Friday, April 18, 2008

New Hammers Slammers Rule Book

The worlds that Hammer's Slammers - Colonel Alois Hammer's Mercenary Regiment - fight over are torn apart by conflict: and the Slammers do their fair share of the tearing. Now you can read more about the background behind the men and women of the unit, the people that made it what it is and the equipment they fought with.
For three decades the author David Drake has been writing stories centred around Hammers Slammers, a group of SF mercenaries. In 2004 John Lambshead and John Treadaway wrote and illustrated the Hammers Slammers Handbook. The book takes David Drake’s original works of fiction and translates them into a technical manual for the units, vehicles and uniforms he described.
The authors and designers have collaborated with David at every stage so the images and information contained here are as authentic as the only eyewitness on his imagination can make.

The second volume in the Hammer's Slammers game system: Hammer's Anvils is now available from Pireme Publishing.

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