Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Fortress Moon ...part II

The Story So Far...

FORTRESS MOON takes place in a alternate retro-future where WWII lasted longer than anyone expected. Due to the strain of war, resources on Earth were heavily depleted. However, after successfully reaching the Moon scientists found a priceless ore that when refined created Element Z, which is highly sought for nuclear fusion and is used as a supreme source of energy.

By 1976 the three superpowers had set up mines and refineries on the moon; digging up and shipping back the energy source to Earth. It was hard work with long hours and the workers and families felt they weren't being properly treated. So the Great Revolt on the Moon began.

The Miners and their families seized the refineries and drove back anyone that didn't support their cause. They began calling themselves Lunar Colonists and through the whole lot of the them were from different back and nationalities they stood as one, separating themselves from Earth.

This event didn't boded well with the superpowers one Earth and they declared War on the Moon. The United States, Soviet Union, and Republic of China, gathered their spaceships and launched an assault on the Moon.
As they did the Lunar Colonists prepped themselves for war, coverting mining equipment, robots, and vehicles into weapons.

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Gunrunner said...

I'm looking forward to see how you utilise this game to generate 15mm battles- I rather like the feel of it all. Good luck Don!