Monday, October 2, 2017

Just In From Jon At GZG

I've just posted a news update on the store front page, with the latest 15mm releases (as seen at COLOURS) now up for ordering.
Please pop over to the usual place ( and take a look…..
More news soon, including details of SELWG (Crystal Palace, London) on the
22nd October!

I also had the honour recently of spending a couple of hours chatting by phone with Neil and co. from the MEEPLES AND MINIATURES podcast, and they've now posted most of my ramblings as No. 230 in their series of wargaming podcasts - so if you can stand an hour and a half of me talking about my early days in the hobby, starting GZG, and assorted other stuff then feel free to have a listen to it:
Jon (GZG), Monday 2nd Oct 2017.

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