Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Rat Patrol

Title: The Rat Patrol
Network: ABC
On-Air: 1966-68
Genre: Military Drama/Adventure
Length: 30 Minutes
Service: Army

During WWII, the North African Desert was the home
of The Rat Patrol, an Allied Forces mobile division
(111th Armor Recon) assigned to terrorize and destroy
the Nazi desert forces (Afrika Korps) led by German
Field Marshal Erwin Rommel
. US Army Sergeant
Sam Troy commanded this elite group which included
US Army Private Mark Hitchcock
["The Kid"], a
young recruit with a lot to learn about fighting; US
Army Private Tully Pettigrew, a charming con
artist with a Southern accent, and Sgt. Jack
the British demolitions expert and archaeologist

("Don't call me Sarge!").

Outfitted with two machine gun mounted Jeeps,The
Rat Patrol did their best to thwart the advances
of the German Army in Africa. Their main nemesis
was Hauptman (Captain) Hans Dietrich.

TRIVIA NOTE: THE RAT PATROL was based on the
real-life exploits of the WWII British armored car outfit
called "The Long Range Desert Group." The series was
filmed on the deserts of Spain.

Cast Credits

Christopher George as Sgt. Sam Troy
Gary Raymond as Sgt. Jack Moffitt
Lawrence P. Casey as Pvt. Mark Hitchcock
Justin Tarr as Pvt. Tully Pettigrew
Eric Braeden (as Hans Gudegast) as Hauptman (Captain) Hans Dietrich
Manfred Lating as Orderly / Lt. Strum
Norbert Meisel as Truck Driver / German Guard
Stanley Adams as El Gamil
Claudine Longet as Marianne
Michael Vandever as Lt. Dorf / Lt. Reiner


His Excellency said...

I got this DVD a while back and just got the time to watch it, lots of fun if not all that accurate...)

Bill said...

I grew up on this one, funny seeing it now after using some of the weapons like the 50cal real life.

Joe said...

Before my time guys, I'll have
check it out.