Thursday, May 1, 2008

Sneak Attack

Red has established a landing zone for its invasion force well inside Blue�s territory. It is currently a small, relatively undefended camp, designed for secrecy rather than support. Blue has discovered the location of this camp, and has sent a team to destroy it. The game begins as Blue enters the periphery of Red�s fortifications and sets off the alarm. Blue has the first activation.


Red sets up first. Red sets up within 12" of the table edge and 8" of the side edges. Red begins the game with two units on the table, at least one infantry, plus one command squad. One infantry unit may be set up outside the Red camp, in hiding.

Blue begins anywhere within 8" of the table edge. In addition, any infiltrator troops may begin hidden as long as there are no Red troops within one range band of his squads. Blue may set up all of his forces if he wishes, or leave up to three units in the Loiter box of the Turn Track.

Objective: Blue � destroy the base camp and cause as much damage as possible. Red � repulse the attackers until enough support arrives to overwhelm them.


Red begins the game with two units. At the beginning of the game an incoming VTOL carrying one squad is placed on Turn Track 2. The Red commander must call for air support and more troops at the beginning of the game, he counts as an Air Support liaison for this purpose, and is given 3 Air Support chits. There is also one gunship available for support which the commander may request, TR for this request is +3.

There is no artillery support available for this mission. Red may request Orbital fire support, nominating one member of his force as the designated orbital liaison. Red receives no support chits for this purpose.

VTOL craft � counts as Grav vehicle once on-table. May be used for Casevac purposes.


Blue begins the game with as many units as he desires on the table, although he may choose to leave up to three units in the Loiter. Units in the Loiter box require a successful comm roll to come on the table. Blue may place any infiltrator units outside of the range band of any of Red�s troops.

Blue has four artillery support request chits available to its Forward Observer. Any member of Blue may request Fire Support, but only the FO and the captain are in the direct chain of command for a support request. Artillery fire may be anti-personnel, anti-vehicle, or general purpose.

The ADE begins at D6. Blue units may also make Communication actions against enemy VTOL craft when they begin to arrive. Each successful Comm roll will raise the ADE by one die type. Only one Comm roll may be made for each craft entering the table. Missile launchers are equipped with Anti-air systems to allow them to fire without penalty at incoming Air Support.

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