder guards a few times. Because of where and when he grew
up he developed a great facility for language, he grew up speaking German, Polish,
Russian, Slovak, and later learned English and Japanese.He in early teens was an
ardent anti-nazi, he told me of putting sand down the gas tanks of army trucks! He
then would put it like this; "I was asked to politely leave at the business end of a
Kar98!" Not surprising given another of his stories where he tells of his village where
half the houses are flying the flag of the Weimar Republic the other half the nazi flag,
his house had the old Imperial battle flag because his uncle Willy was convinced that
the Kaiser would return! So perhaps it was no shock that My grandfather would go
against the authorities...
In 1936 he came to the states with his father and later followed by his uncle Willy,
He became an American citizen in 1940 and after Pearl Harbor joined the US Army
and went to Training in Mississippi, where he also taught German to Officers
heading to Europe. He as A German was sent to the Pacific theater. His first stop
was for several months in Schofield BKS Hi, where he stayed in the same building
that I was assigned to many years later, I Quad. His tails of training there came
home to me many times as I marched over the same ground that he did many
years before me
He went on to the Pacific theater where in one story he was watching a PBY being
worked on and a naval officer asked him "Sergeant do you like what you see, my
Grandfather replied as he said (like an idiot) Yes Sir" He was then asked could he
fire a 50 cal Machine -gun he replied "Yes sir , on the ground" the officer said it
shouldn't mater...The next thing he knew he was in the right bubble manning the
50 cal flying out over the islands in a PBY. He didn't go too much into detail about
that other than saying he gunned allot of tomato gardens, later learned that was
slang for any Japanese installation.The next stories he told me involved running into
various islanders that were fluent in German! In the first story he is walking along
this recently occupied island and hears someone singing "Watch On The Rhine"
a very patriotic German song being done in flawless German, he walks up and
finds this little old man cutting vegetables who as it turned out used to work in the
German governors mansion. In the next story he and another German American
GI are at this elaborate ceremony
where the chief is in the full black top hat and
tails but spats and no shoes. My grandfather speaking in German to his friend
said you think they could have got him some shoes...Then thinking nothing about
it is approached by the same Chief who proceeds in perfect German to apologias
for his lack of proper attire etc...My grandfather said he felt about 2 inches tall at
that point, lol.
The next things he really went into were how he learned Japanese from a Buddhist
monk while on occupation duty in Japan. I guess the reason I thought of all these
things was I turn 53 tomorrow 11 Jan, and was going back over the many things I
learned from this very interesting man, and how it was really him that caused me
to make a career in the army.Sadly Papa Henni passed away just before Germany
was reunified and didn't live to see that, I'm sure he would had allot of interesting
things to say. The other reason that brought all this to mind was my friend Tim was
showing some of his Japanese aircraft models and my mind sort of went back to
these thoughts. There are so many other stories that I half remember now and so
many other life lessons he taught me, that of all the people I've met in my life he I
miss the most.....

Friday, November 10, 2017

15mm Sci fi Rebel Minis army

Painted by Shawn Reis:
6 x Merka 5 Medium Tank painted
8 x Earth Force APC Painted
4 x Earth Force APC Primed
Infantry 27 bases all Painted

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Spaced Invaders (1990)

Halo: Ground Command

I picked one up at a good price:The Battle for Reach 2-player set is an easy way for gamers to start playing large scale ground warfare, and includes the full color Halo: Ground Command Rulebook, Statistic Sheets, 20 Custom Dice and 6 Halo Command Dice, Game Tokens, Halo Scenery, UNSC 1,000 Point Battle Force, and Covenant 1,000 Point Battle Force. Halo: Ground Command is designed as a highly modular game, allowing players to easily customize their forces. The contents of this 2-player box can quickly and intuitively be added to, allowing additional units of Infantry (such as Spartans, ODST, Elites and Jackals), Armour (such as Warthogs, Scorpions, Ghosts and Wraiths) and Aerial (such as Pelican Dropships, Banshees and Phantom Troop Carriers) to be bought.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017


