Thursday, April 5, 2012

Low Tech Sword World Tanks

A rough draft of the camouflage scheme I'll be using for my
low tech Sword World vehicles, inspired by the British Berlin
Brigade from the cold war time period.


Tim Gow said...

ROCO AMX30? Love the paint scheme.

Paul said...

This looks great on what I suspect to be a AMX30. The commander looks huge!

How mant units are you looking at painting Don?

Don M said...

Thanks Tim and yes it's a ROCO AMX30.

Don M said...

Paul the commander is a ROCO Russian; here is the brake down,
30 AMX 30s, (in three units of ten)
19 BTR 50s (one unit of ten, 3 attached to each armored company)
with Jeeps, Trucks, and artillery.
Looking at about 100 vehicles for the entire force.

Paul said...

Cripes Don, 100 vehicles!

I hope you are on our side mate!

Don M said...

Paul all my M1s needed a target....)