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FCT 1/9 Troop 7Th Aerospace Cav

By Trevor Dow
In 2159 the Californian and Texan states seceded from the NAC forming the Free Cal-Tex. (FTC). The new state claimed the small colony settlements of Austin and Fenris (which was renamed New Pasadena). Following is an out line of a typical Texas Rangers Aerospace Cavalry Company which is based on the USCM "Colonial Marines" from the Film ALIENS.
(Company Command Unit:)
One section-sized unit incorporating the Company Commander, Company Sergeant, and three command staff, plus a two-man EW team and a Battalion Liaison officer. The unit travels and operates from one Command APC (M577C3).
(Company Security Unit:)
A section-sized unit of Military Police (Marshals), organized as a twelve-man section that comprises a sergeant, eight Riflemen with normal small-arms (M41A) but issued with normal support weapons when in combat situations, a sniper armed with an M42A and a two man covert operations ( Black Ops. ) team. The primary task of the security force is to defend the Company Command Unit during combat. Whilst acting as a police force during periods out of combat. The specialist sniper and the Black Ops. team may be attached to other platoons where required. The unit is issued with a standard M577A3 APC.
(Company Aerospace Unit:)
Integral to the company is the attachment of an aerospace flight consisting of Eight UD-4L "Cheyenne" Utility Support Drop-ships. Because of the requirements of each Company to be fully "air mobile" with the ability to carry out most operation without additional armour or artillery support, the decision was made to attach the aerospace flight directly under the command of each Company Command Unit for drop-missions, fire-support and CasEvac. Each Cheyenne carries enough fire support for most operations with its large array of powerful direct and indirect fire missile systems contained in its external weapons bays.
(Three Infantry Platoons )
Each platoon each conists of two Sections, led by a lieutenant, for a rifle platoon, for a total paper strength of 26 Marines including the APC crews, Drop-ship crews and a synthetic human acting in a technical or scientific advisory role, and to assist as a medic or backup driver/pilot.
Organic support weaponry available to the platoon usually includes two M577A3 Roughrider APC's armed with 2 DFFG(1)s in a twin mount turret for heavy fire support and twin mounted SAW's for close in Anti-Personnel support. In a drop operation, a UD-4 Drop ship is attached to the platoon from the Company Aerospace Unit which loiters at a designated Safe Zone (SZ) away from the LZ until called upon to give heavy direct/indirect fire support, Cas-Evac or pickup as required.
(Rifleman Sections:)
Base combat units are called Sections, which contain eight troopers; a Section Leader, 2 x SAW gunners armed (M56 Smart Guns) and six riflemen with M41A pulse rifles
On High Mission Motivation operations a Rifleman can be exchanged for a Special Weapon Gunner in each of the sections and may be armed with either a (M83A2 SADAR) Guided Missile Launcher, PPG (M78) Plasma Gun or an M5 (RPAGL) rocket propelled automatic grenade launcher. The Section is carried in an M577A3 APC that supplies necessary on ground fire support.
(Section/Squad Organization:)
A Rifle Section consists of eight Marines, including a Corporal, a Lance Corporal and six Privates/Privates First Class. The Section is best operated as an eight man unit, but for a real challenge the section can be divided into two smaller four-man squads with each fire-team consisting of: a Rifle team and a Gun team. A Rifle team consists of a pair of riflemen assigned together on the "buddy system, both equipped with the M41A pulse-rifle and a Gun Team is made up of a rifleman with an M41A and a Special Weapon Gunner, usually carrying the automatic M56 Smart Gun.
The Aliens Colonial Marines Technical Handbook: implies that the two squads are lead by the Section Sergeant who stays behind in the APC as the Gunner (yes he leads from behind ). For game purposes I would say that the true squad leaders would be the Corporals and treat the APC as an MICV that operates as a separate squad, "hey the vehicle is complex and needs a Sgt. to run it".
In true lead from behind Officer Material comes the lieutenant, he rarely leaves confines of the APC (which is good for spoofing snipers) and is seated at a special built in console that enables him to be in full command control with every trooper via their built-in helmet camera communications equipment. There he monitors the heart rates, biorhythms, ammo levels and what each trooper is seeing and hearing. To transfer actions to a section/squad he still needs to make a communications test as normal and of course this is open to any EW attempts.
(Equipment and Weapons)
M3 Pattern Personal Battledress:
Insulated ballistic cloth fatigues overlaid with partial light armour; upgraded 2145 pattern NAC Combat Helmet with full in-visor targeting displays, tactical communications facilities, IFF and weapon data links.
M41A Pulse Rifle Individual Weapon:
TYPE: Advanced Assault Rifle with GL: FIREPOWER: 3; IMPACT: D10
The current standard infantry small arm of the Southern Secessionist States of New Pasadena The M41A is a locally manufactured version of the NAC Forces L7A3.
M42A Pulse Rifle Sniper Rifle: Type Advanced Sniper Rifle with Enhanced Optics:
Similar in design to the M41A but can be fitted with barrel options such as a flash suppresser or a muzzle break for long range shooting.
M56 Smart Gun Squad Automatic Weapon:
TYPE: General Purpose Pulse Action Machine Gun; FIREPOWER: D8; IMPACT: D10
Standard SAW for light infantry, carried on a Gyromount harness to allow effective fire and movement. The M56 is a locally manufactured version of the NAC Forces L5.
