Thursday, May 1, 2008

Confederated Northern City States

CNCS LogoThe Confederated Northern City-States is an association of the three leagues located in Terra Nova's northern hemisphere. The member-leagues cooperate on many levels, including trade, defense, and technological development. Unlike the nations of the southern hemisphere, the leagues of the North are natural allies. They are linked by common geography, religion, and values.

Second Follower Thor HutchisonThe CNCS is a land of harsh natural beauty. Tall, jagged mountain peaks and green valleys and plains make up the arctic landscape. The people of this confederation are a conservative lot, fond of sharp wit and hard work. Northerners are also a pious people, with the majority of them being followers of the Revisionist Church. This reactionary faith was derived from the teachings Mamoud Khodaverdi, a prophet who lived and died during the chaotic period just after Earth abandoned Terra Nova.


His Excellency said...

Of the two empires I like the north ..)

La Coloniale said...

I like the Southern Gears a bit more.

Joe said...

I like the Southern gears but, I like the Northern Tanks and Striders.