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Stargunt 40k Conversions

StarGrunt 40,000



StarGrunt 40,000 is a system for converting Warhammer 40,000 army lists into a format that will work well with the Stargrunt II rules system. Absolutely phenomenal rules systems, these games. I also have constructed an errata page for the Stargrunt II rules based on some correspondence with the author.


The idea behind these rules is that you should be able to take a Warhammer 40,00 army list, constructed normally, draw up standard Stargrunt squad information sheets, and play a more-or-less normal game of Stargrunt. Naturally, some of the special rules carry over, and the Psychic phase is copied basically wholesale, at least for now, but if you're not playing with psychic abilities you should be able to play a game with just your Codex and these conversion rules.


As per Games Workshop's draconian intellectual property policy I have to say that: This website is completely unofficial and in no way endorsed by Games Workshop Limited. Like I'd do anything for those money grubbing bastards, never mind the fact that I somehow think that a page completely devoid of graphics would be highly unlikely to be mistaken for anything by them. Don't get me wrong here, GW has done a lot of nice things, in particular their games' background histories are excellent, but I am so sick of their pricing schemes it's not funny. I haven't bought a GW miniature directly from them for several years now, and it's great because instead I buy from fellow gamers for 4$ a miniature.



  • Stargrunt Chapters Done: 3,7,8,9,11,12,13,14,15,20,10-Drones
  • Stargrunt Chapters Left: 16,17,18,19, and Drones
  • Stargrunt Chapters Irrelevant: 1,2,4,5,6,12,22,23,24,25,26
  • Note that by irrelevant I mean that those chapters are not effected by any WH40K special rules or conversions.

Stargrunt Chapter 3: Organizing Your Forces

Command Levels

  • All command level definition must be done before the game starts and must be available to your opponent upon request.
  • Squads must be organized into platoons.
  • Each Platoon must contain at least 3 squads, unless you're only playing with one platoon.
  • The army leader may be the Company Commander if at least one full platoon (i.e. 3 or more squads) is on table, otherwise he is the Platoon leader.
  • Platoons leaders must be WH40K characters, although they can certainly be attached to a squad.
  • Specialist squads and vehicles may, and probaby should, operate outside the platoon command structure as company-level forces.
  • All leaders must be designated as such and distinguishable in some way.


  • Untrained = (WS + BS)/2 <= 2.
  • Shift up one for each ((WS + BS)/2)-2, rounded up.
  • Shift up one for each (I-((WS + BS)/2)/2), rounded up. The theory here is that any beings with uncommonly fast reaction times also will be better HTH combatants and can fire faster, etc.
  • If one of WS or BS is 0, do not divide by two. Such beings cannot carry weapons or engage in HTH, as appropriate. If forced to engage in HTH, a being with WS of 0 dies immediately unless special rules apply.


  • WH40K Ld <>
  • WH40K Ld = 7 or 8 gives an SG40K Leadership of 2.
  • WH40K Ld > 8 gives an SG40K Leadership of 1.

Stargrunt Chapter 8: Confidence

  • Beings with Immunity to Psychology are immune to the effects of Suppression.
  • Beings that do not have to take Break tests are given no Confidence marker, and are unaffected by all the rules related to Confidence.
  • Space Marine Shaken Rule: When a space marine unit hits shaken, the next drop in CL has no effect. After that...

Stargrunt Chapter 9: Movement

  • M=4 in WH40K translates to 6"/D6 in SG40K. Shift for each 2" difference in M as appropriate.
  • Heavy weapons encumber whole squad (shift movement down one).
  • Infiltration as per normal for WH40K.

Stargrunt Chapter 10: Hidden Troops

Sensors, By Race And Armour Type

  • Imperial Guard, Orks: None (D4)
  • Troops In Enclosed Mesh: Basic (D6)
  • Troops in Power Armour: Enhanced (D8)
  • Troops with Scanners: Superior (D12)

Stargrunt Chapter 11: Characters

  • All WH40K Assassins and Snipers are SG40K Snipers.
  • Other WH40K Characters may be named SG40K Snipers, but in this case they may not lead and may not carry heavy or support weapons of any kind.
  • Characters have Quality and Leadership as per normal.

Stargrunt Chapter 12: Armour

  • No Armour D4
  • Flak D6
  • Mesh D8
  • Aspect & Power D10
  • Dreadnought D12
  • Shift up by one for each T>3. This will mean that a figure's toughness has less and less effect as the armor gets better and better which, of course, makes sense: how likely are you to survive a blast that was able to shred your Dreadnought armour?!?

Stargrunt Chapter 13: Vehicles

  • Size Class = WH40K Ram Strength - 4
  • Armour Class = Average Frontal Armour / 6, Round Down.