News for WARFARE.....
Hope you all had a good (and safe) Halloween and Bonfire Night! I can't believe it's really November already, and WARFARE (Rivermead Leisure Centre, Reading) is less than two weeks away....
The show is a two-day event, the 18th and 19th November, and those who have been before will know that it is a really good show to come to - lots of traders and very well attended, but as it's an all-weekend one there is still usually a bit of time for me to actually chat to customers, which is always nice.
It is also our LAST show of the year, so your last chance to see and buy items from us in person until SALUTE next year!
As usual, please remember that due to tradestand space and payload capacity in the van, we ONLY bring the 15mm ranges and the most popular fleets of FT Starships to the show - we simply don't have room for anything else - so if you want any items from our other ranges (25mm, 6mm, 2mm and the other FT Fleets), then you need to PRE-ORDER them so that I can have them cast and ready for you; PLEASE get any pre-order lists to me by this coming Sunday (12th) at the latest, anything arriving after that date cannot be guaranteed to be ready for the show.
Please check back to the store front page again over the next few days, as I will be posting more info on the show and (hopefully) details of the NEW RELEASES that will be launched there.
Thanks for reading,
Jon (GZG), Tuesday 7th Oct 2017.

Tanker's Tuesday: Yeah That Could Happen!

Sunday, November 5, 2017

15mm GZG NAC Marines, UNSC Light Infantry, Grav Sleds and APCS

I just picked up this lot:

Estimated RRP £50+ worth of infantry, £66+ of armor, based on the
GZG website. he  threw in a few extra bits and bobs as I found them,
like the field gun was a freebie.

Friday, November 3, 2017

Ravenstar Studios 15mm Land Core Horrids !

I needed some armor to support my 

GZG Phalon Infantry, these Horrids 

by Ravenstar Studios were just the



Horrid Mass Tank A .......3 Each

Horrid Mass Tank B.......3 Each

Horrid Mother APC........3 Each

Horrid Grandmother  (used as Command) 

1 Each

Ravenstar Studios


Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Rebel Minis Halloween Sale!

Because you demanded it! Rebel Minis' Halloween Sale! Use promo code SCARY at checkout for 20% off miniatures and PDFs! Happy Halloween! Share and like please!

So I saved 20 bucks on the above....not bad!

Rebel Minis

Tanker's Tuesday: The Haunted Tank

Haunted Tank was created by writer and editor Robert Kanigher and
artist Russ Heath in G.I. Combat #87 (May 1961).The feature centers
on the ghost of 19th-century Confederate general J.E.B. Stuart, who is
sent by the spirit of Alexander the Great to act as a guardian over his
two namesakes, Lieutenant Jeb Stuart (named in the early stories as
Jeb Stuart Smith, but eventually just shortened to Jeb Stuart) and the
M3 Stuart that Jeb commands.

"The Haunted Tank" was often the cover feature of G.I. Combat and
was second only to Sgt. Rock as DC Comics' longest-running war

The Haunted Tank 

Happy Halloween!

Monday, October 30, 2017

Super Galactic Dreadnought: Steelville playtest

Super Galactic Dreadnought: Steelville playtest: I had a chance to playtest my Siege of Monopolis Steelville scenario at Dragon's Lair last week. I had six players pushing enough min...

Sunday, October 29, 2017

GZGs FSE Infantry

GZGs FSE infantry painted by Adam Mauer


All the SELWG new releases now on the store!
The SELWG show went off very well last weekend, a pleasant day chatting to customers old and new and selling plenty of stuff - now the six packs of NEW RELEASES launched at the show (as listed in the last update - Islamic Fed and ESU Command packs, Grav Bikes and Hunting Beasts for the Kra'Vak, the Alien Mercs HMG teams and the Civilian Power Work Suits) are ON THE STORE and ready for you to buy! Scroll to the bottom of the store front page and you'll see them all listed in the featured new items, or just check the relevant pages of the Stargrunt 15mm figures listings.

