Friday, April 13, 2012

FPPR Perspective

This is the FPPR (Free Pacos Peoples Republics) it snows nine
months out of the year and hails the other three. Any food that
grows here is tough and tasteless, the people that grow here are
even more so. We have hunting, fishing, and a charming view
of the sunsets, the only thing we really lack is warmth and
sunlight. For centuries our leaders have heard that these things
do indeed exist and have launched many glorious expeditions
to obtain warmth and sunlight for our peoples. They have nearly
succeeded on several occasions but due to circumstances far
beyond their control have yet to secure these benefits for our
nation. To further complicate this problem there is the ever
belligerent and warlike BEE that blocks our natural right to
the sun at every turn. This can not be allowed to continue, we
must have access to warm water ports, shipping and trade and
at long last our place in the sun.......


Bill said...


Don M said...

Yeah, just don't tell my mom....)

Joe said...

So, does this mean I can expect a friendly boarder incursion or two?

Don M said...

Well Joe consider the history..)

Tim Gow said...

This border tension and posturing is all very well, but is it likely to lead to any Wargames?

Don M said...

Yes it will Tim we are just trying to decide which era to play in, I'm wanting a pre-WWII game, Joe and Mark want a 1970s game....we'll work it out.

Bill said...

Knowing Don there will be at least 3 before summer is over. Hopefully I can make it back to Texas for a visit.