ECM - By Race

  • Eldar, Space Marines, Squats: Superior
  • Imperial Guard, Chaos: Enhanced
  • Orks: Basic

Fire Control

  • No Targeter = None, D4
  • Target = By Race, as per ECM above.
  • Other enhancements shift up by one.

Stargrunt Chapter 14: Fire Combat

  • Small Arms ranges as usual for SG40K, except for template and special rule weapons.
  • All weapons with WH40K D>1 are SG40K support weapons.
  • All support weapons which are not slug throwers are SG Heavy Weapons.
  • All support weapons which ARE slug throwers are considered SAWs (Squad Automatic Weapons).
  • Fire Power is number of sustained fire dice plus 1 plus damage, round to nearest die type for support weapons. Fire Power examples: Bolter=2, Shuriken Catapult or Storm Bolter=3, Ripper Gun=4.
  • Move-or-fire WH40K heavy weapons are considered Crew-Served Weapons in SG40K (see rules on pg. 30). Move-or-fire WH40K weapons which are not also heavy weapons simply have their FP halved to represent their lower fire rate.
  • Weapons that take a turn to recharged in WH40K also do in SG40K.
  • SG Close range applies to any WH40K weapon whose outside range is 16 or less.
  • Impact Value is STR+4 rounded up to the nearest 2, max 12 as usual, 7 or less rounded down.
  • Heavy Weapons have no fire control unless they have a targeter, which gives Basic FC. Other enhancements, i.e. Dark Reaper Range Finder, given Enhanced FC.
  • All missle systems from WH40K become guided missles in SG40K and are heavy weapons. Start with 3 counters of each missile type taken, add 3 counters for 5 pts, but no one model may carry more than 6 missiles. Extras can be given to other models in the squad, recoverable from casualties on a 4-6 on a D6.

Stargrunt Chapter 15: Close Combat

  • WH40K Fear and Terror = SG40K Terror.
  • Swords, knives, etc. are weapons with S of wielder.
  • Weapons shift up one for each (S-3)/2, round up, min 1.
  • Shift up one per (A-1)/2, round up. Record this bonus on the squad record sheet.

Stargrunt Chapter 20: Advanced And Optional

  • Mine counters cost 50x the cost of the appropriate grenade type: mines are assumed to act as grenade type, including impact value.
  • Mixed Fields are 25x(Type 1 + Type 2), where two types are chosen, one for AP and one for AV.
  • Booby traps: 2x Grenade Type per counter.
  • Decoy Launcher: Vehicle Wargear Card, 25 pts.
  • Emplaced Decoys: 10 pts each.
  • Artificial smoke as WH40K

WH40K Wounds

  • Wounds should be recorded on the Squad sheet.
  • Each wound above one allows an SG Wound result to be ignored.

WH40K Grenades

  • Frag and Krak grenades add 1 to FP (as though they were from an over/under launcher) OR shift up the user's close combat die by one. To get both you have to buy them twice. Note that I'm treating Krak grenades as though they were Frag because Krak grenades make absolutely no sense at all.
  • All other types act as a Close only support weapon. Major hit strikes the specified point, Minor hit deviates (clock face method) by D4", no hit is a dud. Basic effect is to act as artillery fire with given area and impact.

WH40K Initiative and SG40K Initiative Tests

  • WH40K Initiative can, if out of proportion with the WS and BS of the troops, raise the troop quality die.
  • A test I have come up with that has approximately the same odds as the WH40K roll-over-initiative test is to roll the troop quality die. If the score is 5 or better, the target escapes, otherwise the test is failed. This is the StarGrunt 40K Initiative Test.

WH40K Weapons List

This list will, hopefully, allow people to basically ignore the main WH40K rules entirely, except for the lack of Wargear (but I think we'll survive with out that, not to mention the lack-of-Strategy cards).

In general, I have kept it so that weapons with identical WH40K stats have idential SG40K stats, but there are exceptions. In particular, the FP has been dropped below the minimum which my algorithm generates (2) in some cases and raised in a few others. In the case of the Fleshborer, Autogun, and Needle Rifle it has been dropped to 1, and all primitives have been dropped to .5, whilst a couple have had their FP raised (shotgun, flamer). The reasons should be pretty obvious, in particular the bow, crossbow and handbow had stupid profiles.

I was really, really tempted to lower the Las weapons' FP for realism reasons, but decided that that would put several armies at an unfair disadvantage.

