Friday, December 29, 2017

GZG's ESU Infantry Squad With Cyclops Battlesuit

Lot of 14 minis for use in scifi skirmish games like Stargrunt, Tomorrow's War. GRUNTZ, etc.  Intended to be a used as light mech section supported by a squad of light infantry.  Includes:
10 ESU army infantry figs including command figures and SAW users, mounted on US pennies - new releases from GZG just before the holidays

4 Cyclops battlesuit light mecha, two with autocannon and two with heavier AT weaponry, mounted on 1" steel washers.


commissarmoody said...

Great looking figs.

Don M said...

I got the same pack as part of my Christmas freebee from Jon at GZGs ....hope I can paint them to more or less match!