Thursday, May 1, 2008

Advance Assault


Required Terrain: A centerpiece to use as the firebase, approx. 1 � square feet. 2 Large (GI Joe scale) weapons to mount on the firebase. A jet/starfighter model for the defense fighter. 2 other large weapons to mount outside the base.

In the center of the table is the orbital defense base, directly connected to the defense laser and the static missile system. The ICBM system should be located not less than 12" from the base, as should the mobile missile system. The defense fighter should be located on the base itself, but may be placed within 12" if it gets too crowded. The base should be elevated to give a decent line of sight to the surrounding countryside, however it is recommended that there should be sufficient scrub and other LOS blocking scenery that troops on ground level have limited visibility.


Blue sets up the table, Red chooses which side to enter from. Play begins with Red having first activation.

Blue Captain and Lieutenant both begin the game on the platform of the base as can ONE infantry squad, the other squads must be positioned outside the base. One ICV may carry a squad and accompany either the mobile missile system or the ICBM, the other (empty) is parked at the base. After the battle begins, Blue squads may mount up as per normal rules.

Red sets up within 10" of the table edge. Any forces except the sappers may be kept in Loiter and come on later as needed.


You are assigned to protect an orbital defense system from possible enemy attack. Intelligence reports show that a Marine fleet may be moving on the planet. One of their first objectives will be to infiltrate a number of elite troops to take out key defensive positions such as yours. You know that the advance troops are out there, and your lieutenant has ordered you to be ready for an imminent fight. Your captain has given you orders that your base is low on a priority for attack, so you should not be worried. Your LT has pulled your ass out of the fire nine times out of ten, your Captain was the one who put it there each time.


3 squads of ten men assigned to patrol the area around the defense post. In addition there are two light tanks available to help defend your position. Currently in command of your post is Captain Alex Jerico. Under him is Lt. Sanders in direct command of the platoon. In addition, there is a possibility of artillery support from Airsid City to the north, so long as the coordinates are far enough away from the defense post to be certain of not damaging it. The other tanks are in various states of repair and not available for active use.

Defense Squads: Motivation � medium; Confidence � steady; Q � D8; one of each command level per squad (One LV1, one LV2, one LV3). Lt � LV1; Captain � LV3.

Tanks � APC. One is currently empty, one carries squad 2.

Fire Support:

Blue is given three support chits to spend on requests. All requests must be made for a location more than 12" away from the firebase edge. Incoming artillery fire begins on turn 1 of the Inbound chart.


Blue must defend the base from attack by the Marines. For every defense system intact, blue gains � Victory Points. For every squad destroyed, Blue gains 10 VP. If the Sapper unit is destroyed, Blue gains 15 VP.


You are the first wave of an invasion force sent to take out vital defensive positions. After being dropped in, you have spotted and are currently moving on an orbital defense base just outside Airsid City. The base is moderately well defended, including two MICV�s. Chances are they know you�re coming, but you�re in power armor and know they don�t have a snowball�s chance in hell of killing you.


You accompany a squad of five sappers (Arbites), who are explicitly trained in demolition and explosives. There are three ways to take out an installation:

1. Sappers may take out an installation by expending one demolition action (as experts they can quickly place the explosives and get out) in contact with the target.
2. Regular troops may take out an installation by expending two demolition actions while in contact with the target.
3. Heavy weapons troops may take out an installation by hitting it with enough firepower to wipe it out. For this purpose each installation counts as a size 4 vehicle for armor purposes, but size 1 for range. Two penetrating hits must be scored for this to be effective. If only one hit is scored by the end of the game, then the installation counts for � VP.

In addition to the squad of sappers, you have three hundred points to spend from the following chart:

Marine Tactical Squad �40/ 50/60

Marine Assault Squad � 70/80/100

Marine Devastator Squad � 120/150/200

Tank � 90/100/110

Rhino � 75/80/85

Heavy Tank� 200/225/250

(points value is: Regular/Veteran/Elite)

Sappers are Q D8, armour D8, armed with shotguns (3/D8)

Your company is led by a Lieutenant, LV1. MM is high, and confidence is Steady.

In addition to the demolition, you gain 7 VP for each squad destroyed.

Fire Support


Victory Conditions

Defense Laser � 15 (size 3)

Static Missile System � 15 (size 3)

Portable Missile System � 10 (size 2)

ICBM � 10 (size 3)

Defense Fighter � 20 (size 4)

Demolition action:

Quality Die, target number is size class of weapon. Sappers count their target as one size class smaller.

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