Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Looking through my copy of Space 1889 Soldiers Companion
I ran across this nation, took a while to realize that it was
from the novel "Prisoner Of Zenda"
Once upon a time - long, long ago - there existed a kingdom, a
nation which has now disappeared off the map without a trace.
By many it was regarded as a beautiful, romantic land, with
castles, palaces, a place of fairy-tales. Words like honor and
romance were held in deep regard. In a word, Ruritania
was an idyllic land.
However, by others it was believed to be a place of dread, of
small-minded pettiness, a country ruled by despotic, nationalistic
leaders who often use the word 'honor' but have no real concept of
it. In this country, racial strife and ethnic tension are a daily
occurrence. In a word, this Ruritania was an oppressive state.
Although the concept of Ruritania was invented by the writer
Anthony Hope and sold to the world most famously in The
Prisoner of Zenda, there is a great possibility that this concept
- the idea of such a region - existed in the minds of Europeans
for a long period of time. The idea probably still exists.
Commentators often talk of Europe 1 and Europe 2 - those who
joined before and those who joined after.
What the above two descriptions of Ruritania tell us is that this
place was/is a fantasy, or rather a place of extremes, intense
emotions and vivid occurrences. Ruritania is often posited
somewhere in Eastern or Central Europe. Ruritania
encompasses a great part of what the Poles fondly refer to as
the Kresy, 'Borderlands', as well as parts of Eastern Poland,
Western Ukraine and Western Belarus.
I think this makes for an interesting nation to build.


Bill said...

No reason it can't work on Terra Secundus, everything else does ...)

His Excellency said...

Another small nation Joe, aren't you tired of Dromonia being over run yet?