Monday, April 7, 2008

A Grey Day To Die

A game so big that to quote one of the players, "We had to
stop, because or miniatures were getting tired" ;-)
A Grey Day to Die (Pt. 1)
A Grey Day to Die (Pt. 2)
A Grey Day to Die (Pt. 3)

The GZG-ECC III Quote Board

"I'm thinking you want to roll a d8 and get a really high number to be even moderately scared......'3' is not it." - Tom Barclay to Indy in A Grey Day To Die

(a little later) "I need someone to roll a ten-sided die. You want high...give it to Kochte. He'll get a good number." - Tom Barclay, A Grey Day To Die

More from 'A Grey Day To Die':
Thomas: "QRC, I need a QRC -- quick, someone give me a SG2QRC!"
David: "...Huh?"
Ted: "...Uh?"
Rick: "...Wha?"

"Never give an RV to a guy who rolls '1s'" - Tom Barclay, A Grey Day to Die, recounting Indy's futile attempt to avoid the Kra'Vak from placing limpit mines on his infantry walker's legs.

Back to A Grey Day To Die:
Ted A (human): "Key your radio twice if you can hear me."
Kr'rt (you-know-who): "

Purple Kra'Vak upon attempting interrogation of first human captives. After dissection and removal of skull caps: "Mmmm. Their tops are full of jelly...and their bottoms full of chocolate. Yum!" (A Grey Day)

Returning to A Grey Day, after Dave Raynes' fire team missed hitting the Kra'Vak squad as it close-assaulted his platoon leader's squad:
Rick: "How're you doing?"
Dave: "I just shot my CO"

"If we run out of black skulls I'll be truly horrified." - Tom B, A Grey Day

"SAW team? I didn't think we were talking about amputations anymore..." - Ted A, A Grey Day

"Mark, it doesn't matter how many sides the die has, all 1's are the same." - Tom Barclay to Indy, before picking up with the Sunday session of A Grey Day.

More from A Grey Day (yes, it was still going!):
Tom P: "Because it's honorable."
Joel: "I don't care. We're French."

Indy (gesturing to the smoking K'V VTOL in the lake) : "What happened?"
Kr'rt: "I don't know. That's not my side of the board, Monkey Boy."

Follow-up comment from Kr'rt to the above: "Our air assets became sea assets."

Back to A Grey Day:
Tom Pope, leader of the Kra'Vak: "We're running low on black skulls."
"We've only got 4 left."
"We have to borrow some black skulls..."

Definitely from A Grey Day:
David Raynes (on Saturday): "I'll give you $1.50 to stop shooting at me."
"$12.00, that's my final offer."


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Yup this confirms it! Your going to
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His Excellency said...

Damn I'm getting obvious with age ;-)

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