Monday, June 10, 2013

War! Age of Imperialism

War! Age of Imperialism is a game of empire building,
exploration, economic expansion, technological
advancement, diplomacy, and tactical battles in the age
of Imperialism (1830 - 1900). Players rule one of the
great powers of the era as they attempt to carve out an
empire. Should they build up their army or economy?
Negotiate or attack? Spend on research or a new fort to
protect the frontier?
The game comes with 3 levels of rules (basic, standard, advanced),
a huge game board and 816 molded plastic figures.

I need to thank Bob for pointing this one out to me!


Tim Gow said...

I own a copy of this (bought some years ago) but have never played it. Like Bob I bought it because the many plastic bits looked useful. I'm still confident they will be.

Don M said...

I like the look of the game myself, thinking of using it as a campaign generator for miniature battles.