Monday, April 2, 2012

Khurasan Miniatures Low-tech Humans In Uniform

I just got my order of Low-Tech Humans in Uniform from
Khurasan Miniatures, took about 4 days! I got 6 packs
of  Low-tech Humans in Uniform, Command and
Weapons.and 4 packs of Low-tech Human in Uniform,
Riflemen (X10)These are very nice and clean castings,
and mix in well with my RAFM Low-tech and Mid-tech
Infantry, and a few other odds and ends. These will be
the core of my (Sword Worlds) planetary defense forces.
For vehicles I have a mix of post war French and USSR
tanks (AMX30s) and APCs (BTR50s) and trucks, jeeps,
artillery, etc. I'm going for a roughly 1950 to 70s feel.


dylan said...

Very nice. I'm using Forged in Battle US WW2 troops as my low tech Traveller PDF force.

Don M said...

Dylan, I'm mixing in some WWII and Nam stuff from Peter Pig with these guys for gun crews and engineers etc.