Wednesday, December 6, 2017

15mm Dune Project

I just picked up a large lot of Alternate Armies HOF
post apocalyptic figures.

X1 HoF 18 - Post Apocalyptic Command
X5 HoF 19b - Post Apocalyptic Support SAW
X5 HoF 19c - Post Apocalyptic Support RPG
X5 HoF 19d - Post Apocalyptic Support Flamethrower
X3 HoF 20 - Post Apocalyptic Warriors 2
X3 HoF 21 - Post Apocalyptic Assault
X6 HoF 55 - Post Apocalyptic Warriors
X3 HoF 78 - Arid World Warriors

Adding these to my Rebel Minis Sahadeen Army....Now I need some 

X2 Sahadeen Gun Team      MAS2      
X2 Sahadeen Infantry      MAS1       
X2 Sahadeen Heavy Weapons  MAS3      
X2 Sahadeen Command pack  MAS5        


Allison M. said...

You might want to make your REALLY BIG WORMS out of something like corrugated drain hose, for extra Desert Power:

Or alternately use sculpted airdry clay over a tinfoil armature like this:

Best of luck with this ambitious project :D

Don M said...

both good ideas, my thanks! I'm a former AC tech....I had something similar in mind....)