TYPE: Shoulder-launched Active-homing Disposable Anti-tank Rocket; IMPACT: D12; GUIDANCE: Superior D10
A man-portable single shot disposable GMS/P launcher firing a fire-and-forget multi-role/anti-tank rocket.
M78 Plasma Gun PPG:
TYPE: Phased Plasma Infantry Gun; FIREPOWER: D6; IMPACT: D12.
The PPG (I), known as the "PIG" to the troops is issued at platoon level as a point-fire support weapon.
TYPE: Automatic Rocket Propelled Grenade Launcher, FIREPOWER: D12; IMPACT: D8
Small reloadable shoulder-launched weapon.
M240 Flame-thrower:
TYPE: Close Combat Flame-thrower; SHIFT UP: TWO die types (open shift); TERROR EFFECT in close combat (Doubles the Threat level)
UA-571-C RSG:
TYPE: Man-Portable Automatic Perimeter Defense System (Twin Mounted SAW); ARMOUR: D6; FIREPOWER: 2D8; IMPACT: D10; FIRE CONTROL: Enhanced D8;
Treat as SIZE CLASS ONE, GREEN squad). Activated by built in infrared and lidar sensors, can be set remote and will fire at any trooper that fails IFF (the enemy) that moves in direct line of sight. This could use the REACTION FIRE rule on page 53 or preferably one of the OVERWATCH rules available on the INTERNET.
Takes two actions for setup of each weapon and can't be set up by a suppressed unit. Can be carried by one man.
M402 Mortar: TYPE: Multiple-Launch Mortar (Medium)
Impact Values D8 vs.Dispersed D8 vs. Point ; BURST RADIUS: 4"; WARHEAD TYPE: General Purpose
The M402 is an 80mm twin tube launcher fed from an automatic ten round rotary magazine. Azimuth and elevation are adjusted by a motorized base and are adjusted from a remote handset. The magazine can discharge its ammunition singly or in volleys. Firing each tube sequentially, all ten rounds can be volleyed in 8 seconds (one action). The whole unit weighs 70kg and must be transported by three riflemen
M577A3 APC "ROUGHRIDER" (146 Points)
The M577 Roughrider is a 4 x4 wheeled APC designed to carry all of the equipment necessary for the section to carry out a wide range of missions. Various versions of the M570 family have been constructed for specialist duties such as Command M577C3; Engineering M577E; Air Defense M579ADV "Daisycutter" and CasEvac M577FA.
TYPE: Armored Personnel Carrier; SIZE CLASS: 4 (Large); MOBILITY: High Mobility Wheeled Vehicle; ECM: Enhanced, Smoke launchers; ARMOUR CLASS: 3; CREW: 2; Driver, Gunner (Commander); TROOP SPACE: 12;
Twin mounted DFFG1's in a 360degree turret; FIRE CONTROL:Superior FIREPOWER:N/A IMPACT:D12x2
Twin mounted rotary SAW's in a 120 degree mount; FIRE CONTROL:Enhanced FIREPOWER:D10 IMPACT:D10
Four M240 flame-throwers, four UA-571 Remote Sentry Guns, one M78 Pig Phased-Plasma gun, one M5 rocket-propelled grenade launcher, 9 M83 SADAR disposable anti-tank smart rockets, and one M402 multiple-launch fire-support mortar. Sufficient sensor equipment to establish an overlapping detection matrix with a frontage of 500 meters is also carried. (note equipment carried is not included in points)
UD-4L CHEYENNE: (1227 Points)
TYPE: VTOL Aerospace Utility Drop-ship; SIZE CLASS: 5 (large); SIGNATURE: front 1, Side 3, Underside 4, Rear 2; ARMOUR: Front 3 Side 2; FIRE CONTROL: Superior; ECM: Superior, Chaff, Flares, Decoys; GUIDANCE: Superior; POINT: Enhanced;
The Cheyenne has a crew of two, Pilot and Crew Chief/Weapons Officer. Range is variable dependent on mission profile, load and ambient atmospheric conditions, but the UD-L4 is capable of dropping a load from low orbit, landing vertically and lifting to orbit again from a vertical launch.
Typical armament consists of:
1x25mm with 900 rounds RFAC; SIZE: 2; IMPACT: D10x2;
32 x 150mm unguided rockets (indirect); BURST RADIUS: 10"; IMPACT VALUE: Inf. D8, Point D8
12 x 70mm unguided rockets (indirect); BURST RADIUS: 4"; IMPACT VALUE: Inf. D6, Point D12x2
8 x 120mm guided rockets (direct) GMS/H; SIZE: 2; IMPACT: D12x4;
7 x AGM-220 air-to-ground missiles (direct) GMS/L; SIZE: 1; IMPACT: D12x2;
3x TSAM threat suppression missiles; HARM
3 x AIM-90 short-range air-to-air missiles.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS; STARGRUNT II by Jon Tuffley, Ground Zero Games, DIRTSIDE II by John Tuffley and Mike Elliot, Ground Zero Games, ALIENS, Colonial Marines Hand Book by Lee Brimscombe-Wood, Special thanks to Steve Code, Harold Frith, Shane Brew & Robert Deakin for their enthusiastic assistance.
No part of this article is meant in any way to infringe upon any copyright. It is only meant to serve as a guide for others who may be interested in running ALIENS style "COLONIAL MARINES" in the miniatures wargame STARGRUNT II by Ground Zero Games.

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