Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Insula Mucronis

I've been playing the renegade/insurgent/rebels within the
BEE for a while. I decided to create my own country. I saw
this on the Civilization page and thought that's it! I've got some
plastic Romans and German Paras...this will be a snap! I'll
place them on Helios part of the Terra Secundus map. The main
city will of course be Roma Nova, it is in keeping with the
background of this planet and besides it's fun.


Bill said...

Cool idea, and can't wait to see the new legions...)You can try look for the book "Ranks of Bronze" by David Drake. Roman Legion in space.

His Excellency said...

An interesting idea, and one of the great things about Science fiction
is you can do almost anything...)

Joe said...

James, I look forward to seeing
what you come up with. And nice
flag BTW...)