Basic Weapons

Name		FP	Imp	Close	Special

Autogun 1 D8
Boltgun 2 D8
Bow .5 D4
Crossbow .5 D6
Deathspitter 3 D10 High FP due to splatter.
Death Spinner D8 D8 X All pot. hits make initiative test or
die. Infantry support weapon, SAW.
Cannot be fired with other weapons.
Cover and IP do not affect range die.
Flamer D6 D8 X Flame weapon, Close Combat Capable,
Infantry support weapon, SAW
Fleshborer 1 D8 X
Graviton Gun 3 - X Pot. hits immobilized for game.
Aux. Grenade
Launcher - - - NOT USED
Pack Grenade
Launcher D8 D8 X Infantry Support Weapon, SAW
Handbow .5 D6 X
Lasgun 2 D6
Meltagun D6 D12 X Infantry Support Weapon, Heavy
Musket .5 D6
Needle Rifle 1 - All Hits Wound
Ripper Gun 4 D8 X
Shotgun 3 D8 X Close Combat Capable
Plasma Gun 3 D12 1 Turn Recharge
S. Catapult 3 D8
Storm Bolter 3 D8
Grenade Launcher- - - NOT USED
Auto Launcher - - - NOT USED
Swooping Hawk
Grenade Pack D6 D8 Hits unit directly underneath flight


All pistols are Close Only weapons, naturally, as well as being Close Combat Capable

Name		FP	Imp	Special

Autopistol 1 D6
Boltpistol 2 D8
Hand Flamer D4 D8 Flame Weapon, Close Combat Capable
Laspistol 2 D6
Neddle Pistol 1 - All Hits Wound
Plasma Pistol 3 D10 1 Turn Recharge
Shuriken Pistol 2 D8
Stub Gun 1 D8
Web Pistol 1 - Pot. hits immobilized for game.

Close Combat Weapons

Shift is the amount that carrying this weapon in close combat shifts your die by. Note that this is cumulative, but only two weapons can be used at most.

Name		Shift	Special

Banshee Mask - If wearer is attacker, defender shifts down by 2
first round only
Knife,Sword,... 1
Bonesword 2
Chainsword 2
Chainfist 3
Kiss 1 All Casualties Dead
Crozius Arcanum 2
Lighning Claws 3
Mandiblaster - 1 hit delivered before combat as from S. Catapult
Power Axe 2
Power Fist 3
Power Maul 2
Power Sword 2
Rough Rider
Lance 2 Discard after first round
Thunder Hammer 3
Frag and Krak
Grenades 1 Must be bought seperately from +1 FP bonus.
Others As FP Includes Pistols, Shotgun, Flame Weapons.

Infantry Support Weapons

All these weapons are Crew Served Heavy Weapons unless carried by vehicles, dreadnoughts, or terminators.

FP of 1 means the ammo must be specially loaded. Use of that ammo must be declared and one shot fired, which cannot (obviously) be added to small arms fire.

Name		FP	Imp	Special

Assault Cannon D12 D12
Autocannon D8 D12
Heavy Bolter D6 D10
Hellfire Shell 1 - Hits wound on armour roll of 2+, living only
Heavy Stubber D6 D8
Shuriken Cannon D6 D10
Shrieker Ammo 1 D10 All wounds: Unit must CL check at TL 2.
2D6 random movement each round,
if doubles rolled victim replaced with 2"
artillery burst, impact D6. Living only.

Heavy Weapons

Name		FP	Imp	Special

Cyclone D10 D12
Heavy Flamer D8 D10 Close, Not Crew-Served
Hvy Plasma, Low D4 D12
High D10 D10 1 turn recharge
Heavy Webber D10 - Hits immobilized for game
Lascannon D12 D12
Multimelta/2 D12 D12 Only size 2 and up, size 2 crew served
Multilaser D6 D10


Cloud grenades are handled more simply than WH40K. The reason for this is that in WH40K clouds can move. This makes no sense: anything that moves a gaseous mass (i.e. wind) will also disperse it.

Name		Imp	Area	Special

Plasma D10 1.5" -
Meltabomb D12 - Only usable on vehicles, dreadnoughts, PA
troops in base-to-base contact, for troops
and dreadnoughts must win close combat first.
Radiation D10 D3" Size of effect recorded in secret.
Anti-plant - 2" Completely destroys all plant life.
Blind - 2" No shooting or moving through cloud,
4+/D6 chance cloud disappears each turn
Choke - 1.5" Troops not in PA do nothing for turn on 4+/D6.
4+/D6 chance cloud disappears each turn
Hallucinogen - 1.5" Troops not in PA do nothing for game on 4+/D6.
Alternatively, use WH40K Wargear book list on
page 59, it's really funny and cool.
Photon Flash - 1.5" Armour roll, if beats 5 no effect, if beats
3 dazzled, if 3 or less blinded. No effect
on heavy PA or enclosed vehicles. Dazzled
is as blind for 1 turn only. Blinded troops
either stay still or move randomly, cured on
a 4+/D6, test each turn. Blinded lose CC.
Scare - 2" Non-PA troops affected on 2+/D6, act as broken
until rolling 5+/D6,test at beginning of turn.
Smoke - 2" As blind, but no effect on sensors or psykers
Tanglefoot - 3" Move at half rate in area, vehicles also
have direction when leaving area indicated by
clock face method.

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