Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Cast: Hugh Marlowe (Dr. Russell A. Marvin); Joan Taylor (Carol Marvin); Donald Curtis (Major Huglin); Morris Ankrum (General Hanley); John Zaremba (Professor Kanter); Thomas Browne Henry (Admiral Enright); Grandon Rhodes (General Edmunds); Larry Blake (Motorcycle cop); Harry Lauter (Cutting); Charles Evans (Dr Alberts); Clark Howat (Sgt Nash); Frank Wilcox (Secy. of State Alfred Cassidy); Alan Reynolds (Maj Kimberly); Paul Frees (Saucermen Voice/Narrator)

Producer: Charles H. Schneer; Executive Producer: Sam Katzman Director: Fred F. Sears; Screenplay: George Worthington Yates, Raymond T, Marcus; (Story by Curt Siodmak); Suggested by "FLYING SAUCERS FROM OUTER SPACE" by Major Donald E. Keyhoe. Technical Effects: Ray Harryhausen; Art Director: Paul Palmentola; Director Of Photography: Fred Jackman, Jr; Film Editor: Danny D. Landres; Sound: Josh Westmoreland; Musical Score: Mischa Bakaleinikoff; Production Co-Ordinator: Jack Erickson; Special Effects: Russ Kelley; Set Decorator: Gene Anderson Jr.; Unit Manager: Leon Chooluck.


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Bill said...

It's a classic and one of my favorites.