Thursday, May 1, 2008


Red forces are retreating from the front lines of battle, unknowingly walking into an ambush by Blue. They must break through the blue forces and make it to the other side of the table.

Blue Forces:

3 8 man squads of Regulars (LV 1, 2, 2) armor is d6

2 6 man squads of Regulars (LV 2,3) armor is d8

1 6 man squad of PA troops (LV 1) armor d10

1 Sniper (LV 2)

1 command group (1 LT, 1 EW, 1 Medic, 2 gunners with size 1 weapons which double impact against point targets) (LV 1)

The Sniper begins the game in hiding (counter + 2 dummies) The Sniper can move as per normal, once a Ranger squad is revealed it remains on the board.

No vehicles or fire support for this mission.

Red Forces:

All red forces have High Mission Motivation, but fatigue of tired, confidence is steady

3 6 man squads of Power Armor (2 veteran (LV 2), 1 elite (LV2)

1 APC, armed with turret mounted size 1 gauss rifle (FC d10, Impact d12, Q d10) size 3, can carry 3 PA troops if necessary (improvised CASEVAC potential)

1 5 man squad of EW dedicated personnel (LV1)

1 command group (1 LT, 1 SAW, 2 PA troops) (LV2)

1 Captain, individual character, may join units if desired (LV1, elite)

No fire support.

Victory Conditions:

Each Red squad is worth 10 points, the Captain worth 15. Red gets victory points for removing squads from the table (� for � strength or less), Blue gets victory points for destroying only, � for delaying them from exiting. Red gets 3 VP per Blue squad destroyed.

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