More news soon, as WARFARE at Reading - our final show of the year - is now fast approaching!

Thanks for reading,
Jon (GZG), Sunday 29th Oct 2017.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Under New Management

We have some very exciting news to announce today. As followers of our Facebook page may already know, we’ve agreed with Ainsty Castings to take over ownership and production of the Hammer’s Slammers range of 15mm vehicles, based on David Drake’s series of SF combat stories. This includes both the Slammers’ own vehicles plus the ones of other forces such as the Thunderbolt half-tracks and Broglie’s Legion blower vehicles, along with decals and other accessories.

This brings both the 6mm and 15mm Hammer’s Slammers ranges under our roof now, and of course many of our existing models already feature in the Slammer’s universe in other mercenary forces.

We’ve already been talking to John Treadaway, one of the authors of The Crucible, the official Hammer’s Slammers ruleset, about further development of the range including additional vehicles for the Slammers themselves and more opposition forces. This will include many of the vehicles that are mentioned in the rule book but which have never been available in 15mm or 6mm. The first of these should start appearing in the first quarter of 2018.
In the meantime, we’re hoping to start production of at least part of the range within a couple of weeks – our target is to have at least some stock available at Crisis next weekend.
Hammer's Slammers 

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Tank Warfare: "Reinforced Tank Battalion in the Attack" 1950 US Army Tra...

Super Galactic Dreadnought: Join The Siege of Steelville

Super Galactic Dreadnought: Join The Siege of Steelville: Just one week left to register for games at this year's MillenniumCon in Round Rock, Texas (Nov. 10-12). In the spirit of the conventi...

Tanker's Tuesday - Tank Battles of Korea

                                            In 1950 the world is caught off guard as North Korea launches a massive

armored assault into South Korea. This is the story of the American

who rush to the aid of the South and the bloody battles they
fight up and

down the Korean Peninsula.

Friday, October 20, 2017


SELWG new releases!
SELWG (South East London Wargames Group) show is now only a few days away, so here's a quick preview of the NEW packs that will be released at the show!
Our SG15-X05 and X08 "Alien Mercenaries" packs have always been very popular since they were released quite a few years back, but until now I have never got round to expanding the range of these ugly, hairless, pointy-eared little guys - well, now I can finally announce the first HEAVY WEAPONS pack for them - in this new pack you get THREE complete weapon teams of a groundmount drum-fed Heavy Machine Gun with seated gunner, a gun commander standing with binoculars, and a heavily-laden ammo porter festooned with extra drums for the gun:
SG15-X20        Alien Mercs Heavy Machine Gun Teams - THREE teams each consisting of weapon and mount, sitting gunner, gun commander with binoculars and ammo porter with reload drums.          £6.00 per pack inc VAT (£5.00 ex-VAT)

Staying on the alien theme, there are TWO new packs for the ever-popular KRA'VAK - they get some fast recon and support in the form of a pair of GRAV BIKES, plus something very different - a pack of HUNTING BEASTS - fast, vicious dog/lizard beasties with spiky tails and savage mandibles/jaws that echo the K'V figures themselves. The pack contains NINE of the Beasts (three each of three variant sculpts) plus two (different) Kra'Vak "handlers" armed with long pointy weapons to drive their charges in the right direction…..
SG15-K24        Kra'Vak GRAV BIKES - two bikes with riders (bareheaded) and "flight" bases                £6.00 per pack inc VAT (£5.00 ex-VAT)
SG15-K26        Kra'Vak Hunting Beasts - NINE beasts (3 each of 3 poses) plus two "handlers"                £4.50 per pack inc VAT (£3.75 ex-VAT)

Some much-requested COMMAND AND COMMS figures for two existing ranges, the ESU Naval Infantry and the Islamic Federation troops:
SG15-E21        ESU Naval Infantry Command and Comms pack (8 figures)                                £3.00 per pack inc VAT (£2.50 ex-VAT)
SG15-IF23        Islamic Federation Command and Comms pack - in helmets (8 figures)                        £3.00 per pack inc VAT (£2.50 ex-VAT)

