Friday, October 20, 2017


SELWG new releases!
SELWG (South East London Wargames Group) show is now only a few days away, so here's a quick preview of the NEW packs that will be released at the show!
Our SG15-X05 and X08 "Alien Mercenaries" packs have always been very popular since they were released quite a few years back, but until now I have never got round to expanding the range of these ugly, hairless, pointy-eared little guys - well, now I can finally announce the first HEAVY WEAPONS pack for them - in this new pack you get THREE complete weapon teams of a groundmount drum-fed Heavy Machine Gun with seated gunner, a gun commander standing with binoculars, and a heavily-laden ammo porter festooned with extra drums for the gun:
SG15-X20        Alien Mercs Heavy Machine Gun Teams - THREE teams each consisting of weapon and mount, sitting gunner, gun commander with binoculars and ammo porter with reload drums.          £6.00 per pack inc VAT (£5.00 ex-VAT)

Staying on the alien theme, there are TWO new packs for the ever-popular KRA'VAK - they get some fast recon and support in the form of a pair of GRAV BIKES, plus something very different - a pack of HUNTING BEASTS - fast, vicious dog/lizard beasties with spiky tails and savage mandibles/jaws that echo the K'V figures themselves. The pack contains NINE of the Beasts (three each of three variant sculpts) plus two (different) Kra'Vak "handlers" armed with long pointy weapons to drive their charges in the right direction…..
SG15-K24        Kra'Vak GRAV BIKES - two bikes with riders (bareheaded) and "flight" bases                £6.00 per pack inc VAT (£5.00 ex-VAT)
SG15-K26        Kra'Vak Hunting Beasts - NINE beasts (3 each of 3 poses) plus two "handlers"                £4.50 per pack inc VAT (£3.75 ex-VAT)

Some much-requested COMMAND AND COMMS figures for two existing ranges, the ESU Naval Infantry and the Islamic Federation troops:
SG15-E21        ESU Naval Infantry Command and Comms pack (8 figures)                                £3.00 per pack inc VAT (£2.50 ex-VAT)
SG15-IF23        Islamic Federation Command and Comms pack - in helmets (8 figures)                        £3.00 per pack inc VAT (£2.50 ex-VAT)

Finally, something a little different again: a set of Civilian Power Suits, personal exoskeleton rigs of a similar size to our military Power Armours but designed for heavy industrial work, cargo loading and similar duties - each pack has SIX suit bodies (3 each of 2 variant poses) plus NINE sets of arms, to give you plenty of variety in how you choose to assemble them; you get three sets each of standard manipulator arms, cargo-handling grabs, and work arms with plasma cutter in right hand and a portable power unit in the left. The suits have full enclosed helmets, and could also be used for EVA repair duties or as robotic work units.
SG15-V20        Civilian/Industrial Powered Work Suits - 6 bodies (3 each of 2 poses) plus 9 sets of arms - three standard manipulator sets, three cargo handling grab sets, three sets with plasma cutter and power unit                            £4.50 per pack inc VAT (£3.75 ex-VAT)
All of these NEW codes will be available at SELWG this coming Sunday (though please note that some will be in very limited quantities, so please get there early if you want them!), and very shortly after I'm back they will be added to the store for mailorder.
Thanks for reading, hope to see all our regulars at the show!
Jon (GZG), Thursday 19th Oct 2017.

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Thanks for this post Don,
I've been looking for some crew figures and I forgot that GZG is a good source