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Unique Institutions Of Terra Secundus

The understanding of Terra Secundus would not be
possible without touching on our unique institutions
of learning, law, and religion. These are quite often
interchangeable here but, not entirely as in some
cultures on old earth. Here due to the initial smaller
population and it's mixed composition,centers of
religion learning and developed early and soon took
on protected status that was largely respected by
most states on the planet as the loss of these centers
was seen as too great for all involved to bare. Over
time these prohibitions became accepted custom and
from those into international law.

The foremost center of learning is of course the free
city state of New Kashmir were the highest universities
of physics,law,philosophy, and martial arts are located.
The shine to Hero/Saint Qui Jon Marc is also located in
the city center of New Kashmir. Co-located with the shine
is the headquarters Of the Templar Order that is dedicated
to his memory.The Sovereign Order Of The Knights Of
Saint Qui Jon Marc And The Temple Of The Holy Flame,
are both the guards of New Kashmir and the Quorum Of 48
it is also the militant order of The Holy Flame the largest
philosophy/religion on Terra Secundus. This status as
militant order of The Holy Flame allows the Templars
free access to cross all boarders without hindrance or inquiry
from the nations being entered or exited. Members of this
order are the finest and best trained and equipped soldiers
on the planet. More on the order can be found in their own
history text.

The second highest center of learning is Du Khang where the
great temple of Zen Shia Zororaster is found, also the main
space port and aircraft proving grounds for Templars is located
on the outskirts. The University Of Du Khang is the top school
on the planet in the fields of Gravitational Studies, Computer
Science, and Cybernetics. Du Khang is also the corporate
headquarters of Cyberdyne Mega Corp., as well as their main
research and manufacturing center.

The city of art and healing Sikyon is by far one of the most
beautiful on the planet. The city built into the side of Mt Ectos
with the waterfall from Lake Ectos falling between the spires
of the city into the Kozarus river. The city is world renown for
it's art works and Academy to the Healing Arts. Over the centuries
4 more healing centers grew up in the city each devoted to it's own
specialty but under the Academy's over all control. The Sikyonian
School of Fine Arts only accepts the best art students from across
the planet, and it's graduates are highly sought after now not only
on Terra Secundus but across human space.

Kheyera city of Scribes(Literature)and Iron (metal working) is
located deep Western Kern Mountains has long been known to
be the queen of steel and the pen. In the earliest days scribes from
this city were sought by every royal court, and municipality on
the planet as well as the swords and other weapons produced in
it's mammoth foundries. Today Kheyera is the city of banking and
international trade. It still produces the finest weapons to be had
although now almost exclusively for the Templars due to their
planetary defense role. Luxuary items are still a large part of this
city's exports.

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His Excellency said...

Unique Institutions Of Terra Secundus: Religious orders
Order Of The Holy Flame, was derived from a blending of Zorasterism,Zen Buddhism,
Shia Islamic, and Celtic
beliefs. The basic tenants
of the faith are summed up
in the "Code Of The Enlightened",
a long list of rules and recommendations that followers strive to make part of their daily lives.

The first and highest rule of this faith is "Tho Shall Not Disfigure The
Soul". Many volumes have been written to explain this rule of faith
but, none can be truly called definitive and that is the hart of The Holy
Flame religion, much is left deliberately (or so it seems) to personal
interpretation. The Holy Flame as in any other wold faith has many
denominations, local sects, and regional variations. The basic nature
of the faith unlike many on earth is all embracing to these differences
in doctrine.

The almost direct opposite in composition and sprital outlook to
The Holy Flame are the followers of Nestorshintonazarine just as
the HF tried to make sense of the old earth based religions by taking
the best and most noble aspects of human faith the "Nestorites" took
all it's worse aspects. It's founders were first a mix of Turkic Tribes
and Japanese that followed Nestorian Christianity and Shintoism
respectively. These were later joined by south western Native
American tribes and a very large culling from Napoleon's army
that was lost in Russia with their own mix of Catholicism and Voltaire
like revolutionary furor......Made for quite the unstable mixture,
this is a faith of absolutes that lends itself to fanaticism in all it's
forms. This faith is largly practiced in the nation of Grognia and
on the Lessor Helios Archipelago. All these communities are very
xenophobic and insular.

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His Excellency said...

The Holy Flame is by far the largest philosophy/religion on Terra Secundus
and it has as already discussed embraced many other religious practices, some
rather unique in of them selves.

Penitent Seekers Of The Sacred Light: These are those who first hear their life's
calling to attend the mysteries of The Holy Flame. These Seekers first walk from
their homes across the planet to any nearby temple of the Holy Flame were they
take their first Vows of Silence and Poverty and receive their challis of flame and
are blindfolded and proceed with one guide priest to Du Khang by foot! They
take no provisions or any other necessaries but live off the Alms of those towns
and cities were they pass.This passage is regarded as so sacred by the bulk of
the population of Terra Secundus that all commerce, warfare, and even speech
stops as they pass.This procession grows in number until it reaches into the
hundreds in must years.

Healers Of Toznadgo: This sect is truly unique as it is a Nestorite holy order
that preaches universal peace and Tao-Pax healing. These brothers and
sisters are among the finest doctors on the planet with over 70% of their order
being graduates of the Sikyon Academy. The main Temple and state of the art
hospital is located in the Lessor Helios Archipelago on it's own island. with the
lessor temple in the nation of Grognia. These Doctor/Borthers are the most out
going of any Nestorites and are given great respect by all of their faith because
they heal without question all in need and are quite outside normal Nestorite
church politics.

Priests Of Chi Bucasloki: These are the Purple (Robed) or tunic clad priests
of Joy and Chance. They are known for their mastery of the brewers art and
wine cultivation as well as their vast halls of gambling and other earthly diversions.
Followers of this faith are to be found everywhere on Terra Secundus in fact
most of the prominent actors, musicians, sports figures are to be found in this
faith along with the seedier members of society. The faith is recognized and
not only tolerated but indeed respected as the natural pressure valve of a healthy
society. In fact in earlier times the priests of this order did much good work
among the poor and disadvantaged. There have in fact also been a few followers
of this religion that have risen to great prominence in the Quorum Of 48. Other
notable followers have been among Terra Secundus most notorious criminals.....

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