Finally, something a little different again: a set of Civilian Power Suits, personal exoskeleton rigs of a similar size to our military Power Armours but designed for heavy industrial work, cargo loading and similar duties - each pack has SIX suit bodies (3 each of 2 variant poses) plus NINE sets of arms, to give you plenty of variety in how you choose to assemble them; you get three sets each of standard manipulator arms, cargo-handling grabs, and work arms with plasma cutter in right hand and a portable power unit in the left. The suits have full enclosed helmets, and could also be used for EVA repair duties or as robotic work units.
SG15-V20        Civilian/Industrial Powered Work Suits - 6 bodies (3 each of 2 poses) plus 9 sets of arms - three standard manipulator sets, three cargo handling grab sets, three sets with plasma cutter and power unit                            £4.50 per pack inc VAT (£3.75 ex-VAT)
All of these NEW codes will be available at SELWG this coming Sunday (though please note that some will be in very limited quantities, so please get there early if you want them!), and very shortly after I'm back they will be added to the store for mailorder.
Thanks for reading, hope to see all our regulars at the show!
Jon (GZG), Thursday 19th Oct 2017.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Tuareg The Desert Warrior | Full Movie | FlixHouse

Canada's 1922 Invasion Of The USA!

A Plan for a Preemptive Strike on the United States by the British Dominion of Canada, circa 1921
In December 2005, the Washington Post published a quixotic article entitled Raiding the Icebox. The piece introduces readers to U.S. War Plan Red, the little-known 1930 plan to conquer Canada. More sardonic than serious, the article acted mostly as a holiday diversion from the quagmire in Iraq: "Invading Canada won't be like invading Iraq: When we invade Canada, nobody will be able to grumble that we didn't have a plan." When interviewed, both Canadians and Americans took it as a joke, competing for the cleverest quip. Winnipeg mayor Sam Katz defiantly vows to the American enemy: "It will be like Napoleon's invasion of Russia."
Americans routinely joke about conquering Canada. But these plans are no joke. As a loyal, self-governing Dominion in the British Empire, Canada served as a proxy for American tensions with Britain throughout the 19th century. American troops invaded Canada during both the American Revolution (!) and the War of 1812. Significant border disputes existed until the 1850s, covering tens of thousands of square miles. Tensions rose during the American Civil War, when Confederates and Irish nationalists looked to Canada as a shelter, launching pad, and target. Even seemingly unrelated matters such as the Venezuelan boundary dispute of 1895 threatened to flare up into conflict between Britain and the United States.
As the twentieth century dawned, tensions lessened as Anglo-American interests coincided more and more. Yet, until the 1920s, there was a real risk that the Anglo-Japanese alliance would draw Canada into war with the United States. The British were quite serious about their alliance with Japan, inviting Japan into the inner circle of the Allied Powers in the Paris peace talks ending World War I. The alliance bound Britain to neutrality in the event of war between Japan and one other power, and to military support of Japan in the event of war between Japan and two other powers. As World War I demonstrated, overlapping treaties can have a cascading effect.
Strategic thinking tends to lag behind strategic reality. Despite the end of the Anglo-Japanese treaty in 1921, the US developed War Plan Red in the 1920s to address a possible war with the British Empire. Conversely on the Canadian side, James Sutherland "Buster" Brown prepared for a war with the United States. Thus was hatched Canadian Defense Scheme No. 1.


