Thursday, May 1, 2008

I Love A Rainy Night!


HQ has decided that time is of the essence during their campaign. Despite increasingly bad weather, both sides have advanced towards the battlefield as quickly as possible. As the sun sets, the overhanging clouds break, and the rain begins, as does the battle.


Both forces set up 6" from either side, and 12" deep.

Red Forces:

Blue Forces:

Both forces should be approximately equal in size and composition. Vehicles are allowed, as is artillery fire. Each commander gets three chits for extra fire support. Aerospace operations are completely shut down for the duration of the storm.

Special Rules:

All range bands are reduced by one. All EW is increased by one die shift due to the weather. Artillery rolls are increased by an additional +1 to all threat levels, both for calling in and accuracy. Any time double 1�s are rolled are rolled on a shooting roll, a catastrophe has occurred, roll on the following table:

1: Lightning has struck the squad, each member takes a FP d10 hit, armor saves allowed. Any PA troops or vehicles are immobilized for the rest of the game.

2: A fork of a lightning bolt has hit the squad, each member takes a d6 hit, armor saves allowed. PA troops and vehicles are out of action for one turn as they attempt to reorient their systems.

3: Communications are down for that squad or vehicle, a successful Quality die roll is necessary to bring them back on-line.

4: Communications are down for the squad or vehicle until its next activation. (Note that this means an officer MAY NOT activate them until they have activated themselves the next turn)

5: The ground around the team in a 4" radius (measured from the leader) has collapsed into a swampy, quicksand like mess. The squad may only move at half speed until out of the area.

6: A flash of lightning has revealed the team�s position clearly to any enemy within range. One enemy unit may make one immediate firing action at the team.

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