Knowing that Canada suffered from a ten-to-one manpower disadvantage against the United States, "Buster" Brown's plan relied on strategic surprise and lightning movements. Canada could not hope to win a one-on-one war with the United States, so any Canadian defense plan had to rely on troops from the British Empire for military parity. Yet, in the age before air transport, any aid from Britain or her colonies would take weeks or months to arrive by sea. Canada had precious little strategic depth with which to undertake a defensive war, as the bulk of its population, industry, and rail lines were located near the American border. Indeed, the American War Plan Red relies on the proximity of Canadian resources to project a rapid and successful conquest of Canada.
To counter the seemingly overwhelming American military advantage, "Buster" Brown envisioned a preemptive strike against the United States. Canadian troops would mobilize quickly and attack with little warning, relying on surprise to penetrate American soil as far south as Oregon. Of course, the massively outnumbered Canadian forces could not hope to hold on to the captured territory. So they would begin a strategic withdrawal, destroying bridges, roads, and factories as they went. Thus, it would be American territory, rather than Canadian, that would be used for strategic depth. It would be American industry, farmland, and infrastructure that was destroyed, all of which would hamper American efforts to bring troops to the Canadian border. The gamble, then, was that Imperial forces would arrive to hold the line by the time Canadian forces had retreated back into Canada.
Clearly, Canadian Defense Scheme No. 1 was both daring and risky. It relies to a certain extent on US forces being caught off guard, a naïve assumption given the proximity. Ultimately, Defense Scheme No. 1 and its American counterpart faded away as Anglo-American relations continued to improve. War Plan Red was one of two dozen color-coded plans developed by the US military, ranging from major world wars to the invasion of Caribbean nations (Gray). In contrast, Canada's potential enemies were much fewer. Defense Scheme No. 2 addressed a possible war with Japan, in case the Pacific realignment drew Britain into war with its former ally, and No. 3 and No. 4 simply planned the dispatch of Canadian troops to aid British forces in European and colonial wars2.
American War Plan Red was declassified in the 1970s, but quickly became a footnote in comparison to Black (Germany) and Orange (Japan). Military historians seized on Orange, in particular, as a sign of the times, envisioning super-dreadnought battleships steaming to the Philippines (then an American colony) to engage in a fleet action with the Imperial Japanese Navy, sixteen-inch guns blazing. Canadian Defence Scheme No. 1 fell into even greater obscurity, not least because it was largely an internal army discussion, "not fully disclosed to the Government." War Plan Red resides in the National Archives of the United States, while Defense Scheme No. 1 lives at Queens University, in a collection of James Sutherland Brown's papers. An excerpt was published in a 1965 five-volume academic study of Canada's defense history, which as the sole published copy seems to be the source of most further inquiry (although many sources cite the James Sutherland Brown papers collection directly).
The well-known War Plan Red is available online.  Interestingly, it was located, digitized, and posted to Usenet in 1995 by Floyd Rudmin, who was then at Queens University, where the full Defense Scheme No. 1 is located.  I guess that University is just a hothead of Canadian resistance to American domination!  Until and unless I make my way to Queens University someday to locate the complete copy, I present here the partial plan that is available in published works.  Canadian Crown Copyright lasts fifty years, so the Defense Scheme is now in the public domain.
Some great games of this scenario by MrF'S Gaming
•1 - Invasion USA 1922 intro
•2 - Stone Falls p2
•3 - USA Strikes Back p1
•4 - USA Strikes Back p2

Tanker's Tuesday: Battles Of Tunsia

Monday, October 16, 2017

AT-99 “Scorpion” Gunship

The AT-99 “Scorpion” Gunship (Na'vi name: kunsip) is a VTOL ducted fan rotor, Mosquito-class targeting and missile launch platform. Outfitted to escort shuttle landings and take-off, close air fire support for military operations and air support for mining operations, the Scorpion is the gunship of choice for the RDA on Pandora. 

AT-99 Scorpion Gunship

Saturday, October 14, 2017

V-212 Pegasus VTOL

Taking advantage of the SCI FI SALE at ArmiesArmy!

I picked up four  V-212 Pegasus VTOL

The Pegasus comes in several parts both Resin and Metal.  Two tilt rotors, one
hull, one tail and then two sets of undercarriage to represent them raised or
lowered two Gatling Cannon and two rocket systems.

This platoon pack includes 3 vehicles !